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  1. Dang it, guys, I hope you're wrong about this. But I just bought a big pack of tp, just in case. We'll use it up. We just finished our dental appointments for a while, and I've got eye and Dr visits set up as soon as possible. We hadn't had dental anything since before covid, and one kid had cavities. I don't want to lock down again. I can't fathom what another year of virtual school would be like for our friends. We're very lucky we homeschool.
  2. OP, you're right in the thick of things right now, with that range of ages. It will all be so much easier in just a few years! There's a beautiful ideal running around in homeschool circles that the sweet gaggle of children all listen together. IMO, for that to work, the material must be pitched young, to be appropriate for the smaller kids, and the older ones get something slightly deeper out of the materials. The older kids do need something more on their own level, though, at another time of day. In our case right now, my 9yo is on his first pass through the Harry Potter series via audio books. My 13yo is listening in and loving it. She's hearing more historical parallels, because she's had more exposure. However, she still has to read her own literature. I wouldn't let her just listen to HP again and call that 8th grade lit. I read My Father's Dragon to Dd, a chapter or two at a time, when she was in the bathtub at age 3. It was her first novel. So fun!
  3. I was thinking of tzadziki sauce with Greek chicken, but another way to use it is to dilute it with water and use it in place of buttermilk in pancakes.
  4. Me too! Does that equate to Miss Congeniality? Please say yes. 😄
  5. The pencil bouquet, dead-headed periodically So many, many books
  6. A Home for a Bunny. 🙂
  7. This is off-sides, but what about Socks, by Beverly Cleary? It's about sibling experiences from the perspective of a cat, which I think takes the pressure off of the negative feelings that can arise. Of course, the cat is a bit selfish and immature - he's a cat! It gives a child reader distance but provides a vocabulary to understand feelings. It's also just a great story.
  8. elroisees


    What?? Yay! What a thread. 😆
  9. You guys are so great. Thank you for the help. I'm going to wait a bit and visit some more stores in the big city near me. Overstock's return policy is not great upon a close reading.
  10. Craigslist and marketplace are what we've mostly done in the past, but now we won't have to move again soon and bought a house...it's making every decision momentous!
  11. It's this one, with a matching loveseat, in blue. The reviews that were critical generally mentioned things we like - firmness, upright posture, teal color in certain light, etc. I love the shape. https://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Abbyson-Colton-Top-Grain-Leather-Sofa/27649576/product.html It looks identical to the one at Costco called Zamora. They are made by Abbyson. I don't know. They aren't in stores so I can't sit on them. It's a big risk. I'm going to sleep on the idea. My coupon will expire, but there are always coupons. DH is looking at the IKEA website. 😅
  12. I promise, I'm a serious homeschooler and read the serious boards! I buy way too many books because of you people. However, almost all my posts are over here in the chat board, because you guys are such a font of good information! So help me buy sofas, please. I've found what I like, and I plan to buy two of them. I've measured. I've read a bajillion reviews on multiple sites. The couches are also sold at Costco, but would cost 1000 more (!!) and I'd have to buy a membership. Both Costco and overstock offer free shipping. Would you, have you, bought major items on overstock? Or would you spend a lot more for the security of buying from a real storefront?
  13. I'm so sorry. What a horrible shock.
  14. Oh, I see what you're saying. No, he was definitely unexpected and out of context! I'd probably flip out myself, here in the US, where I have an expectation about the environment.
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