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  1. I use it a lot. It’s in th cupboard next to my salt and pepper shakers. I have recipes but easiest way is to,use it as seasoning. eggs, popcorn, pork chops, add it to soups, etc.
  2. I think it’s a good time to set up some good plans for how to handle money. Have some good conversations about planning and having goals. Possibly open a savings account at the bank. At that age I would have them set aside maybe 50% for long term goals, set aside some for giving, and the rest was pocket money. At that point they could choose to spend pocket money however they wanted, but we started asking them to pay some expenses like birthday gifts for friends parties, (didn’t happen often) roller skating events, etc. We still covered all living expenses, clothes. Etc. On occasion they wanted clothing or something that was more expensive than we were willing to spend, they could choose to pay the difference.
  3. I had bought a case of Costco brand in February , which lasts us at least 6 months. I started looking the end of May, and Costco had a plethora of Charmin, but nothing else. Costco brand was finally in stock the middle of June, online, still not in our store. i caved and bought it online and paid the 2.00 more. So,I have a case plus a couple rolls in each bathroom.
  4. Frustrating as it is, Shipt shoppers have access to the shelves too. I know of someone who was posting regularly she has clorox wipes she is picking up while shipt shopping. (Meijer) Yes, she was called out on it .
  5. I can’t find th binoculars I bought my husband for Father’s Day. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  6. I am grandparent of 13, ages 1 year to 16. I was stilling homeschooling and parenting when I became a grandparent. I still had legos, tinker toys, gears, wood puzzles, but no baby toys. legos by far get the most attention. Gears are played with a fair amount. Everyone loved/loves the older wood puzzles their parents played with. A few were purchased on a field trip to a puzzle factory where the Judy Clock was made! Wish I had kept that. i only have three girls, the rest are boys. Barbies, Carebears, cabbage patch dolls, etc had already been given to my daughters, so there is none of that here. toys change, old tinker toys don’t play well with the new versions, so,we just recently donated those. Even Legos,change. Mine are all older, so very much lack of color as compared to new ones. Grands do enjoy playing with medieval set we bought when we were doing medieval history. And Star Wars stuff! Sheesh, keep all of that! etch a sketch, another oldie but goodie. We had several electronic toys, speak and spell, a math one and a music one. The only one left is the music one. Noise makes me nuts, but grands love it. Baby and toddler toys were found at garage sales and as time went on. My oldest daughter donated many toys from her play room as her kids outgrew them.
  7. At the peak of menopause my DH used to ask me “who won the fight “ during the night. Now I a, more often cold than hot. I have several wonderful, herb smelling rice bags that I heat in the microwave for those nights I am freezing when I go to bed.
  8. We bought 4 houses so far in our married life....none of them new , several of them were 50 to 75 years old, and all needed work. My husband can do anything, from new roofs, to plumbing to electrical and everything in between. Yes, I am blessed. We have never had a project spiral out of control, even in our very old houses. Have your friend check it out to see if it really is solid and then decide how much you want to tackle. I am thinking without your husband’s income in the approval from bank, that might mean some flexibility in being able to hire a contractor to do some of the more technical work, like electrical . You can learn how to paint and even install flooring if you are motivated enough. in my mind the bigger question is how long will it take to get the work done and can you live with it in the mean time.
  9. Yes you will! My 4 are all married, and the oldest 2 grandkids are recently employed with their first summer jobs. There are moments I just sit back and enjoy watching it all, but they all know we are here for them and the grandkids any time. I have earned my gray hair, every single hair.
  10. Short term, what about those stair chairs for getting him upstairs to the shower.
  11. One more thought, since you went to urgent care today, I have been advised to not do ER the same day. insurance will often pay only for one but not both. Sorry about your hand. It sounds painful!
  12. When I was growing up, we had neighbors who built their house with the kitchen in the basement. . Knotty pine finished room, I don’t remember a window. The main floor had a living room and bedrooms , probably a bathroom, but I don’t recall. It worked for them and was very cool in the summer. The first house my husband and I bought had a tiny kitchen, with no cabinetry as it was basically a room you entered from outside and then went downstairs or left to the living room. It had a scute small bump out for a dining area, but cooking was rediculous. My mom told me many times to move the kitchen downstairs like our neighbors. Yeah, no thanks. I lived with it for 5 years, then moved on.
  13. Have you heard of Laird products? FLAVCITY guy says they are the best. Amazon carries them and some Costco’s. I have not tried them.
  14. Yes, for all the reasons you mentioned. Occasionally, I will read the last chapter to put a closure on it for myself. I feel the same way about movies and series on Netflix, or whatever. I/we start it and if it is not worth our time, we move on,
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