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  1. We have stopped Latin because Sacha wanted to switch to Russian, but he did Song School Latin 1 and 2, Minimus 1 and 2, and GSWL before Oxford Latin Book 1 with CLRC and it was basically all review (which was fine at his age).
  2. Ahem...
  3. Thinking of you, Yael. I will say Mi Shebeirach for your family and Tehillim, Chapter 20 for you: 1. For the Conductor, a psalm by David. 2. May the Lord answer you on the day of distress; may the Name of the God of Jacob fortify you. 3. May He send your help from the Sanctuary, and support you from Zion. 4. May He remember all your offerings, and always accept favorably your sacrifices. 5. May He grant you your heart's desire, and fulfill your every counsel. 6. We will rejoice in your deliverance, and raise our banners in the name of our God; may the Lord fulfill all your wishes. 7. Now I know that the Lord has delivered His anointed one, answering him from His holy heavens with the mighty saving power of His right hand. 8. Some [rely] upon chariots and some upon horses, but we [rely upon and] invoke the Name of the Lord our God. 9. They bend and fall, but we rise and stand firm. 10. Lord, deliver us; may the King answer us on the day we call.
  4. Yes, I am aware that others feel perfectly safe. That's perfectly fine for them. I am entitled to my opinion. Having just had an anti-Semitic shooting in my relatively Blue city two weeks ago, and given the current attacks on abortion rights, very few places feel safe to me anymore. You are entitled to feel defensive about my opinion.
  5. I don't think I would feel safe living in a red state today, as a woman and as a Jew. I would especially feel unsafe if I was a person of color. I've never felt this way in America before, but I do today.
  6. We are planning to do the same here. I have no idea if my son will want to attend a UC school, but in case he does, he will likely receive his associate's degree from CC concurrent with high school graduation. That way, his general ed coursework will be complete and then he can either focus on major and grad level coursework during ugrad or perhaps double major and/or study abroad. If he decides to attend a private school or service academy instead, he likely won't receive any credit or advanced standing for the DE courses, but he might receive advanced placement into higher level coursework and improve his chances of admissions by demonstrating rigor and his academic passion for science. We have no desire to graduate him early (nor does he have any desire, at present, to leave); he will likely need all 18 years of executing functioning development under our roof before he flies the nest. Anyway, lots of options. For bio this year, we worked through a year-long Outschool high school bio series, watched some Great Courses lectures, read the Miller Levine bio book, took 3 weeks of a microbio camp at CTY, and did some labs/demos, but I expect that he will take the Bio for science majors series at our CC in 8th~ish grade (after he finishes gen chem). So, none of what we did this year was for "credit" on his transcript.
  7. Is there a reason why you would want to graduate him so young vs. having him just dual enroll in college classes while in high school?
  8. Can I brag that I finished my first term in nursing school today, at age 44 while homeschooling two kids? I will come back to update about the kids after I sober up. 😉 Kidding [sorta].
  9. Finished my first term in nursing school. I am 1/5 a nurse! On vacay until term 2 begins in August. Margarita time!!

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  10. Please, go on for volumes! 🙂 How do you find out how competitive your area is for academy selection? Do you get this info from your rep or are the admissions demographics posted somewhere? I apologize if this is well known info! I would assume that San Diego is super competitive because we are a large metro area and because we have a lot of Navy here, but on the other hand, military service is just not a popular choice for most local kids like it is in some place like, say, the South. I was the only person in my entire basic training company from California, which I found to be incredible.
  11. Gen Chem is a two-semester 200 level science majors sequence at the CCs here and requires either a 100-level Prep for Gen Chem one semester class, passing a department placement exam, or proof of a high school level chem class as a pre-req (not all of the CCs around here allow you to bypass with high school chem). I've been warned that Gen Chem is tough, so I'm trying to decide on one of Connie's classes or having him take the Prep for Gen Chem class, but covering it all in one semester seems more grueling than either of Connie's classes. It's not so much that he loves chem, but gen chem is a pre-req for the bio and physics stuff he wants to do, so it's necessary.
  12. I have naturally curly hair (also long and color-treated to blonde), so a good conditioner is a MUST for me. I follow the curly girl method, so I use the very inexpensive (but super effective) conditioners made by Shea Moisture. I especially like the Jamaican Black Castor Oil line. ETA: The Shea Moisture products are probably the cheapest I've ever used on my hair, but you really get a lot of bang for your buck.
  13. I am so completely with you on this. I could never school year-round. I NEED a break. A nice LONG break. My kids go to camp and I sit by the pool with a drink, work on my tan/skin cancer, read, and go to the gym. It's the only way I could do this. Sacha finished his Python class today, which ate up a lot of time, so things are slowly starting to wind down. Finally. May gray is here in So Cal and the Jacarandas are opening, so summer is on the way, but it will be gloomy out for awhile. Bleh. I want pool weather! We will be totally done in 2 weeks and then will have from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day mostly off. Some of the online classes start back up before Labor Day (grrrr), but we don't completely start our school until after Labor Day. I am old school about summer break.
  14. Save your money and buy Olaplex No. 3 instead. It's the only thing that's worth the money IMO. You can get it from Sephora. It repairs the broken bonds.
  15. Ok, so the director emailed me back with the app. It is only one page, so nothing onerous. Just asks for your AGI, family size, and whether you qualify for free or reduced price lunch. You don't have to give any other personal financial info (though, they may ask you to submit your tax return, pay stubs, or W2s to verify). If my kids were in regular school, we would qualify for reduced price lunch (we own our own business, so our AGI is pretty low for our high COL area), so I let them know that. I submitted the app, but have no idea if we will be approved, but AoPS Academy is a significant part of our budget, so a scholarship would be amazing. Will keep you posted. I will definitely let other homeschoolers in our area know. You all know I have been whining about financial aid for awhile. THANK YOU RR!!!
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