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  1. Lots of ideas on Pinterest. Search how to decorate low cabinet. Scroll til you start seeing your size cabinet. There were several with lamps. If you can get a taller lamp, I think it would look better or maybe a floor lamp next to it. One photo had a lamp with three smaller plants.. low maintenance plants like Mother in law tongue. Maybe put a stack of nice boxed games, puzzles or books on the other side. Large mirror above , maybe mixed in with other photos. A largish vase with seasonal fake flowers. Lots of them had decorative pillows . Another thought I had was to put some taller legs or a wood/metal frame under it to make it taller and then you go do candlesticks or a lantern.
  2. We have been discussing retirement, possible different employment later vs full on SS..and this come up as advice my friend who is an insurance broker but specializes in Medicare. I was surprised it’s an option, but it is one they counsel people on all the time.
  3. I have the Ninja cooking system. I love the metal liner as the crock ones are too heavy for me...arthritis. i also like thst I can use it as a stove top. That means I can brown the burger and onions or whatever in the pot before adding the rest of the ingredients and turning the dial to slow cooking.
  4. I am quite sure there better ways to do this, it this is what I do. Using Quicken, I figure out what I need to save for taxes, insurance, etc. I divide that up by paychecks and do a hold for taxes, insurance, etc. The money looks like it is spent, but it in my account. It is tedious to go back and delete those holds when I need the money,and if I knew more about Quicken, I could do this differently I am sure, but it works for me.
  5. My daughter shops for Insta cart, but only shops. No delivery. She only shops at her assigned store and has hours , but it it’s pretty flexible. a friend shops and delivers for Shipt at Meijer stores. She does all the shopping and the delivery. She gets messages on her phone when they have orders. I am not sure if she does any scheduled hours or if thst is how they work. Interesting is she can shop wherever they offer shipt. So if she is visiting family in another state, she can do shipt shopping there too.
  6. Thm is Trim Healthy Mamma. I buy Monkfruit sweetener at Costco. Swerve is another brand I have purchased at local stores or from Amazon. I have used the powdered and brown sugar version of Swerve. I don’t have any bags at the moment,, it’s all in Tupperware. Mostly I use the Thm blends. It is not an exact science when swapping out sweeteners inplace of sugar. Start with less and add more as needed. Monkfruit is said that be equal , meaning using the same amount, but I find it not as sweet, which is ok for most things. Not overly helpful, sorry. It’s a learning curve for sure. While I agree whole heartedly that honey and probs lay maple syrup are the best natural sweeteners out there, I am trying avoid diabetes, and keeping my A1c down means low glycemic sweeteners, if any at all. I don’t bake much anymore.
  7. Xylitol, monk fruit, erythritol are all natural sweeteners. I prefer a blend rather than any one. My source is THM if anyone is interests. Aspartame, sucralose,sweetnlow, etc are artificial and stay away from those.
  8. Chia pudding. THM recipe Almond milk, stevia, vanilla , Glucomannan (thickener but helps with blood sugar) chia seeds and berries. overnight in the fridge. Full recipe for breakfast or half for a snack.
  9. On your back, knees and arms up. You look like a dead bug. You thr . Alternate arms and legs out...right arm with left leg, and the. Left arm with right leg. Works your core.
  10. Thank you for your thoughts. I agree, BP meds can be no big deal (I ve been on a mild one for years) but my hubby will likely not ever unless dr insists he is in the verge of a stroke. Thankfull his only slightly elevated. I think it has to do with stress, reaching retirement age, but not settled about what he should do. He disagrees ...and so we go on.
  11. Do you have a snap fitness near you? We found them when our gym closed suddenly. There was a groupon so we joined for 33.00 for three months. I can not speak for all of them, but our membership included a session with a trainer. It was to familiarize you with the gym and them with you. Their classes are free, but, not right for me. i started mostly on machines, but am now doing mostly free weights, and floor stuff. I think the best advice is to get a trial at a couple of gyms and see what the atmosphere is and what works for you. We thought we liked our first gym , which was local owned, but Snap is sooo much better! 2nd, do some training to find out what your weak spots are. Example, hubby is very strong, shoulders, arms etc, but since working with trainer and working small muscles doing chair squats , arm band workouts, dead bugs, planks, etc, he is strengthening his core , glutes, etc.
  12. We already use it in dressings, but we don’t eat salad everyday , never mind twice a day as the Dr wants him to. my hubby has many adverse reactions to meds and in general is very anti meds. Just his personality. I will check into the tea. Our Dr is very much about using lifestyle and diet changes and natural supplements . He says he has seen Results from folks taking ACV. So we want to try it.
  13. I am not sure there is a better tasting one, but is there a brand you prefer? Hubby’s blood pressure is slightly elevated. He is a very healthy weight and we go to the gym three times a week, one of those times with a trainer. Our diet is pretty good as I am continuously on a weight loss journey and he eats what I eat. Therefore Dr is concluded it’s age related and not lifestyle. DH wants to try to lower it by using ACV and not meds, But is having a hard time with his stomach. He does mix it with Apple juice and grapefruit juice. any-other “recipes” that are better? Thanks
  14. Chicken Divan. No specific recipe as some use mayo and lemon (my favorite) and some use cram soups. Just find one that looks good and fits your lifestyle. I do put a layer of rice in the bottom of the pan to make it a more complete meal. Turkey/chicken tetrazzini is a true freezer meal. I have often made this for other families when a meal is needed.
  15. I haven’t seen it at Costco, but here’s my thought. Around here we have many stores under different names that get merchandise from Costco and Sams and sell it at a discount. It is discontinued, out of season, open box merchandise. Several of them are a benefit store for Christian schools and the kids are part of the staff. Maybe you can find one of those stores?
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