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  1. I am only on Chapter 8 of SOTW 3. So you are leaps and bounds ahead of us. I just couldn't rush through the Renaissance last year...too many artists, etc. We spent the first two months finishing SOTW 2. I figure we will continue history well into the summer as we always do. I will admit that it does "stress" *me* out that I'm not moving faster. We just can't seem to help it. It's all due to that blasted awesome supplementary reading list. It is nice to hear others are taking their time as well. I figure I give the state our time on Social Studies standards. So what if we ramble through *our* history cycle? It's our favorite subject! I'm learning so much myself! Cheers! Julie in Monterey
  2. I know, I know a crazy title for a post. But... I'm wondering if anyone knows of a Netflix type of service that just has educational videos. I remember some years ago of hearing of a company that went out of business. Seems like an awesome idea with all of us homeschoolers out here. Do you know of anything? We've exhausted our library and the neighboring communities library holdings. Thanks in advance! Julie in Monterey
  3. This could be the info that you need. Julie in Monterey
  4. It looks complicated but it makes a ton of sense! My dd loved the silly paragraphs and pictures. It was the ticket for reading confidence. You will most likely need something to follow up with as it only goes so far. Julie in Monterey
  5. I'm sorry I can't find my download cord but it looks very similar to both images that have been sent already. Here I was feeling very "behind" this year in our history study and so many of us seem to be right at that spot as well. It's so hard for me to quickly go through each chapter. We end up spending lots of time with all the additional reading. Anyone else in this boat? I figure we will just keeping up the history through the summer. Julie in Monterey
  6. Both my kids love listening to these over and over again. I have them listen ahead of time, I read the chapter and explain and then we listen again in the car. That's in addition to the crazy amount of times dd listens to it on her IPOD. It's money well spent! Julie in Monterey
  7. I had an old copy of Phonics Pathways which we used for awhile. It quite dry to that didn't hold interest long. It did help stretch those skills a bit further. If a friend has a copy, it may be worth borrowing. What we really like are the Explode the Code series. Your child should be ready for about book 2 or 3. They have silly pictures, writing, matching, etc. It mixes it up and keeps the kids engaged. We are now on book 4 1/2 and reading chapter books. It should like your child needs a bit more confidence to keep the ball rolling. We felt the same way and ETC and PP did the trick. I asked the same question about six months ago. Julie in Monterey
  8. Our local public school teaches this and I've switched over this year to it for my oldest who is in 3rd grade now. She is still working on cursive. I started with it for my youngest 5.5 yearrs and she loves all the curls at the end of most letters. Her handwriting is great and I understand it's a super easy transition to cursive. Check it out, it may be just what you are looking for. Scott Foresman puts out some good basic D'Nealian handwriting workbooks. Julie in Monterey
  9. If it's not legible, then continue happy or not. I consider it a life skill. This is your chance to teach it and have it done the right way. Research which cursive style you'll teach, learn it yourself and give your dc plenty of practice. It takes something like 2000 times to make it automatic (I made up that number but you get my idea). Julie in Monterey who wishes her teachers would have insisted upon better handwriting
  10. I started third grade with Rod and Staff and it was toooooo much repitition for both of us! We now use EG and supplement with Rod and Staff. I go through and pick what to do. We always do the diagramming and I would say about 30-40% of the remaining. I will admit most of that is done orally or straight into the book. Rod and Staff requires a ton of handwriting. If you can afford both, I think it's a perfect combo....for us. Julie in Monterey
  11. We always have a crate in the car filled with on topic library books. With your Kinder kids, great picture books and exciting non fiction like DK books on bugs, castles, etc. The other thing that has worked for us (we drive to AZ a couple times of year....11 hour car ride) is a clipboard for each child with a pen/ pencil tied on a string. You can do a tracing wipe off board of letters, etc. The other thing in long books on tape that they might not otherwise sit for. A great one or two to start with is Ralph S. Mouse or Charolette's Web. I've even once or twice brought along the portable DVD player and checked out nature videos from the library. You can accomplish quite a bit on the go. Good luck and enjoy! Julie in Monterey
  12. Hi there! How exciting for you and your family! Looks like you are basically already home schooling from all the curriculum in your signature. Many folks have given such wonderful sound advice. The only other thing I have to offer is to set yearly goals and write them down somewhere. Break them down into quarters and then monthly, weekly. When you feel like you are not accomplishing what you want to be, look at those goals again. Chances are you are trying to fit in as much as you can (usually too much) . It's almost like because you have the freedom to choose what you want to teach that you should have the time to teach it all. The reason I brought up year round is that it works for many families. You could be deliberate and relaxed with your goals/schedule knowing that you may not get it all in during a traditional school year but with a longer year or year round, it all works out. We school year round because we like to travel a lot. This way I can be relaxed about the amount of school we do on the road. Besides, as you know, home schooling is a way of life, you just don't turn it off. As far as negative comments, most people want to know why you home school and if you like it. A response as, "it really fits our family, we just love it!" or "it's the educational option that makes most sense for our children, they are thriving at home". Most people can't continue down a negative path after that. I have found that negativity comes out if you make it about the choice they didn't make. Keep coming here for support. This is such an awesome resource. It's gotten me through 4 years of home schooling. Julie in Monterey
  13. This is a wonderful movie. I haven't met anyone who hasn't enjoyed it. Julie in Monterey
  14. I am way more inspired now. It's fun seeing all the other school rooms. Dh and I went to IKEA today for further inspiration. The kids are thrilled to have a room that can be called their schoolroom. Thank you for all of the ideas. If I missed your space, please share with us. Peace! Julie in Monterey
  15. I've just received the most wonderful holiday gift. Dh is finishing the basement and will be handing it over to me to make into a schoolroom. I am beside myself. We currently work out of the kitchen which has it's benefits and draw backs. I've been searching archives for hours trying to find previous posts with photos of some of your schoolrooms to inspire me. Truth be told, there are to many posts with the keyword schoolrooms. I haven't been successful at all. It could be due to the fact that it is in the middle of the night and I'm tired. Anyhoo, if you have time to share, I would be delighted to take a peek into your schoolroom. Also, if there is anything that you just love or really would love to have. He'll be building 4 built in bookcases and a wall of storage cabinets. Julie in Monterey Still with a huge grin on my face................
