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  1. seriously not a crafter, but styrofoam packing maybe?
  2. I have used apple juice as an adequate substitute in other recipes, though not the same flavour as the real thing, for sure. I have not used either in bread. Since you don't know what it would taste like otherwise, if it were me I would try it with the fruit juice.
  3. IIRC, I loved the 2015 one, watched it many times. This one is at least on par. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing.
  4. I've taken a break from PT exercises. Hip bursitis is quite improved - new mattress really, really helps. Last child at home, 20yo ds, is off to trade school for 6 weeks, so I've got daily dog duty. My jog 1km/walk 1km is now 5 days a week. So far so good!
  5. To my amateur eye it looks like it may be more device-friendly. Rats. I was going to share an apple-cherry tomato chutney recipe.
  6. I googled 'John Muir Trail guided hike' and several companies popped up. Not sure about covid or price, but something for the future maybe.
  7. Depending on snow load, think about your roof and coop access. Also keeping water open.
  8. I see this Falwell thing keeps growing. My reference was only to the first photo, and sorry but a pregnant lady and a middle aged dude comparing bellies in a photo should hardly be a scandal. But yeah, so often that stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. Not surprising, sadly. As for a private university making use of protocols and achieving some success: Sorry to interrupt with even some faint optimism. Please carry on, I swear not to mention anything positive in this thread henceforward.
  9. That sounds so cold!! We have a lovely swim from the dock to the island and back, but we don't actually go onto the island unless boating or kayaking, because leeches. Once it starts getting weedy, we turn around and head back, lol.
  10. I did get a lake swim in with a friend last weekend. We went at 9am, still warmish enough and only a few folks around. Sat in the sun on the wooden dock after for a bit catching up, left about 10:30am just as it was starting to get busy. Still plodding away with physio exercises, tacking on some feel-good yoga poses afterwards. Once a week jog 1km/walk 1km still happening. Hope for more time for more things this weekend.
  11. https://www.etsy.com/market/clear_mask
  12. Could you go visit alone? A quick 2-3 day getaway before September? Your family dynamic has changed since the kids were younger. Your dh is busy at work, your teens, as is typical, have greater time commitments. She will almost certainly miss the grandkids, and have to hold out for another time, but a girls' weekend, in the midst of a pandemic, might be better than nothing. You would be communicating your concern for her well-being and seeing her in person might dispel any worries you're carrying. You'd almost certainly have some peace of mind afterwards?
  13. I saw the photo. I read his explanation of the photo. The 'scandal' is a large part of why I avoid organized Christian groups. The fact that secular folks wield the same judgmental pitchfork when it suits them is ironic. Of course this is all from a distance, the guy could be a slimeball for all that I personally know. Has it come up yet that in fact Liberty did not contribute to some explosive Covid growth? I read they followed protocols on campus, and had results that did not stand out from the general population. That seems more relevant and hopeful.
  14. Hey you dependable posters, thanks for letting me drop in and out. Had a phone consult and two masked in-person physio visits. Diagnosis: hip bursitis. Told to rest or run less for a few weeks. Since work has been crazy, that was too easy. He did ultrasound on hip both visits, I got some hip exercises, he taped up my plantar, gave some plantar exercises. Nothing like someone to observe and correct your clamshells, lol. I can feel them doing something now, haha. Doing prescribed exercise sets daily, running 1km + walking 1km once per week (instead of running 2.7km 2x week). Just pul
  15. Really hard to do yoga any other way, lol.
  16. At the last high school reunion I attended there were several marriages, a couple of them Christian couples, from hmmm, I want to say eHarmony? If I have that right, the questionnaire is super extensive and thorough.
  17. Is that scenario scientifically possible? For reputable information about the likely course of this pandemic, maybe try Michael Osterholm. Edited: rushing
  18. Our provincial government attempted to raise the legal working age from 12 to 16 last year.
  19. Yes, context and tone matter. Since you were clearly both using the word correctly and not intending a put-down, the problem lies with those posters' perceptions. I worry that a very very small group with very loud voices (I mean really, who wants to be seen as intentionally hurting people?) are causing the rest of us endless tail-chasing.
  20. This is what pains me when people try to get others to stop using retarded as a slur - that word is no longer generally used to described people with disabilities. I hear it used in the baking world and as a (usually good-natured) slur, and that's pretty much it. I feel like they need to update their vocabulary to describe valuable people more accurately. I don't know that we need to update the term obesity. It still seems accurate and as others have said, any term can be used as a pejorative. Policing language sometimes seems more like attempting to shut down any personal responsibility -
  21. Both SWB and Bravewriter's Julie Bogart have addressed this type of writing assignment better than I could. I hope the OP can find something to salvage from churning out 400 words with her son: an introduction to deeper topics, brainstorming to find connections between your values, actual history, the movie, and the given intent. Learning to power through this stuff is probably a life skill (?), I just don't know why they have to practice it so much - you would think actual age-appropriate writing and analysis could easily fill 18 years. 😂😂
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