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  1. I had a friend go a month or so ago and it was crowded then -and they were the only ones wearing a mask too.
  2. Definitely Seinfeld. Also West Wing, Good Place, Brooklyn 99, Fresh off the Boat.
  3. My twins made it to Thirty-five weeks and one was 5 pounds and the other 4 pounds 10 ounces. Only one spent time in the Nicu and that was only 8 hours.
  4. Do you know where to find the Florida hospitalization rates? My parents live in FL (Orlando area) and would like to know that information.
  5. My daughter has been to ortho visits (and just got her braces off! Woo hoo!). The staff wore face shields and masks, parents not allowed inside.
  6. I am surprised that a school does that. My daughter filled out a form giving likes and dislikes, routines (morning or night person), quiet or loud, and then the University paired you up. If you knew who you wanted to room with already you could both request to be together, and there was a FB page where students were trying to do that because they were worried about going random. But it wasn't the norm and you didn't have to even try if you didn't want to. Unfortunately the second year my daughter did try, was even "interviewed" in person by a couple of people, and ended up going random after no one really followed through. And then when she WAS paired, twice in a row students switched out of the room and she was convinced it was her fault. And the two roommates she finally got paired up with? Are now some of her closest friends and she just signed a lease with them for her fourth year. She's so glad the other ones backed out!
  7. That's a big generalization - this country is pretty large. I have seen plenty of people posting on social media here calling up the good old country boys to come defend the community against the riotous protesters (notice the conflation) and meanwhile we have had very few incidents of actual looting or vandalism, and our protests have been peaceful and not too large. So it really depends on the OP's location. But if you're watching national news it's either rioting and looting everywhere or police brutality everywhere. Rather than varying mixtures of both.
  8. The highly selective colleges my dd applied to showed 3 years of a foreign language, with some asking for four years. Two wouldn't have looked great, tbh.
  9. Yeah, we raised the Strattera dose when my daughter came home (and when she had a major setback at her job and had a few weeks of emotional spin) and then added the Lexapro to that. She also has a prescription for Ativan - very low dosage - for emergencies as she's been having panic attacks over the past two years. But she says the Strattera helps a lot with the working memory, and she is also being more deliberate with yoga and meditation. She says she thinks the meditation increases working memory as well. We have just spent two years trying to find the right balance of meds and non- med intervention. OH! And birth control pills are huge for her. Every month if she's not on them she gets terrible PMS and it causes brain fog and more severe adhd symptoms. So she's trying to keep the hormone levels stable. It took a pharmacist to suggest that might be happening -- she called in a panic to the pharmacist thinking they had switched generics and it wasn't working anymore, and the pharmacist asked if she was on her period. She said yes, and they said that's probably why. She was never told by her psych but she looked it up and found that it can have a pretty big effect!
  10. I have seen a lot of posts in my area about people wanting to band together with their guns and defend against the looters and rioters. All the posts on the Sheriff's page saying "call up all the country boys with their guns and we will help bring down these criminals!" We have had a very low incidence of anything happening here. We have had one window on a car broken. I have yet to see any graffiti. We have had protesters tear gassed that were blocking the road. Even one of our delegates was gassed when he was trying to defuse the situation and get the teenagers to move to the side of the road. I am so afraid of what feels like vigilantes banding together with all these guns. Neighborhood watch - great! People patrolling with guns? Not great. Someone posted before all this that a teenager had jumped their fence and to be on the lookout, and others were asking if they had called the police. I couldn't believe it. I jumped so many fences growing up so that I wouldn't have to walk around the long way. How is it the first thought to feel threatened? The fear rhetoric is so high. Now I am sure it would be different in a bigger city. But we are semi rural, spread out, and our protest level has been pretty low. I don't understand what people are afraid of here.
  11. Me neither. I don't know if there is a lot written about it, whether that's what's really going on, but we found it at least a way to try to work through the big feelings right now. It was a book called Smart But Stuck by Thomas Brown.
  12. We had this with my oldest daughter who went for years undiagnosed -- the sneaking, the lying, the opposition, the screens, (also books as an escape but also an addiction). She did well enough on the RItalin but still the side effects were too much and she is doing stellar on Strattera now. And the lying, sneaking, etc all went away even before she went on meds. They were the biggest byproduct of puberty and when she turned around 17 or 18 they really almost disappeared. HOWEVER it was obvious that the underlying issues that CAUSED her to use such maladaptive coping mechanisms were still there, and the meds definitely help that. She's now on a combo of Strattera and a small dose of Lexapro and it's been even better. There were so many times it was anxiety and not adhd that was in her way. She says Strattera helps the working memory a lot. (she had the largest spread on her IQ test between her top score and working memory) She also has read that a deficit in working memory makes it harder to hold perspectives in your head when you are overcome by emotion -- so you can't reason yourself out of the big sweeping emotions. She has always felt everything so strongly, whether it's anger, shame, irritability, sadness. It's always overwhelming.
  13. This is not going to be helpful at all, but can I just say how much I miss playrooms? My kids are 14 and 20. I miss toys. I did rotate toys, though, so there was never a ton available at the same time. I would put half or more in bins in closets, and then after 6 months rotate them out. I had a real toy fetish. Did I mention how much I miss them?
  14. I don't understand the idea that Van Jones MUST say something helpful and inspiring. Can't he express anguish at injustice? At any time, isn't this the time that people could say something like "I hear your pain", rather than "I judge you for feeling this way"?
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