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  1. Cool stuff! And timely for us! Thanks!
  2. I get some of what you are saying, op. And I agree that sometimes stay-at-home parents become discontent with the arrangements they themselves create. I think that's normal, because everyone grows over time and needs change as they and their kids grow. I notice that a lot of friction can occur when one person wants change and the other thinks it's all fine in the established pattern, especially if the way things are going is comfortable. However, that one line about heart to heart conversation not changing anything... That's not good, sweetheart. Maybe the conversation style needs to change, maybe you need to be more clear about what you need/want, but yeah, deep heartfelt conversation from you should turn the family ship, IMO.
  3. It's possible that it was some sort of sly put down, some slap for his not-masculine-enough color choice, but he looks so sharp in those colors. I'm a conversational dork. I'd compare someone's outfit to a spring flower out of sheer exuberance, and I probably offend people all the time. I'm just awkward like that. I hope people know that I mean well. Anyway. I'd write this one off as a compliment, no matter how they meant it.
  4. Caddy-corner to the Tower of London is a church called All-Hallows. It's where John Quincy Adams was married, and William Penn was associated with it. You can walk through underneath and see remains of the original Roman era floors and other artifacts. It's really neat! It's free, though they ask you to drop a little money in the box at the end.
  5. I like having nice wedding pictures of my family members for my walls. Sometimes they are superceded later by a picture of their nuclear family, and sometimes I just get more frames! (I put a lot of holes in walls.) So if I were you, I'd ask ddil for my favorite digital shot of the two of them together, and send 5*7s to all the extended family in a separate mailing, with a nice note about how sweet they are together and how happy you are to see it. I would include godparents and aunt-like friends in the mailing. Nevermind about the cute invitations, those are just the fad - do what you love on your own. Also, hugs.
  6. The ethics of rodeos aside, that just can't be that common. Imagine the liability! No matter what you made those people sign before participating! Also, I'd lay odds that those folks have never spent much time around a bull. Idiot city men dressed up like cowboys. What ding-dongs.
  7. You can lock down your privacy settings so that won't happen. You need to change the toggle on who is allowed to"friend request" you.
  8. I'm listening to the audio book now. Fascinating! Thanks for the recommendation!
  9. My Dd re-read the guide books like comic books, even after completing the matching practice books, sometimes in bed. That delighted me. She is very positive about math, and I give BA a lot of credit for that. I'd buy the guides.
  10. I just ordered a new grammar book, and then realized it's February, the month of curricular discontent! I hope it was a good choice. We'll see. We're sick of the old one.
  11. My DH shops like that. I'm ready to strangle a salesman a long time before he is finished gathering data. He gets great deals, though.
  12. I had dd11 learn to type first at around 8 yo, and she's almost done with this first programming project book. We're really pleased with her understanding so far! DH set her up with my old laptop. Our hang-up is that we don't want her to be online yet, and these aren't except for during set up.
  13. I know of a great homeschool group in the panhandle! They had a robotics team last fall... Seriously cool folks. PM me if you need a contact.
  14. I'm so happy for you! What great photos!
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