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  1. I have prepped 2 small pans of lasagna….won’t be needed before Sunday, but maybe Monday. Freeze it? Or leave it in spare fridge which rarely gets opened… If I freeze it, it will need to be thawed in fridge as I need to use my toaster oven, twice to bake it. That will take another 24 hours… One has spinach and one doesn’t…picky eaters and all that…
  2. We have a “guest” room for our out of state visitors. At first I would borrow a pak n play when my grandkids would visit, but as the number of grand kids grew and came in batches of two,or three a year, we bought a used one for our guest room, that was up all the time. Our youngest granddaughter is now 2 and lives nearby, but rarely would actually nap in thr pak n play. She preferred someone to hold her, or she went home. We also had a blow up bed with a pillow and cover attached. It was loved ! I would wait and see what kind of Nappers your grandkids are, getting some input from their Mom. But if a pak play works best, You can find them easily on Craigslist. Just be sure to not buy some off brand. PakNplay brand go up and down easily. Another thought, some paknplay set ups include a diaper changing attachment that is quite handy!
  3. Costco can handle this. I just ordered some complicated reading glasses..no issues. I do have astigmatism. They do guarantee the glasses if they are not right. They will reorder them. My son had contacts that were not right, after three orders, they fully refunded his money. Eventually he gave up on contacts as several places could not make them for him to be comfortable wearing them. Therefore, I assume it was never Costco's fault. My son just couldn't tolerate that kind of lense.
  4. Love cooking on gas...hate cleaning a gas stove. During a remodel, we went with glass top stove. No regrets.
  5. Amazing! So encouraging, thanks for sharing. Just a comment on your push-ups. I don’t know this program at all . I have been working with a personal trainer who is all about adapting and meeting you where you are. Getting up and down off the floor are rediculously hard for me, so I do most of my workouts standing. Have you tried push-ups on a bar? Obviously I am working out in a gym (actually it’s small and In His garage...) where he has equipment, but I can do them at home on the back of a sofa, or a counter top.
  6. Pork chops baked with “cheesy” potatoes. I made it often when I was raising my family. I no longer eat this way, so the actual printed recipe is long gone, but I found this online. https://www.thespruceeats.com/pork-chop-and-hash-brown-bake-3059383
  7. Collagen, no flavor and she can put it in her morning coffee, or stir it into whatever soup, cottage cheese, etc. Bone broth to sip on. Good quality protein drink, like Core Power, Fairlife Nutrition plan, etc. There are better ones, but I don't have names in front of me.
  8. Because I am a seamstress and using my sewing shears would have been ..well, not good thing to happen, I bought dollar store scissors and gave one to each of my kids when they were old enough to keep track of it. Several years I found a very nice set of three at Costco. They go on sale for $7.50 several times a year. My kids have married and moved on and I ow have scissors in my kitchen, my office and my sewing room. I miss my kids. 😊
  9. My DIL does mine. She is short and climbs on counters to reach things when she is 8.5 months pregnant. The window over the sink doesn’t even slow her down.
  10. Apples and onions, sliced. salt and pepper. apricot jam with bbq sauce honey and equal parts water, little bit of apple cider vineger, minced garlic, salt and pepper. Thicken with corn starch when they’re done
  11. I have cellular shades in a bay window (2 sides with one large picture window). I have valances across the top and floor length panels on each end. They are sheer with some light embroidery on them. They wash easily and I hang them up wet. They are purely for decoration.
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