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  1. I have been thinking about getting the self advocacy books for ds. It is also a goal for him this year. I have Talk With Me. I got it when it first came out. I quite like it, but it has proved to be tricky for ds. I should pull it off the shelf and try it again with ds. So many good resources but only so much time! Sigh, it gets harder and harder to fit everything in these days.
  2. That is awesome! I am so excited about the curriculum she is coming out with. I first heard about it a couple of months back when I joined her Facebook group, and keep checking to see if it has come out yet. I would love to go to her training. I found her book fascinating!
  3. We love Prime Climb here! OP, we did the Big Life Journal with ds this past year and found it awesome for ds. He has always struggled with making mistakes and we have tried several ways over the years to help him with that with varying degrees of success. The journal really seemed to finally help him turn the corner with that.
  4. I haven’t used any, but was thinking the working memory/attention games looked great. Ds would find them tricky but be very motivated - he is all about a good game. I liked how she has them keeping track of their progress as the go along with some of the working memory samples I saw. I also thought the ThinkBuildLive Success series looked great for high school. School has been great for ds, but that is largely because his school is awesome. It is very much a team effort between the school, myself and dh. In many ways we do nearly as much as we did when he was homeschooled. Main difference is now dh and I can just laser focus on just two or three big goals and know that he is still getting lots of support from school for all the other areas. I love it since I feel like he is getting the best education we can provide for him. Sigh, silly “experts” thinking school solves everything! The trick for us has been to keep building on each and every success ds has and pull in whatever outside resources are necessary to continue that success to the next level. That is what we have done from the start of his dx and don’t plan to change now ?
  5. Just sharing this site I found a while back. I thought it had some engaging executive functioning materials for my ds. I don’t believe I have seen it mentioned here before. I haven’t used anything from there but thought others may be interested in it as well.?
  6. I love Nuturing Narratives it was a big help for my son. It was what got him started in using personal narratives. I hope you have the same success with it!
  7. The talk of inner speech and problem solving made me think of this new book I have been waiting to be released.
  8. Just posting quickly from my phone so can't post a link but have you looked at the narrative & discourse builder tool at northern speech? I thought it was really good.
  9. I found these both while browsing on the northern speech services website. I thought about how great it would have been to use this with ds when he was younger for comprehension and for writing: They also have this product that looks interesting:
  10. This may have already been posted about before, but thought I would add a link to the go noodle site. They have lots of free videos to use for body breaks and mindfulness.
  11. Thank you for your review! It sounds great and how awesome to hear about your ds noticing he is cold and being able to tell you! Does your ds like using it? I have been going back and forth over getting it, but think you have swayed me over to getting it. I really do think ds would like it and would help him with the the whole interoception piece that we are working on. I have to say in that regard, I am noticing some shifts for ds and think he has had a few lightbulb moments just working through activities from the book.
  12. That book was so helpful for ds! I have always said when recommending it to people, that it is a very underwhelming read and the program he outlines is very basic and seems like it wouldn't do much, but I was so happy we stuck with the program. Ds went from testing with a mild/moderate gross motor delay to just a mild delay within about three months of us starting. Vision therapy made a difference here not only for my son, but for myself! I had vision therapy back when I was 9, and since I am ancient, lol, I think that it even predates covd. I was falling behind in school, had bad headaches and had a terrible time with most sports as I really couldn't track a ball, etc. Lucky for me my optometrist is still practicing and was able to do vision therapy with my son when he was about 6.
  13. I only ever used level 2 which as you can tell from the sample is quite a bit different than the first one. Ds loved using the sentence strips for retelling. Ds made great gains using the program. One of the biggest things I learned was giving ds trouble when using the program was the pronoun referents. That alone was a huge lightbulb for helping his reading. Ds was never considered to have hyperlexia as he could understand at least on an age appropriate level what he was reading. He started reading at the same time he started talking at around 3 so the bar for his understanding wasn't super high, lol. Reading just wasn't very enjoyable for him given perspective taking was such an issue. So doing the hyperlexia kit and the book chats that are taught in the I Get It book were a big turning point for him.
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