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  1. Uzinggo, as it was mentioned by dmmetler, is great!👍
  2. I am not very come here but always with you guys, so I would like to follow the flock 😉 Thanks
  3. Congrats! Well done! 👍😉
  4. Oh. That's exactly our case. The prealgebra book was spread to almost 1.5year long. With the teacher, it is moving much faster😥
  5. I agree with you. Ds did pre-algebra AOPS completely on his own. I was only checking his answers. Unfortunately now time is changing and he needs more time structured courses/lessons and preferably not with me. He is very talented in maths, but it is far from his favourite subject and he need a good motivator or a mentor, who can make it more fun for him to learn. I am not mathematician and I cannot give that way his tutor can do. Beside the intro to algebra aops book is still being done individually, but the tutor mostly fills the holes and still concentrating on the Olympiad maths. This way instead of 2 different courses we have one program with less fees. Everyone is happy, ds is enjoying and gets a huge motivation to continue :)
  6. Great! Then I guess they will be together :) According to Jetta DS has to finish Algebra 1 AOPS, so we are trying to cover it. By the way in the end we decided to switch completely to our online private tutor, the one with who DS was doing competitive maths for a few months during this scholastic year, but they will follow the AOPS program. For us its almost the same cost, but it will be more intensive and he teaches my kid to think, not just to solve. They will finish Algebra 1 by August and on the top Ds is also reading Jacobs Algebra and he has finished Life of Fred till Advance Algebra. I guess it will be more than enough :) Thank you for everyone's input and reminding me about pros of live sessions. Much appreciated👍 😉
  7. So you mean it is more wider than just a book program?
  8. DS asked me to enrol for Clover Creek Physics next year and by the rules he has to finish Algebra 1 before the beginning of the course. Plus we wanted to go for a short break between those two courses. oh, well. I feel a bit sad as I think this online class is brilliant and it could fit my kid perfectly, and i really hope that one day they offer better suitable time for Europeans 😥
  9. Thank you to both of you! I think we will do the same and continue working independently too. My apology, but I did not understand your question. What did you mean?
  10. Thank you guys. I see your points and I agree with you, but now I am completely lost if we should take these classes or not. The book is quiet easy and it explains everything very well. Is there any other reason why everyone enrols for classes yet? What are you planning for the next years, a course or independent learning? I am not sure what i have to do now. The course is about to start😓 Oh, no. We have missed the class and there are already 15 people in the waiting list !😞
  11. Due to living in Europe we cannot attend the live classes. Does it worth to follow offline? They say that lots of international students did that way. Is there anyone here who takes them this way? At the moment we are interested in Intro to Algebra & MathCounts/AMC 8 Basic. Many thanks
  12. My youngest ds is being scarred of maths. He cannot even learn timetable well! Everytime I ask him to revise it he starts talking to himself, singing, fulling around but he cannot concentrate at all. The same with simple maths. It is like he has blocked it and doesn't even want to give it a chance to understand! I am still trying to figure out what to do, so I will follow! It's so pity, because he is a very bright kid too, not less smarter than his brother. He has also started to read before 3yo on his own and he is very independent, I have never helped him with his school homework too. Beside my eldest ds is hyperactive and can concentrate and keep focus for long hours and can do thousand of the things, but the little one has a concentration problem instead 😞
  13. They also covered money including bitcoins and cryptocurrencies and in the end of the half year course they created Christmas handmade marshmallows and sold them all by them self in the coffee shop, calculated their profit minus cost and earned eu5 each :) The program is continuing, but ds has dropped it as he thinks he got to know what he wanted to know and the rest he will take from the books and his own project, which he is planning for the next summer together with his brother. The rest of the kids are working on fintech: learning how to create bitcoin and mining.
  14. Sorry, I wanted to answer later and it skipped my mind and I've just remembered after seeing the add of our course😅 so here it goes...
  15. If you won't find anyone I could give a tutor of my son. Although he is Russian, but can explain in English without a problem. He has Phd in Physics-Math from the best Russian University and usually teaches high school and university students level. He also lives in USA, so time won't be a problem too.
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