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  1. I'm not gardening very much this year, but here's something I find fun: there were pansies in a basket last fall which died. Now there are pansies in the yard! I dug a few up and put them back in the basket.
  2. We have a Lego room. It's a small extra side room in the house we rent. I just kick the Legos back in when they roll out. It's wonderful.
  3. I grew up being home schooled in Texas! I think that's a crazy number - Googling quickly shows there are about 7 million kids in TX and the TX homeschool coalition says about 350,000 kids are homeschooling. (That's probably rounded high, too.) Anyway, to your question, it's easy to homeschool in Texas, with little to no oversight, and folks have a strong independent streak which I think encourages diy. The school, at least where I grew up, is pretty good. I have lived in several states with generally poor school systems, and more people do seem to homeschool there. But ease is definitely a piece of the picture.
  4. elroisees


    You are doing great! Half of that would have put me over the edge. I really hope things calm down, and yay for plumbers!
  5. I think you should contact the police! Use the non emergency line if they're already gone.
  6. Sore!? What the hell?! Ahem. Ok. Young lady should absolutely be given lots of support and encouragement to talk to her mom. For starters. Sore... I feel like she needs to have a far more explicit conversation with a caring adult about what happened. This wasn't right.
  7. I think a Waldorf salad involves Granny Smith apples, walnuts, and a dressing made with mayonnaise, no Jello. I think what you made is called "the awesome green stuff with mini-marshmallows at the potluck." Thanks for the recipe.😁
  8. I'd take the trips. I know what you mean about wanting to stay on track, I'm a spreadsheet person myself, but traveling and seeing other cultures in person is a game changer, I think. We're in Germany for a few years, and walking through a no-kidding 12th century castle... you don't undo that. My kids are never going to forget this place. I'm so glad they are the right age to enjoy and remember!
  9. It depends on the age of your target audience! Some friends with 8-14yo had a Zipline. That was pretty awesome.
  10. No way! My kids love"Grandpa's Legos!"
  11. Elephant and Piggie series, for a humorous leap forward (but there are some harder words, so judge for your kiddo). DS found these absolutely hilarious. And, of course, Dr Seuss!! And others like that, such as Are You My Mother.
  12. Here's a thread full of audio book ideas, just in case you didn't see this!
  13. Dd went right from BA5 into AOPS Prealgebra. She's 11, but 6th grade. It scared me, because I really want to make sure she has a positive mentality toward math and thought that it might be too hard and discourage her. It didn't. We do math for a set period of time, no matter how many or few problems get solved. And I made clear that I expect this book to be a stretch and take her more than one school year to complete. I sit with her and coach as needed. She's on the 6th chapter, and she likes it. So I say it's a win! Also, she seems to have bought into the struggle-is-good ideas I've been preaching, and now she and DS 7 preach to each other. He's just started BA2. It's hilarious and awesome to watch.
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