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  1. We did a tour of the engineering department of local college when my son was 11 or 12. He wanted to sign up that day a get started as he knew he would want to study all areas of engineering. His father is non degreed engineer and works in production facilities with responsibilities for maintenance support, mechanical support, new builds, utilities, environmental, CAD, etc, so it makes sense our son was interested in everything. When he graduated he no longer was sure of specific field except he loves computers. After a year of college he took a few years to goof off, work, drive a fancy car, start up his own computer repair business, get married and have a child. When he did end up back at school he excelled and graduated with a degree in computer engineering and a huge resume. He is doing very very well.
  2. My DH had the same thing happen. It’s the deodorant ! His shirts are nice and white since switching to Toms of Maine.
  3. My husband uses the toms of Maine, most of the time he’s just fine. He tries to,go,without on weekends to give his body a break, and we’ll, sometimes he is chopping wood and we’ll, yeah, don’t stand near him. I had had the same reaction Lexi did. Burning armpits is no fun. I gave up.
  4. I Mix PB2 into it. ( peanut butter powder) Fage brand is my current favorite.
  5. We don’t live remotely close to extended family. I asked myself these questions when These types of occasions came up, (grads and weddings)do we want to know about those cousins events in their life? Did we get announcements when they graduated? Someone has to keep communication open. Everyone can decide for the self whether or not to send a card or a gift.
  6. My oldest had one spotting episode at 10or 11 but then didn’t really begin her period for several more years.
  7. I often think these kind of questions should come with an age attached to them. yes, I pack his lunch. He doesn’t cook, and I don’t mow the lawn , if you know what I mean. And we are both good with that. I do not get up at 5:30 am to get it together. The coffee is on a timer, often he gets that ready, and the lunch is usually leftovers sitting in the fridge. Add some fruit, some yogurt, maybe some banana bread or biscotti and he’s good to go. My mom packed my dads lunch and I’m sure my Mil packed my Fil’s lunch. my kiddoes and their spouces are kind of all over the map with this. Some do, some don’t, some days they do, some days they don’t. Some husbands cook and some of the wives mow the lawn. Everyone needs to do what works for their family. If he dies before me, I’m getting a lawn service.
  8. Birkenstock, specifically their birko-flor patterns are cute. And the “regular” width is a wide width. Birkis, Pappillo, Betula are all Birkenstock footbeds with different uppers. softfootbeds are really nice
  9. If it was my phone, I would assume that it’s working and I inadvertently turned off. I would have my husband or my son look at it and get it turned back on. but that’s just me. Lol
  10. Ah, I pray it all works out. Mpls has “golf” carts that can move faster than you can walk. Might want to hop on one. They also have people flat escalators. If you use those and walk while they are moving, you can make a better time getting from point A to point B. We were on a delayed flight to Chicago I think, with connection to Hawaii. Big trip! My oldest son said, Dad, I’ll get mom there and our carry on luggage, you stand up when the doors open and RUN! Hubby got there just as they were ready to close the door. He begged them to keep the doors open. They grumbled, but waited for the rest of us. Closed the doors and we sat there for half an hour. Can you see my eyes rolling?..
  11. I got a drew things thanks to both of you.I did find the gnocchi! A little high in carbs for me, but maybe a few as a side will be fine. Fontina cheese is delicious ! I am having a well deserved snack of raw veggies and cheese while I get caught up on email . Thursday is a long day of meetings, appointments and shopping all over town. I was thrilled to find a frozen bottle of water for under 50cents to add to my refrigerator bag. It allowed me to add a couple of frozen items I otherwise would not have been comfortable leaving in my car for the next couple of hours.
  12. I am going to TJ tomorrow. Anything I should be looking for? i am going to look for cauliflower pizza crusts.
  13. Well, I made one and kept it real simple. I made a comment in the group I am helping to set up. I just used one of the blue comment colors, and typed the name of my group into the comment, same as if I was saying Hally Birthday or whatever. I then Did a screenshot of the whole page. I cropped the page photo to the size I wanted....and made it my background photo. Nothing fancy, but it worked.
  14. I believe you could use the carrots in a carrot cake recipe. salmon, I make an amazing salmon loaf. It requires whipping the egg whites, but makes it light and fluffy. Since you have the peas, I would make a white sauce, add the peas at the very last minute, well drained of course, and serve it over the salmon patties or salmon loaf. They can be added to about any casserole, however they are so well cooked that I would do it very last minute if at all possible. Leftover steak usually becomes steak steak salad here. Or hash. I like serving applesauce with hash.
  15. Cuisinart . Costco carries them , usually 89.00 or 99.00. Mine is almost 10 years old and we use it daily.
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