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  1. A 9 turning 10 year old would have been in 4th grade when this article was written. California, and most of the US states have fall cut off dates. Usually most school districts prefer the kids to have had their birthdays before the school year starts. Which can vary from August to September. Very few places have December cut off dates. California used to. But that would have been right before this child entered school there.
  2. They say the guides will be online. However the practice books will not be.
  3. We do this with the addition of Challenging Word Problems. Up until somewhere in 4A or 4B we were doing the TB, WB, IP and CWP. The workbook was just overkill though. We have them for the 5s and 6s. So I can pull them out if we need more reinforcement. But I doubt I will use them.
  4. Why not just enroll her fully into AOPS Intro to Algebra. Or Pre Algebra online classes. The math would certainly her her for math competitions in the future. Now that I think about it, isn't there a math completion class at AOPS.
  5. Singapore, India, Philippines, What textbooks have you used so far? I am especially interested in good Australian ones.
  6. My son is going to become a neuroscientist and then go off to the local college. He doesn't want to be far from home.
  7. When I went to school in rural Queensland gifted education was non existent. I had a teacher who tried to implement it and I was in a pull out math class and a specialized composite class for one year. But the program only lasted that one year. Indigenous students however were given many advantages. They got free field trips I could never afford to go on. They got extra and differentiated class help. Special education was different back then too. I am not sure how much it has changed since I graduated in the late 90s.
  8. I think CLE is so different to AOPS that is it hard to make a fluid transition. I think your idea of supplementing with BA is a good option. A lot of people like to use a basic algebra program before doing AOPS algebra. I think if you could do CLE 700/800 then and BA 4/5 then move into AOPS Pre-A it will set your child up for more of a chance of success.
  9. I have 5/4 and 6/5 and the intermediate 3, 4, and 5. And Course 1. They are very similar. Even most of the written practice is identical. What tipped me to using the intermediate series is several things. The layout is much cleaner. And that is really helpful for my young son. Secondly the intermediate series has introduced problem solving at the beginning of the lesson. This was something that Saxon lacked for me, which made me prefer Singapore Math. I think it is a great addition to the Saxon program. But I also think that if a parent prefers the older books and doesn't like that part they could just cross it out. Likewise with the power ups and investigations. But frankly I think they are worth doing SWB recommends Friday be more of a real life math day. The Investigations cover this. Lastly the intermediate series has Adaptions workbooks and written practice books. These have been essential of my young son who detests writing. These are consumable books which allow him to do all his work in the book. This saves him time transferring problems and making mistakes. The only reason I would go with 5/4, 6/7 etc would be IF it were a cost issue and I really needed to save money. Otherwise I recommend the Intermediate series with all that they have added.
  10. This was an amazing and inspiring read! As someone said above, it does read like a story. And frankly my son would love to read a series about kid scientists who go through all that your son's went through. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to read the results. Yes I know this was over 4 years ago. Bravo!
  11. I am not sure if this helps but my Aussie year 8 (integrated, published by Oxford) Is akin to AOPS pre-algebra as far as topics covered. But this was back in the 90s. There has been a trickle down of difficulty since then. So I would say it is more like year 6 or 7. But AOPS is a very different to the program to how I learnt Maths. And to Pearson. Some grade 9 students in the US would struggle with AOPS pre-A. And some Grade 6 students would excel. I think if you are certain you want to go with AOPS, get is now. And then if it is too soon you can shelve it for a little.
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