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  1. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Scribing for math question

    I scribed for my son up until probably age 10 -- not the whole time, but when I could tell he was tired or frustrated. So in 3rd grade he did probably 25 percent of his own writing, 4th around 50 percent, 5th 75%, and by 6th he was doing all his own. My kids had a big jump in output between 5th and 6th and now between 6th and 7th, and they have handled it very well. Typing, though, has been essential.
  2. SanDiegoMom in VA

    How long to get the hang of AOPS?

    Believe it! Lol. It is more wordy than Intro to Alg for sure, especially the first two chapters. It got better after those first two though.
  3. SanDiegoMom in VA

    How long to get the hang of AOPS?

    I had my kids do the problems, then watch the videos, then do the exercises. The videos teach a lot, but I am always there for the more challenging aspects. But for my daughter (who stopped after chapter 5 tbh) I would catch her doing problems the long way and not necessarily getting the concept they were trying to emphasize. So I needed to be at her elbow a lot more than my son.
  4. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Online schedule/assignment platform

    We use google keep for checklists, which apparently can also be synced into google calendar. My oldest daughter at college now lives by them both.
  5. SanDiegoMom in VA

    What age for Broadway shows?

    Hamilton - 12 but would have gone at age 10. Les Mis 10. Chicago 10. They didn't understand quite as much about Les Mis because we decided to go at the last minute and hadn't told them the story. But they just let their mind wander if they get bored and they did enjoy the music and special effects. Hamilton they had memorized beforehand so they of course sat on the edge of their seats the whole time!
  6. SanDiegoMom in VA

    We asked for better emojis...and we got them...or not?

    This is the hug emoji?? I always thought it was someone doing jazz hands! Lol.
  7. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Best late elementary online writing class?

    Treasured Conversations was a big hit here. We did it between WWE and WWS.
  8. For college admissions, it didn't hurt my dd. (we are counting marching band as it was pretty all-consuming!) Though we agonized over it as she had been in band since fifth grade and marching band was such a social outlet, it had become too much and was creating anxiety attacks. She dropped it her senior year but she stayed in the band. She had no sports by then -- only had water polo in ninth and swim in 10th, nothing in 11th and 12th. For social, that's a lot harder, especially for those in the 13/14/15 range. Once those friendships are formed it's harder to create new ones. So while technically she might find friends in different groups... it's just a lot harder! On the other hand that schedule sounds brutal tbh. For a kid that's just pursuing it as a social and physical outlet it seems rather lopsided. But I know that's what extracurriculars have become, and while my oldest would have died having to be around people at school and then three more hours after school, she was definitely more introverted that your's! So no help here, lol. Just random musings.
  9. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Skin cancer su@$

    Ooh, I had basal cell taken off about six or seven years ago... it looked SO bad the first week. Especially the first few days when my entire forehead bulged from the anesthetic. And then the anesthetic slid slowly down through my face throughout the week. Lovely. But at least I could wear a baseball cap!
  10. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Help me save science: Miller-Levine and other Biology Options

    I have the Miller Levine for a seventh grader but we are only doing like one unit out of it. She likes the book but I think it would be overkill to do the whole thing for this kid. She is more into ecology and animals so I am using those chapters, plus an online 10 week course through Groovy Kids that is very project based, plus ferret ecology through Royal Fireworks Press, plus selected pages from the Biozone Workbook on biology. Also numerous narrative non fiction adult books touching on biology or ecology (biography of Rachel Carson, Darwin's Backyard, etc) and we are going to do the experiments from Darwin's Backyard. So an eclectic and unevenly paced year but I think it will be enough. Oh dear, looking back that literally answers NONE of your questions. We aren't using the labs or tests at all! I'm having her take notes a few times to practice note-taking but that's basically all the book based output! Good luck!
  11. We are in VA but planning to move mid college career to CA so my dd applied to both east and west coast. She applied to 14, but in retrospect 10 should have been enough:-) William and Mary, NYU, Brandeis, American U, Columbia, and the top 6 UC's, among a few others. She's at UCLA on the GI bill.
  12. SanDiegoMom in VA

    A Scary Time

    Saw this last night. Spot on.
  13. SanDiegoMom in VA

    How many miles do you drive a day?

    50-70 per day. I can't wait to move. ETA of course I've been waiting to move for the last four years! Lol
  14. SanDiegoMom in VA

    non-political Judge Kavanaugh question

    The small stuff - what Devil's Triangle referred to, his legacy connections to Yale, and most importantly in my mind was that he refused to answer whether he was called Bart by his best friend - he just said you would have to ask him. Later it came out that all his friends called him Bart after a teacher messed up his name and there was even a letter he wrote that he signed "Bart". He evaded so as not to be connected with the Bart in Judge's book I assume.
  15. SanDiegoMom in VA

    non-political Judge Kavanaugh question

    And, although I came away with the opposite, I can definitely see how we all interpret things differently and it's so hard with lack of evidence to know for sure who is telling the truth... except that he lied about the small stuff. He was under oath and lied and evaded about the small stuff. That is what a lot of people in my circle at least are most concerned about.
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