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  1. Has she been checked by the vet? I wonder if she's ill.
  2. Hi! We've had good luck ordering a lot of textbooks used, but have not found used versions of the AOPS materials very often. I looked for a digital option and found this, but I don't know how expensive it might be. https://artofproblemsolving.com/store/online/faq I hope you're able to locate what you need!
  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. How terribly sad.
  4. Ow, ow, ow! Whew! Turkey legs over stuffing sound very tasty.
  5. Oh man, that's a lot going on. I hope you get clear lab results with easy fixes.
  6. I posted before I was done. We live a long way from home, and I get the holiday blues, too. The darkness this time of year doesn't help. Have you checked your vitamin D levels? It helps me to supplement mine. It's SO dark and that wears me down. And covid is making things absolutely stupid this year. Hugs.
  7. I make turkey breast, boneless and skinless, in a slow cooker! I'd do the breast in there and roast the legs. My version is from America's Test Kitchen, but this one looks just like it. I'd ignore the thing about cornstarch, (blegh) and just strain and simmer the sauce into a gravy. It's delicious. https://www.keyingredient.com/recipes/1747455032/slow-cooker-turkey-breast-with-gravy-that-almost-makes-itself/
  8. I'm so sorry, Miss Lemon. How horribly sad.
  9. Oh, babe, I'm sorry you're going through that. That sounds really rough. And it's crazy that an antibiotic has such a side effect! I'm really glad you figured it out.
  10. I was just looking at this cookbook at my friend's house today! I think I want a copy. https://www.amazon.com/Ruffage-Practical-Vegetables-Abra-Berens/dp/1452169322
  11. It's not a book, but I feel that the podcast CloseReads is helping me become a better literature instructor. AOPS, studying ahead of my oldest (I finally understand!) The Well Educated Mind Prisoners of Geography And I'm reading some John Taylor Gatto at the moment, so I feel a tad radicalized. 😉
  12. Hi! Homeschool dads are welcome here. There are several running around. 🙂
  13. Those dang Russians! 😆 Those were fun, thanks. I'm definitely blaming Russians from now on, haha!
  14. Thank you, yes, that's what they checked. The weird thing is that is only happens a few weeks at a time, during fast growth. It hasn't occurred in 9 months or so. I think she just needs more calories. She eats a very healthy diet, on her own, and will choose an apple as a snack daily. I push protein. Blood sugar was absolutely my worry.
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