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  1. When mine were just starting out, I chose the menu. Eventually, they could cook what they wanted after checking for ingredients. A family favorite came out of one of those nights! some kids need more direction, some can totally plan and carry thru. It doesn’t even connect with age, more with how willing and interested they are. BTW, hotdogs and chips would not necessarily be a complete menu.
  2. Chiropractor. It could be as simple as ribs need adjusting.
  3. Maybe look for a softer, less harsh bulb for the fluorescent fixture. I believe my husband has said dimmers are NOT good for those kind of fixtures...he’s a plant engineer...
  4. This week received two gifts and a Christmas card. Christmas card was mailed December 11th. The back flap,of the envelope was just tucked in. Envelope was kind of crumpled. Gift card slot was empty. It is totally probably that the gifter didn’t realize it was a gift card slot and never actually put one in the card and therefore none was stolen... but ...
  5. We share income 100%. This check went towards our $12,000 termite repair bill this summer. We didn’t expect to get it, but we were thankful when it showed up.
  6. I have been using Corelle for my entire marriage..45 years. I had winter frost white for 30 years or so, and switched to the Enhancements a while ago. I love that you can fit a lot of dishes in a small space, they easily load in my Bosch, and they are lightweight for my arthritic hands. I could not easily handle heavy dishes anymore. Yes, we have broken a few in 45 years and chipped a few. Mostly I was bored with my first set, so I went with the newer design. The two plain white sets are pretty classic and there have always been replacement pieces readily available to replace or add t
  7. Bar keepers friend in the spray bottle. I also have Norwex cleaner with a spiri sponge. I think th BKF is easier. I spraynit on and walked away for 15 mins or so. Occasionally I do use the Norwex spiri sponge if something spilled and burned.
  8. I have the mid waist slim leg and the straight leg version with the tiny zipper at the waist. I don’t think they stretch out when wearing. I wear the straight leg for dressier outings and the slim leg for most of at home life. This fall I bought a pair of the stretch jeans. The waistband in those is much larger and I am contemplating taking them apart and taking some elastic out.
  9. I wish I could say yes, but alas, the issue is not with the pants.
  10. Our insurance agent told us that if the Neighbors tree fell on our garage we would have to turn it in to our insurance, but they would likely go after the neighbors insurance as well.
  11. My husband has been 100% involved in the whole process for years. We make our lists, do the shopping and the wrapping together. We have a family of 23 with kids and grands. All but three have birthdays between August and February. We start early and have it done and ready to wrap by Thanksgiving. I do have to say we do most of our shopping at Costco and Amazon. 😁
  12. It’s very true. My neighbors daughter tested positive and was induced two days later with high blood pressure. Baby ended up in NICU and she didn’t see him for about two weeks. I have no idea if baby issues was because of covid or not, I didn’t ask. Hubby was able to spend time with baby when Mom’s symptoms eased. She has been admitted back to the hospital twice since his birth for preeclampsia...high blood pressure and heart racing. Everyone is home together now, but grandparents have stepped in to help with the older kids, and they are also recovering from Covid. Grandpa was hospitalized sa
  13. Empty nesters here wrestling with the same decisions. Currently we are just purging and waiting for hubby to decide to retire, which could be in the next six months. We are thinking the next place will be much smaller and likely no room for overnight guests. Since I have several,hobbies that take space (sewing and scrapbooking) even a two bedroom place. seems small to me. How do I do those things and an office in one space. Scrapbooking won’t be a huge thing, as I a, completing most projects I wanted to do. But I can’t give up my sewing just yet. huge family gatherings (there are
  14. It can be done quite easily! I walked away from popcorn to check drink orders..there were flames 2 feet high when I got back to the kitchen. Lots of smoke damage. We moved a few years later. My neighbor told me his wife had a kitchen remodel twice due to popcorn fires.
  15. We removed all sofits and put in cabinets all the way to the ceiling. I keep a step stool handy for the top shelf, but I only put things up there I don’t use often. Thin key cabinet by the back door as you come in or leave. Holds keys, stamps, receipts etc. One of the ones I saw when I was planning my kitchen, had a metal sheet on the inside of that door for magnets...notes etc. The upper corner cabinet over the dead corner..has three solid wood shelves, but each has a wood turn table on them. I can tuck less used items in the sides. It is over th toaster/convection oven, so t
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