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  1. elroisees

    Not retaining SOTW 2nd grade

    I've been surprised what my kids have absorbed from SOTW. Not that they could have answered questions after one reading of a chapter, though! I think the brain doesn't file important terms on first contact. But after going through SOTW 1-4 in a fairly casual way, with a few activities and field trips, and then listening to the audio books for another pass, DD11 can have a pretty good discussion about the big trends of history. Now we're doing something else for logic stage history, and it's clicking even more! It helped me to put the CDs of the audio books into the car. That way I don't have to read it over and over, but we all get to hear it several times.
  2. elroisees

    Burned face, magical naps, and a family of smart@$$s

    Ouch! Burns hurt the most! I'm sorry! Tell those punks to go out and bring you ice cream or something.
  3. I second the snacks idea. A little cup of raisins makes math better. I also let the kid pick the first subject of the day.
  4. elroisees

    I have an oven again

    When we moved last, I cleaned behind the stove and freaked out over a bunch of little, dark, cylindrical pellets which were under there. Then I remembered that I'd spilled fennel seeds!
  5. elroisees

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    That's a very good idea!
  6. We also got Kingdominoes, and both kids are really into it! In fact, DS7 cried tonight because we didn't play it and it was time for bed. We'll play it tomorrow. Someone on the frugalistas thread posted a discount on PrimeClimb, and it's pretty cool! I feel like there's more to the strategy than meets the eye. I want to play it tomorrow, too. And now I want Happy Little Accidents. That sounds awesome. 🙂
  7. elroisees

    Can I take Christmas down tomorrow?

    The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath, etc. Do what you need to do!
  8. elroisees

    2018 Christmas Tree pictures

    Wow! Glad he's going to be ok!
  9. Ooooh! Numbers! Have you seen the tv show, Numbers? I loved it. It's a drama about two brothers, one a mathmetician and the other an FBI agent. I wonder what your guys would think of the math ( they might find it oversimplified). There is peril and crime, but it was a network show, so not extreme. ETA: the family relationships are positive even when not easy, the characters are good people who are learning and growing, and the genius is doing well adapting to and living in the world. Man, now I want to get the show for my kids. Editing again! DH says he remembers a few scenes that were more than PG, in his opinion. There were underclothes showing. He's a very conservative person, as far as kid TV goes. So, preview some. 🙂
  10. elroisees

    1st edition of WTM

    I like having the older ones ( in addition to the new one... I have a bookshelf capacity problem, obviously). The book lists are slightly different, and sometimes my library has more of the older books.
  11. elroisees

    What do YOU bring to potlucks?

    These all sound delicious, and I think it might be a violation of board policy to mention a desert without posting the recipe. 😛 Angel Pie? I've never heard of it! Please post!
  12. For straight hilarity, the Bunnicula series by Howe, Sam the Samurai by Sziesca (sp?), and Hank the Cowdog. Mine also like Ginger Pye and others by that author. Reading aloud puts me to sleep, so I'm all about audio books, too.
  13. elroisees

    To go to urgent care or not UPDATED

    I'm so glad she's feeling better. I hope you are all getting some rest. I'm really glad you took her in to be checked out.
  14. elroisees

    My sugar cookies started a fire...

    That's just crazy! Those self-cleaning functions have always scared me, though I do hate cleaning an oven without it. We have convection right now, and I like it. It browns chicken much more effectively.
  15. elroisees

    To go to urgent care or not UPDATED

    The throwing up is bad. Take her right in! Go, go! Not urgent care, the ER. Go.
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