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  1. He tutors the computer programming, listens to me rant/talk about curriculum options, and doesn't complain when I spend yet more money on yet more books. He also answers all my questions about public school, since I didn't go, but I think his experience skews advanced... He's got a June birthday but graduated before age 18.
  2. I think you might file a fraud police report. I know some people who hunt fraud with a TX county, and they are both skilled and well connected with interstate agencies. I really don't like the sound of what happened, and think you should let folks know, just in case it's part of something bigger. Also, that would protect you if something crazier happens. You'd have proof on record.
  3. I finally watched The Great Gatsby, the one with DiCaprio. Wow, that was well done. I don't think I've felt that way about a book-based movie since LOTR. Hugs and prayers for your friend, Junie.
  4. Rinsing the outside took quite a while with a frequently rinsed wet cloth. I have a sprayer that I used inside, so that was easy. I do think it would make the shower floor slippery if you didn't rinse.
  5. I finally did this to the shower today. Wow! And yes, that's a ferocious smell... But the glass walls and the chrome look so good!
  6. elroisees


    You're absolutely right, Sebastian, but could my *mom* have said that she was prepared for all that when I started college and ROTC? Probably not. She was proud of me, but she was still a mom. I think some worry is normal. She didn't hold me back, though. (By the way, I love the quote at the end of your signature!)
  7. elroisees


    Well, I sort of hate to tell you how things were because it's been *cough* 18 years and my data may be old. 🙂 When I went to college, you applied to the ROTC program and also registered for the appropriate class and lab. You attended military science classes and lab two days a week, and PT (exercise) two very early mornings. You had to commit to military service before your junior year, and attend a training camp that summer. Also, you might commit sooner if you took a significant scholarship. The commitment was 4 years of active service and 4 years of inactive reserve. Pilots had a longer service commitment because of training but that was decided later if you were so lucky as to qualify and be selected. There were better scholarship options for certain majors, but you could take almost any major. There were physical, ethical and academic requirements. If you committed to serve, you took the oath of enlistment, and if you failed to deserve a commission you might be required to serve as enlisted, with exceptions for medical reasons. I never saw that happen, but I did see people ejected from the program for lying or cheating. One gal lied on her run time during our freshman year and was gone within an hour. You requested the career fields you thought you would enjoy, and the military computer told you your destiny during your senior year, using your major, your class ranking, your wishes and the needs of the service at that time. Most of us got what we wanted; we had an excellent cadre that worked hard for us. Commissioning occured the same morning as graduation, and then you'd report to your duty station two weeks later. We worked our tails off. I highly recommend it. 😁 Because the process is so selective, if your daughter were to contact the units where she's considering attending, it would not be like contacting an enlisted recruiter. The enlisted recruiter has a quota to fill. The ROTC recruiter - not so much. She could ask questions and get reliable information.
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    I went through college Air Force ROTC as a homeschool grad. It's entirely possible. I didn't need to commit to military service until the summer before my junior year. That varies based on scholarships. Here's a link to get your research started: I'm thankful that my parents supported my efforts. One of my classmates did not have a supportive family, and it was incredibly hard for him to succeed. He's a powerful, effective military officer today. The Air Force paid for my last two years of college so that I graduated without debt. I'm glad I served; it was worth what I invested in it. I left the military before I had kids.
  9. I agree with the others, and would also anticipate that they'll ask you to dog-sit soon. Better prepare your "no." People sometimes phrase it as, "Since you couldn't do the big thing I wanted from you, you need to do this smaller thing because you owe me since you told me no before." Ermmm, still no.
  10. Huh. No, that doesn't sound good to me.
  11. Hospitals... How about a nice-smelling hand sanitizer? I agree about company. You may find out when you visit what options she has for entertaining herself. If I had to lay still, I'd like to listen to books on my phone, so perhaps an Audible gift card, if you find she'd like that.
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