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  1. I kept mine and still have it in a box in a closet in one of the bedrooms. I have two daughters who both got married in 2017 but neither was interested which is just fine. I will hang onto it and would like to look at it again sometime. I really liked my dress and don't think it is terribly dated for getting married in 1985. I am very sentimental, not ready to part with it yet and still have room for it. 😊
  2. I have been following Dr. Ben Lynch for almost a year. He is considered an expert on MTHFR. I was tested and found out I had the mutation C677T. He wrote a book on gene mutations but he has loads of free information online, youtube videos, etc., and does a weekly Facebook live. I am no expert or even close but I've learned a lot and I am continuing to learn more. His website is and his book is Dirty Genes.
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