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  1. I'd like to see Catholic Schools Textbook Project for social studies and Novare for science.
  2. The mosquitoes they're releasing in Florida are actually engineered to inoculate people against their will. That way tptb can ensure that the microchips get distributed to enough people that they can enact their master plan. OK, maybe not, but the thing about people coming into contact with vax'd people and having a miscarriage showed up a couple weeks ago in my homeschool group. There's too much stupid, and people just don't understand the difference between causation and correlation or negative control groups. It's a good thing I'm playing social distance with them still because I do
  3. I'd never call my own pet that. I did have the misfortune of knowing a psychopath who referred to any neutered dog as "it" in a condescending way. I could see calling an unfamiliar animal "it" if you don't know the s*x.
  4. I would do everything I could to interest them in something else that might have some overlap with the aspects they are interested in. I would be very distressed if my child still decided to go ahead with policing...for all the reasons 2nd gen listed. The highly publicized actions of the bad cops affect them all, and even good cops are gleefully tossed under the bus these days. I don't see that changing any time soon.
  5. I think it is up to 6 weeks for either kind that they consider acceptable. Eta: yes, 6 weeks, here it is. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/second-shot.html
  6. We think dh may have had it in February 2020, before it was supposedly here. The father of a co-worker had been on a cruise in late 2019 and had a heart attack. They airlifted him to a hospital in China. He came home with covid-like symptoms and infected his wife and son. The son went to work and hacked all over his coworkers. A handful got very sick. Dh said it was worse than any flu he's had. One of the co-workers who got sick was hospitalized. DH had an antibody test done in early summer 2020, but it was negative. Dh and all the co-workers who had gotten sick had been vaccinated fo
  7. We joined a nearby country club so the kids could do tennis, golf, and swimming for the summer. Since it's private it's not subject to the rules for public spaces, but in general it isn't crowded the way that a public pool often is, so I feel like it's safer overall. Plus it's mostly outside and the demographics have a high vaccination rate here. My youngest is playing baseball and I'm coaching, but we opted out of the summer playground program through the parks department that we would have done if it weren't for covid. We will finally be letting them do playdates without worrying abo
  8. As far as scheduling/incorporating other stuff, we do a circle time that includes Living Faith Kids daily devotional and we cycle through the Friendly Defenders flash cards having kids play the role listed. We switch to a new card each week and just cycle through both decks. We integrate saints and bible with history. We do CC Memory aligned with our history, so that covers a lot of catechism and scripture memory. Then we add some miscellaneous individual things. My second grader is doing CHC Preparing to Receive Jesus curriculum, which has defined weekly lessons. My 4th grader is re
  9. I am almost wondering if we just happened to catch something around the same time we got vaccinated. It just seems like we are much worse off than average and neither of us has ever had any vaccine reactions.
  10. I'm 3 days out from 1 st Pfizer now and I feel completely back to normal after a day and a half of mild flu-like symptoms. DH started flu like symptoms 2 days post 1st moderna and is still suffering. Right now he's on the fence about bailing on the second dose. Much will hinge on how I feel after my second shot, which will be the week before his is due. If it's as bad as the first shot of worse, we will likely not vax our 12 year old when it becomes available. (All the adults in our extended family have at least one dose in or have recovered from prior covid infection.)
  11. We have mostly pieced things together. I didn't love the samples of Seton or Faith and Life. We really liked the story of the bible series from Tan and they are releasing a new religion series that I might try for next year. Maybe it would interest you: https://tanbooks.com/tan-academy/shop-by-subject/religion-homeschool-curriculum/
  12. I put my vaccination card in a safe spot as soon as I got home. Then I got worried that I might forget where I put it, so I made myself an electronic reminder on my calendar to tell me where the safe spot was. I'm feeling bad today (2 days since 1st pfizer): clammy, achy, and exhausted. I feel like a lot of younger people might skip the second shot due to the side effects.
