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  1. Ahhh welcome to the life of an expat. I left the USA three years ago a die-hard leftism liberal with a hugh dollop of UN socialism schmeared over the top. I gave dh an ultimatum last week we have two years to return....I'm coming back as a red-state tea-party conservative with a side order of hardcore fundamental religion to boot. I can't hack socialist western Europe, I can't imagine Malaysia.
  2. Yes, you basically asked her "How old are you?", which is illegal if you were hiring her as a business. In fact you are hiring an independent contractor. And yes, I would be very offended if asked. This is something that is easily assessed with a personal meeting before the contract is written. I assume after weeding out the phone list you would have a "short" list of two or three people for an "intro" meeting. The other thing you should know is that the piano teacher that is right for your son now, as a beginner, is not the same teacher he will need after he has studied for 3-4 years, an
  3. Experienced seamtress here...You need to download that manual. There could be a dozen things that went wrong last night. Since it didn't come with a manual, I assume the machine is not new, but new to you. Have you had it serviced? After servicing the machine, find some inexpensive throw away cotton quilting fabric. Download that manual and learn how to use the machine. Make notes in the margins of your manual, ect. Get it to sew on that cotton fabric. If it doesn't work, go back to your service person....and repeat until you get it right. Then and only then use some leftover fleece and start
  4. You were on my mind last night. Prayer for peace and knowledge. All my best.
  5. First thought is IBC also. It is fast moving and deadly. Get yourself checked out and don't let the "Oh, it probably nothing." thought delay either you or your doctor. If it is nothing, you'll breathe a sigh of relief. If it is IBC, you cannot delay a moment.
  6. New Arrangement: Kitchen/Family Room – school room/ craft room/computer room/get your children’s library down here also – relatively toy free Laundry Room – Laundry only or Laundry and coat room with each person having a hook and a cubby for outdoor attire Living Room / Dining Room – toy free space, for Family games, family TV, or quiet reading, Bible study, use your dining room for eating family meals this leaves the kitchen table for school during the day. It should be an easy clean up area as the children are going to bed leaving it a kid free zone for you and hubby in the eve
  7. We now live in a country where restaurant staff make a decent wage and there is no tipping. You can sit for a long as you like whether you've spent 20Euros or 200Euros and I can tell you.... the service is routinely lousy. From the humblest restaurants to the Michelen stars, rude, lazy, and inattentive waiters are the norm. I vote for tipping any day.
  8. Mane n' Tail by Straight Arrow You used to have to buy it at your local tack shop, but the last time I purchased it it was at my local CVS/Walgreen/RiteAid. It's a leave in conditioner that is non-greasy. Here's what it looks like. http://www.straightarrowinc.com/products/personal/conditioner.asp
  9. Try this website: http://www.thedistrict.com/take_the_kids.cfm
  10. Your not going to like this, Entire family - no video games, TV, or computer time unless it is directly tied to school work. This is just standard practice for school time. All the boys need outdoor time either in chores or play with whatever free time they have. Boy 1: off the team for the season, hard manual labor for sassing you back under the direct supervision of his father (mine would be splitting wood, or digging ditches) and I would be at school sitting in a chair just outside the classroom door to ensure proper behavior in school. (with a large novel) There is no need to be pr
  11. If I were part of this group, as a secular homeschooler who wishes participate in a "don't ask, don't tell" situation and given the age of your child, I would expect the following from you. I would expect you to have an age appropriate talk with your child emphasizing that this is not the time or the place. I would also expect from you, as an adult, to say something to most or all of the moms. Something along the lines of ..."My child has had a week at VBS. He/She is very excited by the "share Jesus" message they recieved at VBS. Although, I have discussed and encouraged her/him do their
  12. Keep eating. As long as they are sealed, jams and jellies will be fine for two years. Past that taste declines. So make smaller batches next time and be aware of what you family consumes in a year.
  13. This is not a complete endorsment of the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, but The chicken stock recipe was a "life saver" in our house after tonsils and such. My son was on the verge of being readmitted and the usual doctor recommendations were not being accepted. After having his tonsils removed, my son refused to take any liquids at all. No water, no ice cream, no jello not a thing. It was 24 hours after surgury and he still refused a sip of any liquid. I was getting very worried. He was now listless and very sleepy. I had some of this broth but was saving it for the next day because it d
  14. Don't throw the buckled one away. Put it in the frig and make spaghetti sauce this week from it.
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