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  1. I know!!! I just discovered this last night and I'm going to start my youngest two on it on Monday. They already do Duolingo French so they are used to the format. What a great resource 😊👍.
  2. Sonlight Story of the World. The way I use these resources has changed but I still love them and they still work.
  3. I highly highly highly recommend Layers of Learning. Each unit includes a history, geography, science and arts topic with activities for all ages. So....if the science topic was planets, for example, there would be book suggestions, info and activities to apply to the different ages. One topic = different levels of work. https://layers-of-learning.com
  4. Follow your heart and instinct. Choose the book or method that you want to use and go your hardest. You and your kids will learn heaps.
  5. The Green Ember series Ranger's Apprentice series (strong female leads develop during the series).
  6. I had my last two at 44 and 46 - no intervention, both healthy. I had high blood pressure during my pregnancy with the '46' baby but it wasn't age related because I had high bp in a number of my other pregnancies - including the first two.
  7. We are Australian and I have had my kids do Sonlight's Core 300 (20th century history) sometime during the last 2 years of school. This has been a good broad coverage of major world events/issues (ie: not a specifically American focus) for them. They have also done 'Understanding the Times' which is a Christian worldview course including sociology, psychology, etc. They have found it really good.
  8. My dd was in hospital with pneumonia 2-3 weeks ago. She is now out and has finished her antibiotics but has still been struggling with fatigue and some breathlessness etc. She's been back to the doc (he did check her iron levels - all good) and he told her that it can take up to 6 weeks to really recover. Bronchitis would be similar...not a whole lot of difference between them. So...take it easy...rest lots. Hope you are feeling better soon.
  9. This. Totally this. I have 7 girls...but my one 13yo boy 'takes the cake'. I agree with everything Denise has said above (including not accepting rude/whiny etc) and I'd add one more to the list. Hugs. Plenty of them. My ds practically melts if I just give him a good strong understanding hug.
  10. Oh wow. Thankyou for actually saying this. You described just how my place is right now and I didn't know anyone felt like I do when looking around their house. And I agree....doing what needs to be done would never work for me because there is just TOO MUCH. A system is seriously required!!
  11. I just request that my kids let me know when they come home - even if it means tapping on my door and waking me enough to just let me know that they are home. That way I'm not constantly waking up wondering.... This is what my parents asked of me too. Always seemed to work.
  12. SL Science H is brand new so no-one would have done it yet. I don't know if it had already been available with Bookshark or not but it is new to SL. My ds, who is already doing Apologia General, is interested in Science H too so I might have to figure out a way to fit it in....
  13. I 'third' setting the time limit. Also, with 80+ on the tests I definitely wouldn't repeat 87. If you really think that your dd is not ready for Algebra 1 then maybe do Algebra 1/2 instead. You could start Algebra 1/2 by working through the tests until she starts getting less than 80 then pick up the text from there.
  14. I recommend the Ranger's Apprentice series. The main character is male but there are also strong, prominent female characters throughout the whole series. My girls have loved it.
  15. Thankyou. I'll have a search and order their catalogue.
  16. This was really interesting. Is all this information on the site somewhere? I'm interested in reading up more about the way MP structures their course and the theory behind it.
  17. Homemade vegemite!! Are you serious? I didn't even know that was possible. Send for some real stuff from Australia. It will totally survive the trip...😉😉
  18. I've been having smoothies quite often for breakfast. Really liking this one.... Greek yogurt (3/4 cup approx.), 1 cup mixed berries, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1tbs oat bran, 1tsp Natvia, water to thin a little. Blend. And bingo...it can last me all morning. If you want some healthy fat content just add tbs coconut oil or some chia seeds.
  19. I find it helps to start speaking the narration myself and then stop at a significant word for the child to fill in - something obvious. Then I continue and stop for another word. I usually find that the child will gradually start filling in more than one word and may continue with the rest of the sentence or even more. When she runs out of words to say then i pick it up and continue on until I stop for another word. I've started a number of kids on narration this way and find it really effective. HTH
  20. My dd has just started 1st here and she turned 6 less than a week ago. She is now doing copywork daily as handwriting practice and we do a few short narrations and caption/title writings for literature, Bible and history during the week. I mostly write the narrations down as she tells me what to write, and she is writing some of the titles herself as i guide her. She also does some letters and word writing in her phonics workbook. That's pretty much it at the moment. I would have to say that i haven't really 'pushed' writing much with her but now we've started doing daily copywork i can see i
  21. I haven't read the replies so I'm sorry if I'm repeating what is already said. I have some kids that are natural writers too, and what I have always found to work well is to have some days designated as 'writing assignment' days and some days for free writing. We did Monday, Wednesday, Friday for assignment or program, and Tues/Thurs for free writing. This gave them opportunity to express and write their own topics etc while still advancing in other areas as well. My 15yo still functions this way and has recently written a 60,000 word story. Just my thoughts...
  22. My youngest has just started 1st. She is doing... Mathsonline and Easy Learn Maths 1a/b Learn to Read Write & Spell 2,3 and 4. Copywork for handwriting Give narrations for literature, history and Bible. Start to write some words and copy some of narrations. SL Language Arts - complete level K, then level 1. Read - SL readers K/1, McGuffey readers. SL Core K (Bible, history, literature). SL Science K Piano and Violin Art and activities related to history/phonics
  23. My 7yo does violin because we are a musical family and she has sisters that play. Also we did a term of swimming lessons late last year. But that's all. I like lots of home time at this age...not a lot of 'outside' activities. I wouldn't force a 7yo to do activities that didn't involve me. We'd just do things that i could do with them like park visits or play dates with other families etc.
  24. Yep, we are working our way through the series at the moment and are up to season 4. All my children, yes, ALL my children love it - that's ages 22 down to 5 😉. The only thing is my two youngest find a few episodes a bit scary so they disappear until that bit is over.
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