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  1. This forum needs a rule for taking Midol before logging in.

    1. Crimson Wife
    2. ....


      Or posting before 5am... Some of my middle-of-the-night posts are really weird! What was I thinking??

  2. Klogs are great if you are walking around on a level surface like inside your house or the mall. Klogs are the only shoe that makes my feet feel comfortable all day long. They use to be called Klog USA. A very long time ago I had a pair of Merrells that were wonderful, but they stopped making that particular shoe. I wore them through a pregnancy. You may want to call a customer rep. at Zappos and ask these questions.
  3. I'm currently reading Deconstructing Penguins by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone. They explain how to discuss books with young children through examples of their book discussion groups. Honestly, I wish I had this book a long time ago, when I had a first grader reading chapter books. I believe just a few good discussions a year would help promote active reading year round.
  4. Is anyone on here today? BN has a 24% off one item coupon code. BNFIREWORK

    1. RootAnn


      When you go to use it, does it require you to have a B&N membership? Because that's what it is asking me for . . .

  5. I will not look at any planning threads, I will not, no, no, no!

  6. Cbollin you're my kind of gal. ;) I have the kind of kid that I spend most of my time trying to figure out what he doesn't know. For high school science I've decided to use the DIVE program coupled with a few courses from The Great Courses. I plan to be the lazy science partner too! :)
  7. "cranberry meatballs, mini quiches....." Where is your house? :)
  8. You are doing better than you think. The last few years I have scaled down holiday meals. I only make a few specialties with the main dish and a few deserts. I make the favorites and call it a day.
  9. She won't take her children to the Dr, because she is afraid CPS will get involved. She knows she is wrong. They know they are wrong. That was all I was stating, hence the "they".
  10. My 13 year old is reading and listening to Ancient World. He told me he was ready for a more mature history book. We downloaded it from iTunes because I don't have an audible account. If you use iTunes make sure you put in on the device you will use the most, because you can only download it once.
  11. If they are already afraid of CPS they know they are wrong! Maybe it will be the kick in the pants this lady needs to finally take care of the kids, home, and make better life choices.
  12. Having a compacted wisdom tooth surgically removed ruined our week. Oh well the pills are good. ;)

  13. A few weeks ago my SIL made sure to brag about her daughter getting into college early. She told me she already had a scholarship. She was being extremely snarky about it. After asking my niece a few questions I soon realized she was actually doing duel enrollment her last few years of high school. I hugged my niece and told her I was very proud of her. We bought her first musical instrument a few years earlier and now she is winning band competitions. We are never invited to her band events. Her parents like to gamble, and do whatever else goes along with that lifestyle. They gamble, smoke, a
  14. Don't mind me, I'm just here to steal someone else's ancient literature list. Muhaha.

  15. I will not look at curricula just because I find an interesting thread. I WILL NOT. I have everything I need.

    1. mama25angels


      Good luck with that, lol! I hope you are able to do it

    2. Mommy22alyns


      See you in a couple of days! :D

    3. jaderbee
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