  16. We are so lucky for wonderful Americans such as your daughter! We are prior military and understand the hardships of deployment and life after deployment. Many prayers are headed her way. Julie in Monterey
  17. This book is hands down my all time favorite and I've read so many. It is all about being an intentional parent and gives you concrete advise and examples on how to start down that path. It's my standard baby gift along with a copy of; Babywise- major score for us. This probably had the most impact as a parent of an infant. We slept and had a predictable first year with our babies. Julie in Monterey
  18. Sounds like you already know what you want. Go with your gut and have conviction. Your kids will respond accordingly. Personally, I would rather have my girls stand out for being respectful. All said, it's easy for me to say with two young children (8, 5). I'm interested in the input of others! Peace! Julie in Monterey
  19. We are currently using Rod and Staff. It's a bit overkill for us. I've already switched dd to writing in the book rather than all that copy work. I'm considering doing every other lesson orally. What I am really looking for is something fun and also a writing program. I think dd is ready for a formalized writing program. I would love to get this kiddo writing more Ideas? Thanks in advance! Julie in Monterey
  20. We are studying Chemistry this year. Both my kids (3rd and K) and I are enjoying Real Science for Kids-Chemistry Level 1 and Adventures in Atoms and Molecules Book 1. RSFK has the detailed background info (that I needed a refresher on). I purchased the teacher's manual (essential), the student book and lab workbook. It might be to advanced for your little one, but I think it might be what you are looking for in terms of simplified accurate scientific information on the topic of Chemistry. The adventures book has straight experiments and bits and pieces of explanation. The two together are just what we were looking for. How cool is it that my girls are excited about making marshmellow molecule models? Julie in Monterey
  21. I have a wonderful list that has a poem for each day of the month. I printed November and December last year but for the life of me I can't find where I obtained them from. I'm hoping to print October's poems. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks in advance for any help! Julie in Monterey
  22. then, wait 10 minutes and pour an entire stock pot (your biggest) or boiling water down the drain. Let's just say we are a very hairy family (including dh). I think his shaved hairs to the most of our bathroom sink clogs. Anyhoo, years ago, we had to get our pipes snaked on a fairly regular basis. Some kind plumber told us about the bleach and hot water. We do it every two weeks for prevention or when we forget when the drain becomes slow. Hope it works for you. We've saved a lot of money with this remedy. Julie in Monterey
  23. The report seems very form written. It's perfectly acceptable and expected that you follow up due to your uncertainty in understanding what is recommended and expected for your dc to improve his visual skills. In this instance, it seems it would be best for you to contact and speak to the practitioner yourself. Do you have a friend or neighbor that from whom you can borrow a cell phone from? This way you can speak directly to the practitioner and keep your phone lines open. Please remember, *you* are the *consumer* and your child's advocate! If you are unclear or feel rushed, speak up. It's their job to serve you but your responsibility to ask for the help you need. People often forget this when dealing with health care providers. I've been in a similar spot so I understand. I hope you get your procedure soon! Julie in Monterey
  24. I know it sounds corny, but they are cool little kids and they are a lot of fun! They grow up so fast. Why we originally decided to home school is not why we continue to now. I"m not sure we could ever go back. Our family unit is tight and I'm fairly certain it wouldn't be that way if both kids where in public school. This is especially true with our after school times filled with after school sports. I love the individualized education, the flexibility in hands on learning and the ability to change course at any time. I'm able to "coach" my children more closely on how grow to be strong, dependable people, good stewards, etc. The list goes on.............. Julie in Monterey
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