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  1. ADHD-Inattentive Is the person gifted? I can do things like you described because I am almost always thinking deeply about something. It can sometimes take me a while to disengage and refocus on someone talking to me or something happening in the same room. But refusing to open the wine is weird.
  2. My sequence in an average high school (college prep/honors track) 8th: Algebra 1 9th: Geometry 10th: Algebra 2 11th: Trig/Analytic Geometry 12: Calculus The integrated math looks interesting, though! I'm sure there are some districts in the US that are trying it.
  3. My daughter likes to get jeans from Kohls. She hates jeans with rips or tears, so stores like Aero are out. She also lives in plain leggings. We buy all of her graphic tees online. We never buy long-sleeved shirts because it is HOT here. But you could always layer graphic tees over other long-sleeved tees or under flannels.
  4. Or possibly, some of us have friends and family that were victims of Castro's brutality,
  5. My mom has hemochromatosis. She has to donate blood a few times a year. It seems that it is the standard treatment.
  6. This sounds like my dysgraphic 6 y/o. He does much better with cursive, but I still have to hover and talk him through each letter.
  7. You have my kid! :) My ds is younger and doesn't have odd, but he does struggle with emotional regulation. Sleep and meds were a game-changer for him.
  8. I don't think you should apologize, either. But gently, it is possible that other people don't want to participate in the crazy. If I were one of the swim moms, I wouldnt want to participate in something that was going to stress my family out and take the focus off of what it should be on.( Of course, I would never sign up to help and then no-show, either.) Is it possible that other parents suggested an eSier option along the way, or even expressed a lack of interest in this fundraiser, and they were shut down? I suspect there is more going on here than you realize.
  9. Yeah, I am way too lazy to go gluten-free if I don't HAVE to! Lol... But my daughter's endo says diet does seem to play a part in stabilizing some kids enough to be able to go off their meds for a few years. I'm going to wait until after ds goes through puberty and then revisit.
  10. My little girl was diagnosed when she was 7. I also have has hashis,and we have a STRONG family history. Her pediatrician referred us to a pediatric endocrinologist who now handles all of her care. That is a pretty standard starting dose for synthroid; depending on the amount of damage to her thyroid, she may (probably will) have to slowly increase her dose. I'm glad they are retesting pretty quickly. Ask your doc about her goal for the tsh and t4. My endos have wanted tsh between 1 and 2 for women of childbearing age. Interestingly, my dd's pediatric endo ( one of the best in the country) says she can sometimes wean children off meds for many years once they stabilize. She recommends a good probiotic and experimentation with elimination diet. All the best!
  11. So they have been detained because they failed to make a (possibly false?) police report? Because of publicity from a swimmer's mom in another country? Could Brazil make itself look any worse right now? I think their wallets were probably stolen during a sexual encounter. Lochte didn't want to tell his mom the details so he made up a story, not knowing his mom would blab all over tv.
  12. We sold last year and we're renting. Waiting for the bubble to pop before we buy again...
  13. Take a look at your food budget. You have $900/mo budgeted between groceries, work lunches, and eating out. For one person? I'd find a way to make that $ work for you instead of eating it. You are relying on future income that I wouldn't necessarily consider reliable (alimony, ss, kindness of your sister). I think saving should be more of a priority than you are making it. I also think you can do that fairly painlessly by trimming discretionary spending to a number that doesn't deprive you but still requires effort/attention to maintain.
  14. I am so sick of people making excuses for terrorists.
  15. Some of the WTM logic recs are oop. I'm waiting to see if she has updated recommendations in the next WTM edition.
  16. I agree with pp. it is hard to tell what the lesson from the tm was simply by looking at the worksheets.
  17. We do have a Kindle Fire! He tends to ruin things, but we'll give it a shot. The ear reading thing is exactly what the NDVP said and he stressed that there isn't anything more valuable about reading with the eyes vs the ears (except that if he isn't reading by age eight then it lowers IQ). No CELF or CASL. He is strong in verbal comprehension. They did say that his issues will become more severe with age. Sorry about he confusion with dyspraxia/apraxia. I feel like I'm speaking a foreign language. :) The report says Expressive Language Assessment: mild dysarthria, no dyspraxia noted. He doesn't talk really fast; he actually stutters sometimes because his brain works faster than he can get the words out. You can literally see the entire thought pass through his mind and then the frustration before he slows down and very carefully tries again. I also see a few of the social things in the report now, like the loud speech and dominating a conversation. His ADOS score was only a 1, but I think some targeted work could be beneficial.
  18. Honestly, my plan is to pursue private tutoring if I can. I just don't want to be the one provoking his frustration if I don't have to. I want to be his cheerleader and his soft place to land. My dad has offered to help pay for tutoring, and I might actually allow him to help for the first time in my married life. If tutoring doesn't end up being an option, then I'll do it and I'll rock it. And I know that either way I'm going to have to learn how to teach him and help him every day. I just think it is best if I don't run point on this one. ;) The local ps would not be good. The doctor pretty much ruled that out for us. The dyslexia school is an hour away, so that is four hours of driving a day. Plus they don't accept students until mid elementary. I walked out of the consult thinking this was pretty straightforward dyslexia/dysgraphia. lol
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