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  1. I did mention that and she didn't seem to know so they probably don't. I may call IU or Purdue and see if they have an audiology department. Also, can you send me the link to your phonics lessons? I remember you mentioning that before. I want to see if it would benefit her in anyway. I'm not sure if it will be overkill with every thing else we are doing.
  2. OhElizabeth, Thank you so much for your thorough response. :) I really do appreciate what you are saying. I just want to be careful not to give into fear that my daughter will not be able to handle life. She is very organized, keeps her room clean and basically organizes our whole house. She babysat twin 3 yo girls and a 5 yo boy yesterday just fine. She is a hard worker and I think she'll do fine at whatever God calls her to do. I do see the importantance in figuring out the exact issues. It never hurts to know. But if it begins to look like a bunch of rabbit trails and lots of money without results then we will have to decide what to do at that time. I have to believe that God will bring someone along to help her if that's what she needs. I did call a local university here to see if they offered those services. The receptionist didn't know who to transfer me to. I did leave a message so we will see :)
  3. Heather, Thank you. I will look into some of the curriculum you suggested. I especially like what you said, "I think the important thing when teaching any story is to introduce the material ahead of time. Review the author and his/her biography. Examine potential motivations and genre. Prep the student so that they are ready to learn the material." I think that is an excellent idea and one I am going to implement. 😊
  4. Does OT mean Occupational Therapy? Where do I look for one of them?
  5. OhElizabeth, We are not opposed to doing this at all so long as it is affordable. Maybe it's obvious but how will this change anything? I will still have to modify her work and choose and do things that help her learn. KWIM? My experience with similar situations is that you get the diagnosis but nothing really changes afterwards. And then you've spent all this money just to "know." What I do as we move forward doesn't really look any different.
  6. Maize- Yes, she almost always has to be moving or doing something. But then I find she'll be too distracted that she can't focus on both tasks at the same time. She isn't able to tell me about what she is hearing ðŸ˜
  7. Wow, thank you ladies. I have been making her listen to books. I have started her with really easy books to start to get her use to it; we'll move on from there. For remedial work in spelling we have been using Apples, Sequential Spelling online, and copywork with dictation. Those have been working very well and she likes it. For reading I chose a lower level of CLE. They have an excellent reading program. The stories are not overly long and she can learn some elements of literary analysis plus some vocabulary. I will look at the AGS textbooks again. I thought AGS was for 5th-8th; at least the ones I looked at were for that grade level. I didn't see any for high school. I was looking at christianbook.com, though. I really liked the looks of them, though. Especially the geography text. I am trying to find a good Geography course for her for next year currently.
  8. She even frowns on just listening to books 😕
  9. I doubt highly that she would understand them....reading is something she hates. Even if it's a good book her friends like etc, she won't read! I am gonna end up forcing the issue. 😒
  10. Heather, can you tell me where to find that? (Audio books with immersion technology)
  11. Never heard of them. I will try and google and see if can find them and learn more about it. Hopefully not too expensive. Thanks
  12. Definitely not Ivy League school. Local college or vocational. Don't really know what she wants to do at this point. She has ADD. Struggles with reading, comprehension and spelling. She has binocular dysfunction. She has glasses to help with this. We cannot afford the therapy for this right now. We are working on her spelling skills. I signicfiantly reduce the amount of reading she does. She can write a decent paper but it definitely needs work. I am looking into the Great Courses as a source for history and science to possible reduce book work and reading. I have no idea what to do for a literature program. I can help her with some things but I can't sit through and teach every subject as I have other children to teach. So she needs to be able to work independently somewhat.
  13. I have five children, two of whom have graduated. This will be my first time with one of my kids in high school that has learning issues. My question is this: I will need to modify her work quite a bit in order to get her through the required classes. If she uses materials that are below grade level so she is able to do the work, can you still give credit for these classes?
  14. THANK YOU!! We are so busy all the time. My oldest 2 have graduated and now I have 3 left. I'm tired and need help. I love the idea of having them listen and take it all in without being bombarded with tons of reading, workbooks etc.
  15. Wow! I just saw something advertise about them. Maybe it was a monthly subscription? I think this is an excellent idea!! Maybe for my son too. So they just have high school courses? My son will be in 8th grade next school year. Thanks!
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