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  1. I took a better approach. I became the trader myself🤣 I am learning and teaching my kids on the way😂
  2. Same here. This year was so stressful, so we have decided mostly spend it on the beach, especially with my youngest. He is my fish 🙂 13yo - tennis camp (twice a week) + more tennis for the rest three days. Beach is on weekends only. Piano with a tutor. Chess independently. Young Leadership Program & Radio Broadcasting (our local programmes). 11yo - Swimming team from Mon to Fri. Beach is everyday 🙂 Lots of lego and electronic projects, 3d printing. 5-10minutes a day creative writing (homework for summer). cooking Both - a personal physical coach, German with a tutor, min 50 books each 🙂
  3. We have moved forward and some changes have already taken place too 🙂 So these are the plans for next year, although I cannot say they are final yet hehe DS13 - school (he enrolled for all core subjects including all science: Physics, Chemistry & Biology), French, Accounts and Renaissance Literature too. Intermediate Algebra with tutor & Geometry class with Dreaming Spires. Comp Science will be postponed to 2022-23. German (tutor), Russian (various), History (library), Debates (hopefully school's extra curriculum will take place from next scholastic yet. If not we ll take a few short courses), Piano (last year. Yey). Sport: tennis and physical coach, chess (we had to stop all lessons. reading books himself). Also Crypto and Forex with mummy) DS11 - school + extra aops prealgebra 2 (to finish) and intro to algebra (private teacher), creative writing (Dreaming Spires), German (tutor), Russian (various), French (school). Electronics, 3d Printing/laser printing , and etc. with daddy, Introductory Programming (Python- CompuScholar), and lots of lego and board games. Art school, Piano(?? - he wants to drop it). Sport: Swimming + private physical coach
  4. Thank you for Blue Tent Honors Bio 🙂 I will save it for my eldest for 22-23 scholastic year. I m not sure if he is able to allocate another 12hrs weekly for this course next year🤔
  5. Hi all Same here. In fact, we haven't begun many things, which were planned for this current scholastic year due to many factors, including my health issues ( I have developed a strong allergy to something still unknown and most probable we will have to relocate soon 😞 ). So this year my eldest didn't do any Chemistry and Geometry and it will be moving to the next year. Instead, DS is taking numerous classes of public speaking, English literature and Finance & Entrepreneur classes, and he loves it. My little one has developed a passion for writing and he has started taking different creative writing and literature classes. Next year we have to go back on track, but I am sure it will not be so intensive as before as school and all activities require move time and efforts now 🙂 Plans for next year so far: DS13 - core subjects at school including French, Physics, Accounts and Comp Studies. AOPS Geometry (Royal Fireworks Press) and Intermediate Algebra (tutor), Honour Chemistry (Connie), extra English Literature (Dreaming Spires), Debates (Various, I guess), Biology (we'll do something ourself), German (tutor), Russian (various) and DS is asking for a history/political club, we ll see if he has enough time for it. Extra curriculum: tennis, chess, music school (piano. the last year!) + private physical coach DS11 - school + extra aops prealgebra 2 (to finish) and intro to algebra (private teacher), creative writing courses (various), literature/book club (?), debating class (various), German (tutor), Russian (various), French (school + Alliance Française), electronics with daddy, Introductory Programming (Python- CompuScholar), and lots of lego and board games 🙂 Extra curriculum: swimming, art school, music school (piano) - most probable he will drop it as it is quiet hard for him, and cooking (home. He wants to attend professional culinary school, but I doubt he will have time ) + private physical coach
  6. Thank you! We had/have RPI. My husband has also ordered him an electronics set together with Arduino and was going to order all required parts to assemble the computer. It looks like he will be super busy these holidays😃
  7. Thanks. I love your ideas😃 Do you know any particular young-kids-friendly text book? Although I have found ComTIA A+ for dummies and I think it's pretty good. Love the idea to buy DIY computer parts too. Do you know where I can get a manual how to build and what to buy? Me and my DH are extremely busy this summer. We still will help him, but if he can do some independent work it will be great.
  8. Hi all, My little one will be home all mornings this summer. I wish to find something cool online to entertain him. He is tech-savvy kid. Loves to design different small things on Tinkercad and 3d print them on his printer. He also wanted to take a local PC Technician course, but it was cancelled, like everything else. Is there anything worth online?
  9. I am struggling this year with with my planning😳 These what I have so far... DS12 Royal Fireworks Geometry, Competitive maths/AOPS Intermediate Algebra with a personal tutor. Physics - he is taking Jetta's class this year and I cannot figure out where to go next. Should be something not intensive. Considering to continue with our maths tutor too. Programming - looking at Alphastar's program for now too. We have a very good online academy of sport programming, but I want to reduce the cost a little bit at the moment. Chess with a tutor + lots of tournaments Music school - Piano, Vocal had to go for now - no time French, Russian and German to continue + school and tennis everyday too🙈 He also organised a tennis club with a friend at his school last year and they are currently teaching their pears twice a week. DS10 BA5 online, competitive maths with me Science - funny projects with daddy Robotics - with his brother's or daddy's help Computing - Digital Savvy or/and Web Design at CompuScholar SOTW to finish Entrepreneur or engineering classes - he is still choosing Art school Russian & French Swimming and Boxing
  10. Thank you. I will check them out. I am still trying to put all the things together, mainly because I need to decide what to do for maths, physics and chemistry🙄
  11. Thank you. I have been waiting for this thread and especially for post of yours😃 Since I had started working, we have started falling dreadfully behind and as we were taking a very similar education approach to teaching our kids, I am heavily relying on your program at the moment 🙈😅 I also wanted to tell you thanks for a reply about AOPS physics. Unfortunately it was a bit crazy time for me and I forgot to thank you. My apology 😳 I will try to pull all things together this weekend, but before I have to sort a few things, maths and science. We tried to take online AOPS course last month, but since my kid cannot attend the lessons online due to a different time zone, he found this course not very useful and we decided to cancel it 😞 I need to figure out what shall we do now, as we do not want to change the program. I am not feeling comfortable to teach this level. Beside I have enrolled myself into another troublesome course, ACCA this time, and I am afraid I will have not enough time for myself for a few next years😞 Does anyone takes AOPS course in Welltrainedmind academy by any chance? How does it work? Is there any other online courses who follows AOPS curriculum?
  12. Hello Monique,

    Happy holidays. Hope you all are having a good time :)

    Monique, could I possible ask you regarding the intro to mechanics. As you know AOPS do not offer it online and we cannot take it as we are far far away in Europe :) so I would really appreciatively if you could share with me a name of the book they are using for this program. My kiddo is like yours, wishes to go into bio engineering and he would really love to start mechanics too :)

    Thanks 💐




    1. SeaConquest


      Hello and happy holidays! This is the first year that AoPS is offering the course. They are trying it out locally in San Diego, where AoPS is headquartered, which is also what they did with BA Online before it rolled out worldwide. They don't have a book for the course. They are using something they put together on their own online (and it is embedded into the course), so it doesn't even have a name. This year is sort of the guinea pig year to figure everything out, so I imagine that they will roll the course out online and/or to the other academy locations in some form in the near future. Sacha does plan to take the f=ma course in the fall, which would be the next step up, if your son is interested in mechanics.

  13. I would also love to see a new planning thread for 2020. That's was always useful to plan ahead, especially this year, when my mind like a tangled forest😩
  14. I will miss this year. I simply do not know what to write. So many things we have started, so many things now to accomplish and too many thoughts to solve the problems in between😓 ...but thank you guys for keeping this board alive. From time to time I am reading everything here and get a few ideas where to move and what to use👍
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