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  1. elroisees

    Surprise! Its a school day!

    To the barricades!! 😛
  2. elroisees

    Surprise! Its a school day!

    Yep. I've started announcing the next day's plan at bedtime. DS7 has been known to dramatically wail, "School AGAIN?!?" Yes, son, you will have about 90 minutes of school time again today. Shock and awe.
  3. elroisees

    We finished singapore!

    Woohoo! I know what you mean.
  4. elroisees

    A completely irrelevant post-folding sheets

    I put the entire bed set into one of the pillowcases. Bed in a bag. Then I stuff the bag into the closet. I don't care about wrinkles. I CAN fold fitted sheets, but I won't.
  5. elroisees

    I was naive about surgery recovery

    Healing is surprisingly demanding! Are you eating enough? I found that important after a surgery. You need people to bring you lots of good fruit and veggies, and enough fats, all cut up for you. I hope you are able to give yourself a break and have all the support you need.
  6. Thank you, that makes sense. 🙂
  7. elroisees

    Eek! Mice!

    Could one of the outdoor cats become an indoor cat for a little while? Maybe that wouldn't be a good idea.... Maybe you need a new indoor cat!
  8. This was neat to hear! Thanks for posting. I'm a book-oriented person, and I have not allowed the kids to have internet access much, so I hadn't really considered using the online program. Dd is doing fine on AOPS Pre-Algebra, and so far I'm able to help her with it. However, after hearing him talk about it, I'm thinking of using the online stuff some. It sounds so good. Hearing him rave about the interaction makes me want in on the fun.
  9. elroisees

    I have 8 people coming over tomorrow

    Have a good party! Happy birthday, 6yo!
  10. elroisees

    Bedbugs in hotel

    Oh my. To what agency does one report something like that? The health department? Agh! That is horrible!!
  11. elroisees

    Dinner Party Invite -- Should we Go??

    I'm just horrible at learning new names. I've cheated before by looking up the neighbor's address on Google because she'd already told me her name and I couldn't think of it.
  12. elroisees

    Disclosure of health to “everyone”

    I really like the advice about making your decision now based on how you feel now, and then leaving yourself free to alter your plan in the future. You can share whatever you want, and expand that list if you want to do so later. No one is entitled to know NOW, or to get upset that you didn't tell her earlier. You are the one handling this; it is completely polite for you to do whatever you want. Big hugs, Quill.
  13. I'm most of the way through OPGTTR for the second time, on the second kid. For me, that slightly-boring simplicity is why we like it! You just sit on the couch, open the book, review the page with one sticky note and do the new lesson at the other sticky note. Wham, we're done. I supplement it with reading books. DS just finished a collection of Frog and Toad. He reads me a story every day after the OPGTTR lesson. We added this at about the halfway point. I chase it with AAS, started at about the halfway point, because I think that solidifies the phonics well.
  14. elroisees

    I need a super easy potluck item

    I've got the ingredients for easy potluck meatballs in the freezer now. You bake frozen premade turkey meatballs until lightly browned, then put them in the crock pot. Pour over a jar of chili sauce and a pint of grape jelly, heated up to melt the jelly. Let them heat up together for a few hours. Another thing I like is ghirrardelhi brownie mix. They are so good, I'm never going to make brownies from scratch again. I cook wonderfully healthy food all the time, but not for potlucks. 😉
  15. Tricare dental is a separate animal from Tricare prime. You sign up for it separately. It appears on the LES as a (small) deduction, because it is subcontracted out as a separate benefit program and the government changes the contract every few years. I would trust Tricare's advice over the other, because they have less profit motive... Probably. The folks from Tricare that have helped me seem focused on doing things by the book, and if I can get them all the right pieces, they can work things out. Is she talking to the office on base? If she's trying to get answers over the phone, she might have better luck with going in.
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