  13. I don't really mind seeing the vax stuff posted. A lot of times it's a request for a doctor who is ok with anti-vax. (I think it's sort of helpful to know which doctors will have disproportionately large numbers of unvaccinated kids in their waiting room.) They can all post whatever they want on their personal fb pages though, so it tends to end up in feeds anyway. What I don't like is having it come up in person because "pass-the-bean-dip" is often ineffective.
  14. My mom got covid arm about a week after her first moderna and no symptoms with second shot. My dad got no symptoms with first moderns other than the normal slightly sore arm, but the second one made him feel like he had severe flu. It lasted about 12 hours and then started to improve and he was back to normal by 36 hours. DH got first moderna 3 days ago and only has the typical sore arm. He scheduled a vacation day for the day after the second shot because he is expecting it to be unpleasant. I got my first Pfizer shot yesterday morning and was slightly achy last night. Today
  15. I would probably fix it if it's getting a lot of use unless you were planning to get something much newer. It's a reliable car with good safety ratings for its age/size. DH recently got read-ended and we spent the first week unsure if we would even get the car back. In that time we shopped for a replacement and found out that there is a serious supply/demand issue going on right now. We decided we'd rather share a car and occasionally rent than get at the end of the line to overpay for something we don't even like. Luckily they ended up fixing his car.
  16. We kept regular dental appointment s as much as possible. Some were rescheduled due to shutdowns. Oldest kept ortho retainer-check appointment because I was not about to let all that time and money go down the drain. Everybody waits in car and then they bring you in straight to the chair. My hygienist was double masked plus had face-shield and glasses. They put disposable eye-guards/glasses on patients as well. They had uv-c going, but I'm not really up on the research around that so idk how helpful if is. I think at this point the employees should mostly be vaccinated, so I don't worry
  17. That is similar to our rates. My state allows a philosophical exemption, so it probably doesn't push the anti-vaxers toward homeschooling in the same way it does in states without it (or with more hurdles to get exemption.)
  18. I feel like mine are about 50% anti-vax, which has affected choices I've made while pregnant and will surely continue to affect them with covid vaccine rollouts. The local groups seem to be about even amongst Protestant, Catholic, and secular subgroups. I'm in the midwest. I'm just curious if this is a nationwide thing or perhaps my perception is skewed by some groups being more vocal. What's it like by you?
  19. I hope it goes well for you and for her. We just registered our youngest for Catholic school next year as well (3rd grade), and I'm feeling sad about it too. It is a mediocre school on all accounts, but we are hopeful that everyone in the family will have a better quality of life. (Hugs)
  20. It says 5 days per week for 36 weeks in the description on CHC website.
  21. My son started it in fifth and did fine. We didn't finish the assignment for the end of the year because covid closed our libraries down. We picked it back up this year for 6th and are a little over halfway through level 2. I'm very pleased with how much he has learned so far. He is usually able to work independently in the places intended, but I do have to stay involved. Mostly I need to make sure he has taken enough notes. If it says take 10-15 he will take 10. If it says write 150-200 words, he will write 150. For background he is an advanced student who loves to read nonfiction
  22. If you end up returning the whole sets, you will probably still be able to get 40% off the I individual items you want during one of the feast day sales. I know they did 40% for St. Benedict's feast last year. I have gotten the audio books from audible when they do their 2-free-books promo. I am on the fb group for them also. The lists are helpful, but I still prefer the book suggestions from SOTW along with the vision series saints books and the once upon a time saints sets.
  23. I have a similar spread. My 6th is academically oriented, advanced, and inhales books. My 4th is crafty and sociable, but not very interested in history. I also have a bright, interested 2nd grader who can't sit still or pass up an argument. What has worked well the last two years is having everyone listen to history together (Story of Civilization) and completing the relevant mapping on half of our history dqys. The other half I have the younger two together with high quality picture books or documentaries to sort of prep them for the correlated chapters from the curriculum. The older d
  24. The Story of the Bible-Old Testament from Tan Homeschool might work for you. I don't think there would be any issues with the Old Testament book for a Methodist. The New Testament book would present issues for you (sacraments and papacy), but you might be able to switch to something else at that point.
  25. There are frequently 25% off sales, probably every couple of months. The big 50% off complete set sale through hsbc is only once per year.
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