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  1. I am so sorry. We have had a similiar summer. $ 12,000 in termite damage and repair. Thankful for some extra income due to stimulus checks, Saturday pay due to DH job being busy once restaurants opened up....
  2. We flew twice in August. Delta flew a larger plane than we typically get for that flight. Middle seat was open. United did not leave the middle seat open. Delta gave us a ziplock bag with a bottle of water and a snack. United handed out bottled water, no snack. Both airplanes seemed cleaner than usual.
  3. Tupperware will give a replacement equal to the size you have, but it will be in a current product. I will guess that they will offer you modular mates that is the same size or capacity. ( 4 cup canister equals a 4 cup modular mate) I doubt they will offer replacements for the pieces that aren’t cracked. Call them (1-800-tupperware). Have their website open on you computer or tablet so you can look up at what they are offering. They are very patient while you do that. They do have some ability a different container. You will need the info on your containers. If there is a number on
  4. I bought an upright freezer a few years ago and it’s been th best thing. spices in thr door. boxes labeled for 1/4 beef...steaks, roasts, stew etc. chicken and pork share a shelf Last shelf is staples like flour, oats, and bread.
  5. Applesauce is easily made in the crockpot, and then yiu can freeze it for later.
  6. Lands End Starfish thanks to this board. I sew my own tops but they are similar to the Old Navy Jersey swing dresses. I occasionally buy a Old Navy swing dress and shorten it to a long tunic length.
  7. We got them on vacation several years ago. It was several weeks before we figured it out. The suitcases were in an adjacent bedroom closet by then. we stripped our room, washed everything and treated with a bug bomb. I don’t recall what we did with the suitcases. That took care of it for us. .we never had another issue.
  8. I would keep going with what you have, but cut back on the amount of grounds. I use 1 Tbls per two cups of water for most brands of coffee. I do use more with blends or lighter roasts. 2 Tbls per two cups of water for me requires cream...
  9. Yes! 4 of us girls who went to school from Kindergarten on, married guys that we started dating our senior year. ( a very long time ago). Several of the guys went thru elementary together, the other two guys became friends in high school. One of the girls and I were neighbors and went to kindergarten together, the same class my husband was in. ♥️ We see them as often as we can, but since we live in a different state , it’s not often. We do keep in touch. Some of them see each other weekly. There are several more I keep up with only on Facebook.
  10. I’ve been using Anker brand for years. They hold up well.
  11. We recently flew Delta and a week later United. Both airlines cleaned the planes between flights, and both handed out sani wipes as we boarded and collected them within a few minutes. Both airlines boarded first class, military, etc first but the rest of us boarded the back of the plane first and deplaned from the front a row at a time. It was the least chaotic boarding I have ever experienced. United only gave out small bottles of water, nothing else. Delta was handing out small ziplock bags with small bottle of water, cookies , and sani wipes. I actually felt safer and cleaner o
  12. I got a crock pot for a wedding present 45 years ago next month. I used it a ton! It is my favorite tool in thr kitchen. I finally had to retire it snd I now have a Ninja. I can brown the meat in it and then add the rest of the ingredients and walk away. Even tho there are just two of us, it gets used many times a month. I do roasts, chicken breast, pork loins, and lots of soups, which I refer to as planned over meals.
  13. Our very current experience with a break, is my Grandaughter's a week ago. An avulsion break was DX in the ER the day it happened. She was given a boot and told she could walk on it as long as she had the boot on. Yesterday she saw the Ortho ( one week after the accident). Bruising is severe all the way to her knee, and there is still swelling. They have ordered a CT a scan as they are concerned about ligament damage, which would require surgery. In the mean time, she has been put in a cast with no weight bearing, and instructions for rest and ice. Anymore, I wouldn't hesitate to
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