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  1. I've been thinking, I'd like to see more volunteers to be poll workers among my age group. Since so many of the normal volunteers are older and therefore more at risk of covid complications, I think it would be a good thing for more people who care to step up. I wish I could do that myself, but I live over here in Europe atm, and just have to try to provoke people to act from a distance! Also, anyone who forgoes their opportunity to vote because they don't like the mail...well, that seems self critiquing.
  2. I'm jumping in because I love this book. There's an illustrated version which is even better, but I first found it as an audio book. Gombrich was of German/Austrian descent, moved to England in his youth, and served in ww2 for the Allies translating German communications. He became a respected art professor, and wrote his little book of history for children. He revised it again in his old age. It's fascinating to me because it is so European. Charlemagne looms large. Gombrich gives a chapter to the French revolution but only a few pages to the American revolution, for example, because the French revolution rocked Europe in a way the US revolution did not. Gombrich exhibited some prejudices I think were common to his generation, especially toward Islam. The kids and I stopped to discuss that. He took an optimistic view of man's development, a hopeful view, until learning about the Holocaust broke his heart. He revised and added to his book on that basis in a tone of humility and growth. It's not a long book. I think everyone who uses primarily US sources for world history should read it, to flesh out another viewpoint.
  3. I vote by mail. It's not a casual thing. Until 2009, as an American military spouse, I'd have had to register in each new place we lived. Now by federal law I'm allowed to keep my home registration. I have to register a long time ahead, long enough for the county voting registrar to handle my application. I have to request ballots again every year, by that deadline. I have to provide my driver's license information and several other corroborating pieces of information to verify my identity. Eventually I get my ballot, mailed or emailed. I have to fill it in early, usually before half the people on it have dropped out of their races. Then I have to print it, sign it the way I did my registration, fold it inside another specially labeled and signed signature page, and put all of that in the mail... on time. If my ballot, coming from a military post office overseas, does not make it to my home county in time, it will not be counted. I wasn't counted last time, according to the county database where I can see my ballot status. I only mailed it two weeks early. If you're over here with me and haven't done the paperwork yet to get your ballot, you'd better get on that today. Here's the link to start the process.
  4. I want to watch! Any idea of a website for updates? I hear that the weather may be sketchy.
  5. The Reluctant Dragon by Grahame The Light Princess by George Macdonald
  6. That's just... ok, do they have interns doing the math? I'm trying to think of a reason an adult would do this. Perhaps if you were very inexperienced with statistics, didn't have a handle on how ethics interact with statistics, and were told the trend was downward? Even so. Good grief. That's so clumsy.
  7. That seems fairly useless. Might as well flip a coin...heads I'm infected, tails I ain't!
  8. Totally relate. And by the time I figure it out, the kid has grown and things have changed. I have to remember that our core is solid and that we're falling in a forward direction. 🙂
  9. Welcome! These forums are named after a book by Susan Wise Bauer entitled The Well Trained Mind. It's one among many great books that can help you define the way you want to homeschool. If you want more recommendations, you might search or post on the education board, where more people will see your question. 🙂
  10. I would not keep the mayo salads, especially if they involve potatoes. I bet the milk will be ok, but not for as long as usual, so maybe cook some as pudding?
  11. She might like Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke.
  12. So pragmatic! Smart kid.
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