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  1. My DIL does mine. She is short and climbs on counters to reach things when she is 8.5 months pregnant. The window over the sink doesn’t even slow her down.
  2. Apples and onions, sliced. salt and pepper. apricot jam with bbq sauce honey and equal parts water, little bit of apple cider vineger, minced garlic, salt and pepper. Thicken with corn starch when they’re done
  3. I have cellular shades in a bay window (2 sides with one large picture window). I have valances across the top and floor length panels on each end. They are sheer with some light embroidery on them. They wash easily and I hang them up wet. They are purely for decoration.
  4. 6’ 4 “ size 13 shoes. His wife is a very short (she’s not petite, just short) 5’ 2”
  5. Good idea, but it’s my office and scrapbooking room.
  6. I covet your closet. Mine have custom organizers in them, that I designed, but not in any way shape or form big enough. Can I admit I was glad when the last kid moved out from his bedroom next to mine so I could use his closet?
  7. Dreamergal....Put a counter in there, like an island in your kitchen. Handy when packing,,,store your suitcases in there. I would put drawers in the island if you don’t already have one..there would be no dressers in my bedroom if I had Thst size closet!
  8. Peacock is a new streaming channel we found on ROKu. on ther we found Escape to the Chataeu. We were hooked 15 mins into the first episode. British couple, and their 2 children, buy and updates a French chateau .
  9. I almost always buy large containers. I refill my small containers (sometimes I have to buy a cheap slice at the dollar store just for a new containers ) and FREEZE the originals.
  10. Married for 45 years and counting. We didn’t get a lot of gifts that were around more than 5 years...towels, sheets , Knick knacks I never wanted..wierd stuff. I got a crock pot I had until about 5 years ago. Corelle dishes Have changed patterns, but still all white...few pieces from the original set . Really I can’t think of anything still in use here. However, I do have a cookie jar from my Mom that was a wedding gift in ....1953!
  11. Yes, this is happening to us right now. There has been some help from the state, but one tenant is still months behind. Our hands are pretty tied to do anything but ride it out for now.
  12. I wen thru this two years ago. I had two,polyps, one was degrading and that was the cause of the bleeding. I did have a procedure, hysteroscopy I think it was called,to,remove them but everything was fine and has been fine since.
  13. When mine were just starting out, I chose the menu. Eventually, they could cook what they wanted after checking for ingredients. A family favorite came out of one of those nights! some kids need more direction, some can totally plan and carry thru. It doesn’t even connect with age, more with how willing and interested they are. BTW, hotdogs and chips would not necessarily be a complete menu.
  14. Chiropractor. It could be as simple as ribs need adjusting.
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