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  1. The Mouse and the Motorcycle, by Beverly Cleary. Also, Socks! So fun. Congratulations! Seeing my kid read alone, absorbed in a longer book, was an intense moment for me. "Bye, Baby! Be careful in the great big world of books!"
  2. Hurray! We just moved back from Germany a few months ago. Please feel free to pm me anything specific you might think of asking, if you don't want to ask here. I hope you love it. We miss it already.
  3. This concerns me. I'm hoping to use our local cc for some lab sciences, but how will I be able to assess the quality of the courses ahead of time? I met an instructor who is leaving our cc to teach at a high school this fall, so I'll start by asking for her opinion, I guess. I think she's more expert on education policy than science, though. It's difficult.
  4. I was working outside on an impulsive project yesterday, and Dh came outside to remind me to put on sunscreen. 🙂
  5. "...kilos of Columbian bam-bam..." chortle, snort! It's funnier than it ought to be! Has anyone seen Monsters V. Aliens, the animated movie, with Stephen Colbert as the voice of the president? We watch it every few months. It's become a family classic.
  6. They are, though! With ice crystals still on them. Yum. Fantastic snack. I should buy some.
  7. I will report in, for data purposes! Dh and I both had vaccines Friday! He got J&J and had a pretty robust immune response experience from 8 hours after until about 48 hours after: chills, sweating, low fever, and tired. He kept flexing his neck but said it didn't hurt. He took naps and worked on his computer. He chugged water, because y'all told me it would help. 🙂 I got my first moderna and had a sore, slightly knotted spot at the injection site for about 36 hours, but had no other issues.
  8. I'm also preparing something similar for my 13-14yo daughter. We're up to WWI in our huge history survey. I'm emphasizing the civil rights movement and science, though, the first because I think it's important for her, and the second because she loves it. I think when my son does this, it'll be very military-tech focused. Anyway, I'm following with interest. 🙂
  9. I'm so sorry. I'd need a fair amount of time to dissect something like that. I'd be going in little mental circles for days. 😞
  10. Whoa! Good call, Noreen Claire! I'm so sorry you're having to wait. 😞
  11. This looks interesting! I found it from my library. I'll be reading and following.
  12. Aw, man. What a fabulous heart she had. I love rereading her books with my kids; ds9 just took Henry and the Paper Route to bed with him.
  13. Hang in there, Mrs. Tiggywinkles! I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. This makes me chortle. I'm somewhat easily amused. 🙂https://images.app.goo.gl/4htv6kxRPRUanwaT6
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