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  1. Dd16 does math through Derek Owens - Alg 2 last year and now Precalc. It's working very well for us, and I would definitely recommend it. The 9th grade Physics class in our local school district (which abuts yours) correlates to Derek Owen's Physical Science class rather than his Physics class. I think your 9th grader might struggle in his Physics class since she has not completed Algebra 2. I pm'ed you. 🙂
  2. Bumping to update: SAT test sites are closed here. We will try for March 2021, I think, since fortunately she is a junior. Thinking of parents of seniors! Good luck everyone!
  3. It can be hard to get a good picture of conditions in a distant city in our current news climate. @Lanny this article from AP news https://apnews.com/c6667f34cbafe73c36be32d41a3b8325 may provide a better picture of Portland, OR. I live very close the main protest site downtown. I would not go to the 2 blocks around the Justice Center between the hours of 10pm and 3am unless I wanted to participate in protests, but life here in Portland is normal and not dangerous. @AEC If the spike of violence at the protest activity in Kenosha is driven by non-locals, it may stop quickly. Keep an eye on
  4. Hugs! It will be okay. What helped me with the overwhelm of 9th grade - Reading Teaching from Rest and rebooting 9th with a ruthlessly trimmed workload (I love to design courses that have 50 hours reading a week - blush!), deliberately scheduling margin into every day. Recognizing that 9th grade is meant to be a step up from 8th, not a ginormous leap into college level work. Reading the wise words of forum folks whose students aren't radically accelerated. I love that we have a population here whose students are doing amazing things! But I do need to step back sometimes and remind my
  5. Back in December I had no idea that driving 7 hours to take a test would be anything but laughable... I guess this could be plan C 😄
  6. Thanks for the suggestion to check with the school about SAT testing. I'll make a note to call them when (if?) they reopen. High schools here close completely over summer, so no-one answers the phone before mid-August. I looked up my nearest CLEP center - Mt Hood Community College. They are mostly online for fall but have a handful of in person classes currently scheduled, so testing might be happening. CLEP hasn't been on my radar, as DD prefers home-designed courses. Maybe CLEP Precalculus could substitute for SAT Math 2?
  7. Math: Derek Owens Precalculus - the only class not taught by me Science: Biology - using Oak Meadow's new high school biology as a spine, tweaked to allow a deep dive into the deep ocean and octopuses English: Finishing Byline (Clearwater Press) for an easy US literature credit. Homemade Chinese literature study of the 4 great novels History: East Asian history using Ebrey and Walthall, East Asia as a spine Foreign Language: Japanese using Genki as a spine, and probably italki for conversation practice Art: Okay I don't teach this either. This is DD's passion - she spe
  8. Did you find a tutor? Oak Meadow has a tutoring service you can use while studying their subjects independently: www.oakmeadow.com/support-and-tutoring/
  9. DD16 is registered to take the SAT in September in Hillsboro, OR. The school district has just announced that to comply with our state's guidelines, all schools will be fully online from their delayed start 9/14/20 through the end of the first quarter 11/5/20. Does that mean the SAT won't be administered at the high school before 11/5 at the earliest? All other nearby school districts are also fully online, so location switching is unlikely to help if closed school = closed test site. DD is in 11th grade this year. Her only non-Mom grades are Algebra 2 with Derek Owens and a local physics
  10. I am sinking in the Slough of Despond. For me still it is the winter of despair. "...like the sole survivor on a lonely shore from the wreck of a great vessel, [I flee] without a thought, without a hope, without a purpose, but to fly somewhere -- anywhere." Dickens, Dombey and Son "[It is] a long and gloomy night that [is] gathered on me, haunted by the ghosts of many hopes, of many dear remembrances, many errors, many unavailing sorrows and regrets." Dickens, David Copperfield (hugs)
  11. Re: church outbreaks - local paper report on an Eastern Oregon outbreak associated with a church La Grande Observer. I wonder if we are not hearing of more outbreaks like this because most asymptomatic/presymptomatic people are not being tested.
  12. There's good advice on output above. For input, for 5th grade ancient history/literature I started with two books on each region - one history (to give me and dd an overview and to identify topics of interest for her to delve into) and one age-appropriate retelling of a story or stories from the period. If I was choosing books for Ancient India now, I would pick something like Daud Ali (2014) Hands-On History! Ancient India (because my dd loves these sorts of projects; this would also be better for a less enthusiastic reader than the other book) or Kenoyer and Heuston (2005) The Ancient South
  13. She already has 2 strong years of outsourced high school Latin with external exam validation. Would she consider a simpler class for a third year of Latin to meet the requirement? I don't think every single high school credit needs to be equivalently hard - some credits are mostly "show up and participate" (of course this would not be a good idea if she wanted to be a Latin major!) A class could be simply reading through a Latin work 4 hours a week with a tutor (36 weeks x 1 hour = 144 hours, 1 credit). They could read an historical work - Tacitus Agricola or one of Suetonius' Lives for exampl
  14. Galore Park is designed to prep students for the exams they take at the end of 7th grade, so not high school credit worthy, in my opinion. Mastronarde is a college level text, equivalent to Athenaze (which I have taught, both at college and at home). Looking over the contents of Mastronarde, I would say high school Greek 1 could aim to get through chapter 15 - this would be about one semester of Greek in college. Yes, it supports reading - all Ancient Greek courses are designed to get the student translating reading passages as fast as possible. Languages can be challenging to learn along
  15. Probably not anything new to you, but : Lois McMaster Bujold, Vorkosigan series. I love Komarr - it's my go to comfort read when I'm sick. The Curse of Chalion is my favorite of her fantasy novels. Elizabeth Moon, The Deed of Paksennarion. In her sf, I love Once A Hero. Connie Willis, Bellwether. Her Christmas short story collection is also a favorite. She wrote an adorable light sf/romance with Cynthia Felice, The Promised Land, that you would probably enjoy. David Weber, Honor Harrington series. Flag in Exile is maybe my favorite. I like space opera and military sf like
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