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  1. So, there's a virus that makes mice less afraid, even of cats. But this piece is hilarious.
  2. Wow, that's a thought provoking quote!
  3. Since this to thread I've quit freezing wine. Now I just drink the leftovers. 😛
  4. I've used to find good prices, and then I buy the tickets from the airline with the best offer. When I've been searching for a while online, I've observed that the prices seem to go up while I'm shopping. I've found that clearing the browser cookies can make the prices drop again (within reason; if it's a sudden trip it's harder to find a good deal). Do consider more airports. I can fly out of any of six airports in three countries within two hours of my home, and the prices vary wildly.
  5. The ASVAB is a test for enlisting troops. It assesses your academics and intelligence to determine which career fields are options for you. Air Force ROTC cadets take the AFOQT (and other services similar) as part of their career field selection process. I've taken both, the first for a recruiter (I was exploring options) and the second in college. You have to be accepted into the ROTC program, and selected again to accept a contract and commission. It is not easy, and not a given that you'll succeed. It is important that people going into the military desire to serve. I knew some people who were extremely frustrated that they were unable to pursue their degree plans because we deployed. I got in in early 2001... timing is everything! 😛 It was a busy few years, obviously. There is no guarantee that you'll serve in peacetime, and in this time period, deployments are more frequent across the board. Serving in the 80s and 90s was a different deal than today. Today you have to be fit, smart, and disciplined. There aren't as many "grunt" options. I'm sure most people were all those things before, but today you can fail really hard, I think harder than before. I would only encourage someone to serve if it is something they WANT to do.
  6. There will be some things to stand up for, but there will be a speaker who will tell everyone what to do, like an MC. "Please stand for the arrival of the official party and remain standing for the..." It will be sweet and fun! I hope you have a great time celebrating! Oh, and maybe give him extra friend time over the next while: coffee, lunch, etc. Retirement is a shock to many, even if they move to another job immediately.
  7. Well... mine didn't work independently for more than 15 minutes or so until around age 10. She's pretty great about it now, at 12, though I still stay in the area. Maybe that just needs time to mature and longer scaffolding. I don't have good advice on the cheating. 😞 I'd be pretty upset.
  8. We've used with decent results. It's important to have a pair that already fits so you can measure and get a similar size. I wouldn't use them for the first pair ever because I wouldn't be comfortable with fitting properly.
  9. I'm so sorry someone did this horrible thing. Your mom is such a brave, tough person!
  10. What got me at first was the narrowness of the roads in the country. There are rules about who gets to go first! And at any unmarked road you yield to the right, UNLESS you are on a priority road, and then you don't. 😂 Whenever I go home, I'm amazed by how much space there is between moving vehicles! I don't drive in the big cities (driving around Liege was terrifying!!); most people park outside town and take the metro or little train around town. I'd definitely look for this option. It's cheap, fast and you don't have to pay premium parking rates in town.
  11. Don't forget that you can use Google maps to download a section of a map for offline use. That way if you don't have data you still can navigate. I find Google to be more up to date than most GPS systems. I download a map before every road trip. If you want to drive across a border, you may need a letter of permission from the rental company to do so legally, such as going from Belgium to Germany. That's not an issue if you fly between countries, and flying can be fairly inexpensive.
  12. Oooh, that is a lot. I think phone blocking would be a great idea.
  13. She's not obligated to respond to any texts or calls. At all. She's not obligated to donate her mental energy to him. In case he tries to make her focus on him in person, she's not obligated to have time. This may be the southern approach. When someone is being excessively friendly and I don't want them to continue, I've found it helpful to be way, way too busy. She might practice her prepared responses. "Do you want to meet at the library?" "No, I'm too busy." "Will you have time this weekend?" "No, I have a lot on my plate." "Didn't you get my text?" "No, I've been quite busy." No more specific excuse is necessary. If they keep asking, switch to plain old "No" with a flat face and a quick departure to greet someone else. For an obnoxious person, you need to escalate to a more direct approach, and I think keeping on asking after several refusals is being obnoxious. Kudos on raising a college student that asks you for advice!! I hope others chime in because it's possible my input works for my generation and not as well for hers.
  14. I don't know where to celebrate this triumph...and I find this thread fun, even though I almost never post.... I figured out how to lace my walking shoes so my toes don't lose circulation and burn! They are significantly better shoes now!
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