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  1. So if my idiotic FB un-friend is correct and there are 66,000 child trafficking victims for each child who contracts covid, then I guess we have 6.4 billion child trafficking victims in the same amount of time. Excuse me, I need to go smash my head into the wall now.
  2. Well, I just got notified that my 96 year old grandmother tested positive after being briefly hospitalized for something unrelated last week. I could hardly stand to deal with these nuts before, but I was able to blow it off as "can't teach pigs to sing" and move on with my life. Now that it is personal and unlikely to end well I think I need to permanently cut contact so I don't physically hurt them when they tell me to do my "research" or to "wake up" and stop believing all the lies.
  3. I am finding that a very large percentage of local homeschoolers buy into the pseudoscience and conspiracy theories against masking and isolating. Needless to say, we are not attending even a simple outdoor activity with any other homeschool families. Last week someone from my homeschool group posted the stupid thing about masks helping out child traffickers. In it, it claimed that a child is 66,000 times more likely to be a trafficking victim than to contract covid. I pointed out the mathematical absurdity and was lambasted, with someone saying that whether I chose to believe it or not do
  4. I don't miss church. It is so much better on TV. I get to listen to a much higher quality homily. I don't have to drive through all the ridiculous construction in the area. Nobody is hacking all over the back of my head, I'm not inhaling third-hand smoke, and I don't have any nasty self-important jerks telling me the whole pew is saved for their family who isn't even on the property yet. And I don't have to maneuver the dangerous traffic pattern in the parking lot on my way out. I also don't miss having a neighborhood family constantly sending their kids over for me to watch and then
  5. We live on a corner lot. The biggest thing is that you need to landscape for privacy if you are going to use the side yard. If you have littles you need to also be a bit careful about cars whipping around the corner. Corner houses are statistically more likely to be broken into. Our house is designed with no doors or windows on the weak side. It sounds like you already have a house on the lot. If that is the case make sure there are good window locks plus the peg style security locks on the windows. If there is a door on the weak side be sure you buy the most security you can in the doo
  6. I hated Moby Dick, Wuthering Heights, and Jane Eyre.
  7. This is the method I always recommend when people post on here about how to teach blending. I never knew the proper terminology though. Usually the other posts on those threads say that the child is simply not ready and they should try again later waiting for a mysterious something to click. Nice to have a link and data to post the next time one of these comes up.
  8. I do. There's ample evidence to suggest that background knowledge is itself foundational for higher reading. It is just as important to me as what others call the skill subjects. I don't think you necessarily need to be formal about it, but I believe passionately that you should be purposeful about it.
  9. He's going to have the most search hits ever. I'm pretty sure everyone reading this just has to go see it now.
  10. I think there are some kids who are just going to hate it. I spent 2 years and a couple hundred dollars trying to find something my dd liked for math. (She recently tested in the 99.9 percentile for it, so it is not that she is confused or struggling.) After wasting a bunch of time and money I settled on CLE and she can just get it over with as quickly as possible. We've stuck with that for the last few years. I feel like I gave it a good try (finding something she liked) and we were approaching a state of coddling and entitlement. I'm hopeful that she might like high school math. I rem
  11. BFSU- I love this and I think it'd be really great since you have two kids working together. It does take some teacher prep and obviously you need to be involved in the lesson. If you're up to it, do this one! This recently came to my attention and I think I'm going to get it for my next kiddo to make implementing BFSU easier. MBTP-We use their LA and I looked at the science pretty extensively because I thought it be nice if they tied together. It seemed pretty shallow though, not more shallow than a standard public school textbook, but definitely more shallow than what I'm aiming for.
  12. The paragraph book series is designed for the situation you describe with the fifth grader. Many people find success with Apples and Pears for their struggling spellers. Personally, I would hit those really hard and pick grammar back up the next year. The younger could work through the Dancing Bears books for reading and do WWE/FLL.
  13. This one was recently posted on the accelerated board: https://scicurriculum.com/sci/
  14. From booksharks website, so yeah not exactly complete if you want secular. However, those topics are typically middle school. BookShark does not espouse or oppose any faith. Our Science and History programs do not teach evolution, creationism, or intelligent design theory. So BookShark may be better termed faith-neutral. BookShark leaves the teaching of the origins of life and matters of spirituality to the parents rather than promoting any particular viewpoint in the curriculum. Our faith-neutral curriculum allows families from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs to enjoy a well-planne
  15. Level E has the biology book from RS4K, whose author is a proponent of intelligent design. Some people have taken issue with the phrasing in her books. You will probably be able to find what it is by searching RS4K instead of Bookshark. Personally, when I read about the issue it seemed like the critics were being over-sensitive whine-babies. And in the context of using one book in one level of bookshark, shrug, I'm sure they are better off with bookshark than a standard grade level science textbook with its inch-deep, mile-wide s&s.
  16. Definitely take a look at the Story of Civilization series from Tan. We use it with lots of living books that are suggested in RC History.
  17. HTH. I am looking forward to starting the 7-9 level with my youngest this fall.
  18. There is a lot book about a parrot... Regular (high school/adult) version of young readers (grades 3-7) version. We also loved Beastly Brains.
  19. I have a spiral-bound book like that for DS's literature. I unbent the ends of the spiral binding, spun the coil out, and stapled it in small sections.
  20. Does the TE contain scheduling guidance and tests?
  21. You can check out a digital copy for one hour on internet archive. That is the only place I was able to find anything when I was deciding. https://archive.org
  22. Another thought is studies weekly for science and social studies. That might allay her fears about standards and keeping up. And although I think real books are ideal for elementary learning nobody knows it the library will be fully functioning in fall. Even if they are functioning, maybe it's not the greatest idea to be sharing books if they are trying to keep up a hard quarantine. https://www.studiesweekly.com/product/ I agree that math mammoth would be great for this situation. You might also want to take a look at Evan moor daily six trait writing in addition to those listed by W
  23. There is also moving beyond the page, which is secular and aligns to standards for many states. I really like the 7-9 age language arts. I haven't used the other subjects. https://www.movingbeyondthepage.com
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