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  1. Is he taking any supplements to bulk up? I don’t want to worry you, but our community has lost 2-3 young men this way. They were great, athletic kids from wonderful families. Two collapsed while weightlifting and another passed away at a sports practice. All three were taking dietary supplements. I’m not saying the supplements caused their deaths, but there may be some correlation.
  2. A virtual program would have required reading, writing, and projects. How did she do on those? How much was mom involved? Was she providing accomodations like reading to the child? Was she disengaged and letting the child muddle through on her own? Hopefully mom and the teacher were both involved and can provide documentation; it will make the testing process so much quicker! I did not say that your friend should be turned in because she has a child that does not read. Please do not manipulate what I said. I have a child with dyslexia and dysgraphia, too. I knew there was a problem because I was working with him on a daily basis. We pursued testing through qualified professionals, not tutoring through our neighbor. Teachers and parents are the most critical element in a child's academic success. It makes sense for this mother to start with self-examination. We take on that burden when we choose to homeschool.
  3. Dawn, It might be a good idea to start with a checklist like this. http://www.literacyresourcesinc.com/assets/1/7/Kindergarten_PA_Assessments.July_2014.pdf (Just google phonological awareness checklist if you don't want to click on the link.) If the girl does well then your friend could follow up with Phonics Pathways and lots of reading. Otherwise, time for testing.
  4. Sweet2ndchance: Please see my later post. But I actually think homeschoolers need to create a culture of accountability. Too many people are afraid to draw a hard line and it is failing the children. I've seen enough to feel compelled to speak when it seems appropriate, even if it makes someone uncomfortable.
  5. Good! That is a completely different situation! It will be much easier for her to get testing if she has a paper trail and RTI data. I do think she needs testing and help, though. It is time to start jumping through hoops.
  6. I don't think this mother has the right to ruin her daughter's life. If the mother isn't providing adequate instruction, then her daughter has the fundamental right to an education. I'm sure your friend means well, but she needs to report this. If she doesn't then she is part of the problem. Someone needs to stand up for the child.
  7. My kids LOVE school. I'm a much better public school mom than homeschool mom. I'm working part-time and happier than I have been in ten years.
  8. Some children wither without the social interaction and outside validation of a school environment. If you think that might be an issue, we can help you brainstorm ideas to meet those needs while homeschooling. Best wishes!
  9. I agree that it is probably travel-related.
  10. I don't know. I understand that no one likes unexpected, unnecessary medical expenses. But it really comes across as petty and mean. If a family can afford private school for the children, a nice home, and a sahm, then I think it is unreasonable for one spouse to be angry at the other for an ER visit.
  11. Try it and see how it goes. Take two vehicles so you and the baby can leave if necessary.
  12. Have fun! MLE is big in the US right now, too, but they call it flexible seating. I sounds like you're taking on a huge challenge!
  13. I had several fibroids in my early thirties. My main symptom was long periods. It's been a while, but I think they cut them out and cleaned out the entire uterine lining. They biopsied the whole mess; everything came back fine and they never returned. I hope you have a simple resolution, too.
  14. Nevermind, tmi. But if you have a background in hr or school administration, and you are willing to answer a few questions, would you please pm me? Thank you!
  15. Of course. I was simply responding to the OP's question. Based on her husband's desires, her work situation, and assuming an adequate, safe public school alternative, I would put the child in school. Homeschooling at the expense of working is a risk for most women. It just is. And I believe dads have rights in regards to the raising of their children.
  16. I would send her to school unless it is awful or unsafe. I have met a lot of women over the years who regret giving up full-time employment to homeschool.
  17. ((Hugs)) My only two ideas are to move or get a second job. :(
  18. Yes, I agree with the pp. I got a referral from the pediatrician and they called to set up an apt with audiology. The audiologist then sent us to the ENT doctor.
  19. I think this is likely. He already had his phone up when we noticed him, so that's why he was able to take the picture before we could respond. But then to walk around us and take the second picture seems pretty bold.
  20. We were at the mall last weekend with our kids and standing in a group. Two young men (maybe early twenties) stopped and told us they were going to take a picture and then took one. I immediately told him NO and my husband very loudly asked him what his problem was. The man smirked and walked around the other side of our group and took ANOTHER picture, then took off. We felt so violated. I don't expect privacy in public, but this just seemed so aggressive. What the heck is wrong with people? I think maybe the men wanted a picture of dd13 for some website or youtube. What says the HIVE? Theories? Would this make you mad? We're obviously over it now, but I still think people are crazy.
  21. They will repack your boxes (unless you get a lazy packing team). I also agree with the suggestion that you get rid of anything you don't want packed. I have had boxes full of trash wrapped in packing paper. Not fun. They are supposed to unpack for you and remove all the boxes at your destination. It really is helpful if you let them. They are strict about liquids. Toss it if you are unsure, or just wait and see what the packers take. They are good about taking most food as long as it isn't perishable or liquid. For an overseas move you may be waiting several months for your shipment. Make sure you take what you need to get by.
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