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  1. If spanking is started early and continued until the child understands that he/she is to obey you and respect your authority as the parent then by 13, spanking shouldn't be necessary. Unfortunately, as a young parent, I fell prey to the whole "gentle discipline" .nonsense and by age 3, my DD was so.disobedient. Hubby and I finally woke up and realized where she was headed....and begin serious discipline....many, many spankings later at age 8, she finally is respectful and obedient 99% of the time. We started much earlier with our son and he is far better behaved than she was at age 2. I think we will be able to stop spanking him much earlier. The Bible is certainly correct when it says that sparing the rod spoils the child. I'm very thankful we learned that truth early rather than later. I wouldn't spank a 13 year old, but like the other poster said...I'd do some serious intervention.
  2. Thanks, everyone! I am seeing a chiropractor and as of right now, baby is right occiput anterior which is ideal for labor. But, baby is still floating although very low...so that may change. My midwife is very experienced with water births...she's practiced for 30+ years...never lost a baby or mom. She is very picky and refuses patients with known health risks. I trust her a lot. I've never heard of a baby being sick or unresponsive after a water birth. Babies don't breathe until the air hits them (called a dive reflex) so I'm not sure why there is a concern about baby breathing in the tub water. I will talk to her about that at my next appointment. Thanks again!!!!
  3. Thank you, ladies! Sounds like water birth is definitely something I should at least try :-) Thank you all for sharing your stories!
  4. Hi! I'm thinking through options for the birth of my third baby. My midwife is strongly encouraging a water birth. If you've had one, what do you think? Can you tell me some pros/cons? I've had two very long completely natural labors due to occiput posterior babies. Both babies did eventually turn, but not until very close to delivery so I had back labor almost the whole time. I don't really mind the long labors...had more time to build up endorphins...but, I'm wondering (if this baby is OP) would a water birth be more "comfortable" for me. I'm using the word "comfortable" loosely b/c I do realize that NO natural labor is "comfortable." :lol: Thanks!!!
  5. Hello! I currently workout 5 days/week...45 minutes of aerobics using the stair climber or elliptical trainer or incline walking and I do 20-30 minutes of weights. I am also 37 weeks pregnant. After having the baby, I plan to take off two weeks (if the delivery is normal!). However, my newest little one cannot stay in the YMCA nursery until 8 weeks old. SO, that means I will need to work out at home for 6 weeks. What are your suggestions for a good workout DVD? I've heard great things about Jillian Micheals. I do currently own Insanity, but I'm not really wanting to do that program due to all the jumping involved since I'll be nursing and that would not be very fun..haha So, I prefer a DVD w/ a good mix of cardio/toning and not a lot of jumping. I don't mind squats or lunges. And, I would like it to be pretty easy to follow. Thank you for any suggestions!!!
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a nice diaper bag that will last through at least two and possibly four more kids. I prefer somewhat neutral and no really wild patterns. And, preferably, I'd like it to be under $100. Any suggestions??? I've looked at Kalencome and Ju-Ju-Be. Thank you!!!
  7. I use tea tree oil in my cloth wipes solution in my wipes warmer....3 Tbs Castile soap, 1 Tbs olive oil, 1 drop tea tree oil, 2 drops lavender oil, 8 cups of water...smells great, works great, love it! Before I started using it in my wipes, they had a mildew smell after a few days...now they never mildew!
  8. I don't think there was anything ugly about the First Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims would have never survived that first year without the help of their Indian neighbors. They all met together to celebrate the great harvest. To me, it is a wonderful story. Our family really loves to listen to Radio Theater's presentation of "The Legend of Squanto" during the Thanksgiving season. It's excellent. You can find it on Amazon.
  9. Hi! Can anyone recommend any good Netflix or YouTube videos on the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World"? Or any on Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient India or Ancient Mesopotamia/Sumer? Thank you so much!
  10. Hi! I'm planning to use GtT with my DD who is your son's age. From what I've read in the manual, it looks like a perfect introduction to world geography. I don't think you have to be too strict at this age. I'm planning more of a fun approach for this year...plenty of time for a stricter approach in the older grades :-) Good luck deciding!
  11. I think that's the point...repeat the facts until they are mastered. It has helped my daughter tremendously in mastering her math facts. I didn't think it was too expensive for what you get. I ordered off Amazon with prime and got the CD with facts for addition, subtraction and multiplication. Give it a try...sure, it's boring, but it does work!
  12. Thank you, ladies!! Yes, please do, down the rabbit hole! Thank you!
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