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  1. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Favorite "Fun" math books?

    My son who has read all of those also loves What If and Soonish. Those and the Math with Bad Drawings have been his go-to reads. And he's reading The Code Book right now by Simon Singh. If he is into coding, Computational Fairy Tales was a huge hit as well, with it's two or three sequels by the same author.
  2. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Trader Joes Peppermint JoeJoe's

    Do you have a Wegman's near you? They have their own brand now of candy cane O's. They are pretty much the same I think.
  3. SanDiegoMom in VA

    WWS 1 Topi Sheets

    So I found these in the large sample of WWS III that's available online. I just printed those pages from the sample - we are doing WWS 3 right now but I thought also that it would be handy to have them as a reference.
  4. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Can you recommend a chapstick that really works?

    I use Carmex and DCT. They both work well for me. And drinking lots of water!
  5. This was always my biggest fear while my husband flew -- the mid-air refueling process. After telling me about how harrowing it is he realized never to tell me any more stories about flying. I didn't realize how close he had been to crashing on his last flight until he told me a month later, when I asked why he had decided to make that one his last flight! Ugh. The poor families.
  6. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Your opinion on teacher’s policy re: bathroom

    I went to a large HS with a pretty sizable drop out rate. Teachers struggled to engage the kids and there were tons of kids leaving class, roaming the halls, etc. But the teachers who engaged them and also treated them like adults? Those classes didn't have problems with kids leaving class. Not every teacher had that gift. And honestly, the kids that do leave class for reasons other than bathroom needs aren't learning anyway, whether they are in class or out of class. Either they have given up on public education or, like myself and previous posters, they know the information and are bored out of their minds. My daughter who went through public school said she finally felt like a person when her 11th and12th grade teachers allowed them to leave whenever they needed to use the bathroom without asking. I know that they were the "good" kids -- they were mostly AP classes by then, but she had been pretty beaten down by all of the dehumanizing rules over the years and it helped her to eke out those last couple of years. She was ready to bolt and had been researching early college pretty seriously. And now in college she has autonomy over her schedule to use the bathroom when she needs -- she doesn't have classes back to back for 7 hour stretches.
  7. I have used Rainbow Resource, Christianbooks and ordered directly from Singapore Math in the past. But it's been a few years!
  8. Welcome!! Second grade was where I started with my kids, and now they are in seventh still chugging along:-) My son was very math accelerated, and needed very little repetition, so for 1-6 grade Singapore Math I compacted GREATLY. We only used Intensive Practice. For my less accelerated daughter I used Textbook, workbook and IP. We also used Beast Academy.
  9. SanDiegoMom in VA

    I need some Alcumus Help

    Bummer! They must have just added it. My son is taking the online class now, and I bet they will include it for the next classes offered. Right now he only has challenge problems and a writing problem which makes everything weighted more.
  10. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Onset of stuttering (me)

    Are you military in the US? If so, I would go Tricare Select, not Prime. I found that my husband, active duty, regularly got better and more responsive care than I as a dependent did. Though on the other hand establishing new care might take too much time at this point so pushing your PCM might be better at this point. That's very sweet of you to do night duty but as someone who had twins, a husband who worked long hours at the Pentagon and then deployed when they were young -- I loved having my mom come help for the first four months of their life but I literally never had her do a night duty. I didn't even think to ask! She helped enough keeping the house clean and giving me a break during the day.
  11. SanDiegoMom in VA

    "relationship with food"

