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  1. Wondering if it would be redundant to teach First Form after finishing Lively Latin. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for this. At first I read it and thought that I had done all of this, but then I reread it and realized that I had not been working with him at this level for some time. I have been so frustrated and burned-out with nagging this child to get his work done, that my emotions are definitely getting in the way. He is the oldest of 6dc, and I had hoped that he would be fairly independent at this point, but the reality is that he resents all my attempts to manage his time and yet he continues to try to get a weeks worth of work done the night before kind of kid. This has NOT been wo
  3. I would really like to hear some ideas and opinions from moms who have had similar experiences with their dc. Ds is a freshman this year and has little motivation to do his school work on a daily basis. He is in a tutorial that he LOVES and I give him several subjects to complete for me. The problem is this. He is a very bright kid that does not think that he has the willpower to do the work he needs to do when he feels like doing something else. I have talked to a number of successful parents of high schoolers and there seem to be two main camps. Those that recommend close monitorin
  4. I have had 5 births, six babies. My very BEST and most wonderful birth was my water birth. It was in a jacuzzi tub at a birth center attended by a midwife. It was my 40th bday and the difference between that birth and my others, which were some birth center and some hospital, was amazing. As someone else said, I had the jets on my back and that pressure helped a lot. The noise of the jets was a distraction and soothing. The water along with dim lighting, candles, etc. was relaxing and hubby was in the water with me. Did you know that you can wait until your body pushes the ba
  5. Honestly, my first thought is that she really sounds like a normal 10yo (sorry!). Our kids are born with a variety of strengths and weaknesses that is different for each child. Our job as parents is to discover those strengths and really support and build them up in those areas, and to be patient and forgiving with the weaknesses, remember that our own are also a struggle. The child that is so different from us is always the most difficult because we just cannot get WHY this child cannot be more like (fill in the blank). It is foreign to us and probably an area that comes naturally or
  6. If counselors, therapists, attorneys, etc. were required to report ALL illegal activity then no one would seek help or assistance.
  7. Yes this. I strongly believe that childrens' personality have much to do with this. We ended up having six dc and believe me, there is a vast difference in behavior that I end up with depending on who I have out with me in public. Same parents with the same house rules, but very different kids. The good result is that I do not tend to judge other people's parenting skills based solely on their kids' behavior (unless the parents are screaming or acting out with little self-control of their own). I have learned that the same kids who get the great compliments from strangers, in a
  8. I remember this being discussed on here a while back (when I really did not need it):glare: Now, I want to find out how to monitor my kids' cell phone - I think that there was a way to control when they use it, how to stop texts from going over a limit and ESPECIALLY allowing the parent to read the texts. Anyone have any experience in this? Thanks!
  9. You said that this is a long-term, close friendship. That the two of you are dear to one another. Those are rare, and not easily replaced. I understand your lonely feelings and it would sting to read of how seemingly wonderful and happy her life has been. But everyone has dark and desperate years. Your friend admits that she did not know how to reach out to you. Accept that she has that weakness, and then maybe you can recall all of the things about her, including your history together, that make her dear to you. If it were me, I would write her back an equally long letter probabl
  10. You are right that blood thinners are serious, BUT, they prescribe that because whenever your heart is out-of-rhythm for any length of time your stroke risk increases. That really scared me. I took the blood thinners, had a cardiac ablation and eventually needed to come off of the thinners because of side effects. I could do that because my pressure also is low, but my doctor keeps me on the low-dose aspirin to be safe. I hope that you will follow up your ER visit and find a good cardiologist to manage your care. Kim
  11. :iagree: I have to agree and I was having similar thoughts reading so many of these responses. Actually, they make me sad and apprehensive about getting older and having grandchildren. We also have 6 kids and when I think of how hard it is to always try to be just and fair with all of the kids, and they all still live with us, yikes! I get nervous trying to imagine how to keep all of them, their future spouses, all of the future grandchildren, etc. happy and feeling as if there are no favorites. Really, as I get older it is so much more obvious how our own insecurities, biases, and yes
  12. When I finally went to see my cardiologist I had a normal EKG, stress test and ultrasound. It was not until I wore the 24hr holter that he confirmed my atrial fibrillation. I would call your cardiologist and explain that your palpitations are constant and causing you anxiety. He may suggest that you go to the ER for a cardioversion to get them under control. I am sorry. That really is an uncomfortable feeling! Kim
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