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  1. Ugh, that's pretty bad. I hope your exam went really well! I think your olders may need some remedial training on "watching". They can listen. While they clean.
  2. "Oh, relative, I couldn't respond to your text(s) until today because we've been very busy here. I'm glad to hear you're working on your plan! How goes the reading drill?" Ignoring all extraneous questions. Being too busy to hold hands.
  3. I wish mine had a locking lid. I got a new one last year with a feature I LOVE: the pot is metal! I can brown the meat and then lift the pan into the heating unit in one swoop. I can even bring the food to a boil before I put it in the heater, which is like a jump start on the cooking time. I broke two crocks in the last two years so the metal makes me happy. The only downside might be that I don't think I could make yogurt in it because it doesn't stay hot a long time like the crock.
  4. I've had to draw pictures of the questions. A lot. 🙂 Also, it seemed to me that chapter 2 was the hardest in the book, so don't get discouraged.
  5. OP, I reread and see that you're new to homeschooling! Please don't take our unity of opinion as a rejection of you! Stay! Talk more! 🙂 You sound like you have a background in education. I think you'll find that homeschooling is very different. Because there's only one student in the class, the education process is faster and more intense. I find that when I read education theories, I have to rethink them from the ground up. That means I have to break out what, exactly, we're trying to achieve, instead of starting with the method. Most classroom techniques don't work here. For example, with one kid in front of me, every question falls to her to answer. There're no classmates on whom I might call. That means she really learns the content for herself. There's no escape. If I did that with her for 8 hours a day, we'd both be exhausted. Also, she grasps the material in half the time, so why would I do that to her?
  6. Most homeschoolers don't use homework assignments. The slight benefits of doing homework, such as keeping track of assignments and working independently, are intrinsic to being educated at home. Students take a lot more initiative at home. I want my kids' lives to include time free from assignments. I work hard to limit the amount of time school takes. That's the exact opposite of assigning homework.
  7. The Reluctant Dragon, by Graham, is hilarious, and the language used is so rich! It's sort of sweet, too.
  8. There's no such thing as ONE trip to Lowe's. 😕
  9. There's probably a happy medium where you offer people a nametag and take no for an answer!! Pushing... ick! We've got a bulletin board with family photos in the entry area, which has also been helpful to me. We're a very transient church because we're mostly military. It's not classy and is probably wasteful, but the paper stickers are my favorite. I don't like the insider/outsider feel of some people having lanyards while others just have stickers.
  10. Names really only stick with me after I see them in writing. I occassionally write folks' names down after I meet them. Nametags would really help me!
  11. Boo! I wanted you to have a new one!
  12. Ouch! I'm glad you went in! I hope you feel better soon.
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