    I responded on the other thread but I can go a little further here -- food, when I was eating disordered, was a proxy for all of the mental health issues and low self-worth that I was experiencing. I had a lot of self-hatred already, I had a difficult relationship with my mom, a long distance relationship which was not exactly emotionally healthy (though it is now as we are still married 19 years later:)) so my "relationship" with food became the proxy way for me to deal with all of the terrible feelings I was experiencing. It can be seen actually as a self-defense mechanism. By concentrating all those feelings that I couldn't control into food which I COULD control, it gave me back control over my life. Obviously it took over my life and became the new problem, but initially it just helped me to function. Good food (or no food!) gave me my first feelings of self worth, of pride in myself. Bad food (and that could mean 6 bites of a sandwich when I meant to have only four, or it could mean an entire cake and carton of ice cream in one sitting) just reinforced all the bad things I believed I was -- impulsive, ugly, fat, unlikeable, needy... etc. So food became the "bad" me, and no food or all low calorie food became the "good" me. I sought the help of a therapist who first had to put me on a very strict food regimen -- by taking control of what I ate it took away my choice so that I did not have to feel the guilt anymore about what I ate. Also because I was pretty underweight. But I was lucky -- over time being married, having kids, having a job all replaced eating as a substitute for self esteem. I finally had my emotional needs met in my own healthy relationships and now I rarely think about food at all. It has literally become just fuel for me and I am so thankful! My sister was also eating disordered. She has never fully recovered, I think. She goes through different regimens all the time -- paleo, no sugar, all different exercise programs. She maintains at a low weight and doesn't have any snacks in the house. Her son started restricting for a while during high school, and her daughter does now. I feel sorry for them. They talk about food so much more than we do and know every calorie count of all foods.
  12. SanDiegoMom in VA

    S/O of eating disorder; I don’t understand this

    It is good to have a the information out there of the range of healthy as there are a LOT of people who don't understand what a healthy weight is, or who might have hunger signals that are mixed up. My daughter is your height but weighs probably 30 pounds more than you do. She has never understood her hunger signals - she is always hungry (even as a toddler!) which leads her to overeat and then she feels sick. She's never felt just satiated. She has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and is wondering if that causes her miss her body's signals. She needs the charts to tell her what a healthy weight was because her body is not telling her anything useful, and now she is attempting to lose weight by calorie counting . -- she needs a strict routine to avoid overeating. I, on the other hand, have a natural weight right now-- I am 5'3 and 120-124 and I rarely think anymore about what I eat. I could be thinner, as I do have a small build, but I am happy that I am not eating disordered any more and can eat without guilt or fear. My other two kids are like me -- they will probably never worry about their weight as they are able to understand and heed their body signals.
  13. SanDiegoMom in VA

    S/O of eating disorder; I don’t understand this

    When I was bulimic every food I ate had psychological impact -- there were foods that were good, and foods that were bad, and I was correspondingly good or bad when I ate them. My best days were days I restricted to around 500 calories and subsisted on special k cereal, apples and Mountain Dew. If I ate something and felt I had tipped over into too much, I immediately felt horrible, then just binged and binged because I had already lost and it was too late. Every day was shaped by my eating, my thoughts centered on food and the number on the scale, and my self-worth rose or dropped based on it. Food was fraught.
  14. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Jetta's Physics or Dicentra's Chem for Accelerated Learner

    My son (7th grade) is in Jetta's class and I probably would not have put him in earlier -- the concepts he probably would have been able to grasp but the workload is solidly high school level. So while at this age (12, turning 13) it is perfect for teaching him executive functioning and time management, in fifth it would have probably made him hate physics! We were very low output for elementary school, ramped it up a little for sixth grade, and only for seventh does he really have a full load... which actually still wouldn't be a full load compared to others! For instance -- in fifth grade we did a lot of reading, documentaries, lots of crash course videos, fun experiments... for physics now every day there is a good 45 minutes of homework, (reading the textbook and solving practice problems), there are alternating quizzes and tests, 1-2 labs with full lab writeup a month (which take around 1 hour for the lab and 1.5 hours for the writeup). So the class takes generally 7-8 hours per week, counting the webinar -- it is his second biggest time commitment after Aops Intermediate Alg. Definitely a very worthy class, but I am thankful that we took it easy in elementary and waited until now to take it! But then again, my kids aren't necessarily driven. They really protect their downtime:-)
  15. SanDiegoMom in VA

    Dance Parents

    My dd's studio had a boy go to Boston for the year long trainee program - I am pretty sure he was happy with it. Another student went to Atlanta, and I think we've had students go to Pennsylvania as well. And there is the North Carolina School of the Arts- I think they have a summer Intensive.
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