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  1. Ask to see the letter from their mortgage company showing what they are approved to get in a loan.
  2. He has at most 10 minutes of homework and then reading ---which he loves. He only needs to finish at home what he didn't finish at school. Major incentive for him to be productive at class because he wants lots of playtime at home!
  3. My little one was given tamiflu because he's under 4. My 8 yr old has respitory problems so he to was on tamiflu. Both were better in 4 days. I was very sick for 1 1/2 weeks and didn't feel good until 3 weeks later and didn't have tamiflu. I vote for tamiflu!
  4. and this was in a PS. There were 3 teachers per grade. Math and reading were separated by level and there was an advanced, regular and those that may needmore help. The only children pulled out of class were those with learning disabilites that got special help different days of the week. It never occurred to me this wasn't how every school operated.
  5. It's close to all the Black Hill attractions and has some nice trails right from the campsite. Bear Lake borders UT, WY and ID and is beautiful. KOA has a nice campground on the UT side in Garden City, UT and an added plus they have fabulous milkshakes there! Garden City is about 2 1/2 hours from Salt Lake City and is a beautiful drive. Enjoy your trip! :)
  6. My friends son had a toothache and they waited one month to get into the dentist. The boy ended up with a root canal on a baby tooth! My tips: Children need to drink unfiliterd tap water. Filters remove fluroide. Have their adult molars sealed. My dc brush after each meal. I have outlawed gummy candies, hard candies, lollipops, etc. After doing all this we have had no cavities the last 2 years!
  7. My dh had a master's and I have a bachelor's and some graduate level work. We traveled Europe and here in the states tons before we started our family. We had been married for 7 years when 1st ds came along. I loved the time we had together and wouldn't change it at all. Plus waiting to have children enabled us to set ourselves up for me not having to work. We never lived on my income; just socked it away for a house.
  8. After having my children I went from 5'8" to 5'7". I've been working out regularly for the last 4 months - elliptical, biking and spin classes. I am back at 5'8"! I feel that my core muscles are stronger and my back seems to have straightened out. I think pilates would be really great also. Just have gotten into that yet.
  9. I've used this in my last 2 houses (Oh and TX) and everyone has always loved it! I also went up a shade from restrained gold in my living room.
  10. I'm meeting 2 of my best friends in Seattle. We all live in different states! Husbands are totally on board for taking care of the children and have encouraged us to do this. I made my best friends as an adult. Met in a newly married sunday school class 15 years ago. We've all moved around several times but remain very close.
  11. I will look into that program. I do think she is reading above her grade level because she can read any word. So, scaling her back will be a great place to start.
  12. I am helping my friends 4th grade daughter. She attends ps and on her standardized test scored a 30% for comprehension. I guess this has been an ongoing problem. She retains very little of what she reads. I was going to work with her over the summer. I'm doing research on what to use, etc. Any suggestions on what materials to use? Anyone else dealt with this problem? Looking forward to any and all suggestions!
  13. dropped our land line cut out cable eat out only 1x a month (breakfast or lunch) cut spring sports for kiddos This has saved us about $150 a month
  14. I'm living w/my family and filled out a standard lease agreement with them. This provides my address for residency. I waited to get new license plates until they were a month from expiring in my previous state - saves lots of money. And, if ever asked by patrolman - not happened - but would say I'm leasing and don't have permanent address here. Phone advice - I only use my cell phone and ended up with Verizon because only one that provided good coverage. I'd check out what company people liked were you more moving to.
  15. From AirTran's website: A child twelve (12) to fifteen (15) years of age is not required to travel as an unaccompanied minor. However, AirTran will accept children in this age category as unaccompanied minors upon request. Their itinerary may include a connecting flight, provided the connecting flight is not the last flight of the day to their destination. All applicable fees will apply. Registering a child as an unaccompanied minor ensures that the child will be in the custodial care of AirTran at all times. Unaccompanied minors will be charged a fee of $39 one-way on nonstop and direct flights or $78 roundtrip. If two (2) or more children are traveling together, only one (1) charge is applicable. When an unaccompanied minor's itinerary involves a connecting flight, a fee of $59 one-way or $118 roundtrip will be charged. If two (2) or more children are traveling together, only one (1) charge is applicable.
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