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  1. You need to meet with the facility social worker and make it very clear to them that you are no longer available to provide care for her. If there is t a family member available to do the home care, and she isn’t able to do it herself, they won’t release her. If they do release her they willworkto set up Home health visits for the services she needs.
  2. You might be surprised by how many people will happily donate books if you post on your local facebook marketplace sites. Just have her explain that she is a new teacher trying to fill her library for her students. Scholastic also does 50 book boxes. Near the beginning of the school year they do specials and they are $50. Sign up for emails and watch for the sale as it is a great way to stock up on popular current titles.
  3. What do they like to do together? They could add some non-traditional options that go with their hobbies (a tent if they camp, life jackets if they like kayaking, a softball bat if they play on a team together, board games, etc).
  4. If you have a special ed certification and are breathing you'll get a job.
  5. The standard here is that homework is checked for completion rather than accuracy. It has to do with the available time in class, parent preference, etc. As someone who is now teaching I would not be willing to grade an individual student's homework each day. I simply have too many other tasks to do and can't justify the time. I would ask the teacher if it is possible to have the solutions posted at least weekly on whatever online learning platform is used (almost all schools use one now) so students are able to check their own work if they want to.
  6. Middlebury is exactly what you described but the commute could be difficult in the winter. It is also pretty pricey when compared to other small towns in the area because of the college influence.
  7. It depends on what you define as driving distance and whether you care about the public school district you live in. If you are willing to drive about 30 minutes you can get into the small towns that feed into the Addison County Public Schools which are generally better than OVUHS. If you don't care about the public schools Brandon has a "cute" New England downtown area.
  8. My recommendation is a letter detailing your favorite memories with your friend and any pictures you have of her..
  9. Swearing around high school kids is okay with me if it is occasional and not directed at anyone ("what the f*** was that? or "S***, that hurt! for example). I am not okay with swearing at other people in general, and especially not at people you are in charge of in a professional environment. It isn't a matter of them being high school students but of setting the right tone for the environment and exhibiting appropriate, mature behavior.
  10. I took an 8 week old baby on an 18 hour trip (12 hrs in the air with a layover between flights and a 2 hr road trip when we landed) and a 3 week old baby on an 18 hour trip (in one day by car, normally would have taken 12 hrs). The biggest issue with driving was having to stop to feed her every two hours. Each stop was about an hour by the time she was fed, changed, burped, changed again, etc.
  11. I personally like Target T's but these might work for you - https://www.landsend.com/products/womens-relaxed-supima-v-neck-t-shirt/id_234879?sku_0=::JP5 Eddie Bauer and LL Bean also tend to have thicker T-shirts that are cut well.
  12. That is a difficult choice to have to make. I would definitely want to sit down with a financial advisor and look at the implications of getting out now vs. retiring. The medical benefits, retiree benefits, and retired pay might still make the pay cut over the next year and change in earning potential at his company worth it.
  13. I would move him to the barn. I might also start looking for the right kid who would be a good fit for a horse share. I know a lot of parents around here don't want the full responsibility for a horse but want regular access to the same, solid horse for their kid to ride and will pay for it. If the barn allows it the extra money from a horse share would cover paying the additional cost to have daily care so you don't have to travel there every day and give him someone else to love on him and care for him.
  14. Both Ballet is an art that requires an incredible amount of athletic ability. If the question had been, "Is ballet a sport?" I would have answered no. My 13 year old dances 10-12 hours a week (has just gone on pointe). In addition to the time she spends in the studio (5 hours is ballet, the rest is other disciplines) she is expected to find time for a yoga or pilates class at least 3 times a week to work on flexibility and to do an hour of cardio at least 3 times a week as well to build and maintain endurance (swimming is suggested though she prefers to run). The girls start every b
  15. Nope. It is wrong to make healthy, nutritious food unavailable to her. It is wrong to allow her to only eat exactly what and when you decide she should. It is right to restrict unhealthy, non-nutritious edible items (I don't consider them food) to times and amounts that won't interfere with her ability and willingness to eat food that will fuel her body.
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