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  1. I kept mine and still have it in a box in a closet in one of the bedrooms. I have two daughters who both got married in 2017 but neither was interested which is just fine. I will hang onto it and would like to look at it again sometime. I really liked my dress and don't think it is terribly dated for getting married in 1985. I am very sentimental, not ready to part with it yet and still have room for it. 😊
  2. I have been following Dr. Ben Lynch for almost a year. He is considered an expert on MTHFR. I was tested and found out I had the mutation C677T. He wrote a book on gene mutations but he has loads of free information online, youtube videos, etc., and does a weekly Facebook live. I am no expert or even close but I've learned a lot and I am continuing to learn more. His website is and his book is Dirty Genes.
  3. I am looking over Dianne's materials once again for one of my dc. I agree with Shelly's points. It is not a pick up and go program. I think one really needs to listen to her talks either in person, through audio CDs or DVDs and read her many articles (articles are free on her site). There is much that goes into her teaching materials that cannot be found just from looking at them. There is a method to it all and she says it is very teacher/mom intensive. That seems to be my biggest stumbling block to sticking with all of it. However, I am not relishing the thought of driving to OT again, twice a week, all summer long so I will try to get organized once again.
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