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  1. I would probably lean to the HELP book over 100%. I didn’t use the auditory memory one, so I don’t have any comment on that one.
  2. Oh one other resource to check out. Have you looked at any of the language materials on great ideas for teaching? Their materials are excellent, engaging and quite affordable. They are all good, but I particularly like the auditory processing in dinosaur land one. https://greatideasforteaching.com/product/auditory-processing-in-dinosaur-land/
  3. I am finally back. Similar to what I mentioned above about the problem solving books, both HELP for Auditory Processing and 100% listening are great books but you don’t really need both. I found the spotlight on listening comprehension series very helpful. The social skills set gave me some direction of areas I needed to work on with ds, but I think there are other things you can use instead that would lead to better gains. Given your son is only 7, you may want to look at something like The Question Challenge game from Super Duper (see link below) It targets a lots of areas you are
  4. I have used a good majority of the items on your list. For problem solving both the no glamour and TOPS are great books and you certainly don’t need both. I would suggest though, you may want to take a look at the no glamour problem solving cards instead. I liked those and think the cards are more engaging and bring about a more natural conversation about the situation which works on so many other language goals. I have to go now but will try to write out some more comments later this afternoon.
  5. It has been quite sometime since I have posted! You probably don’t remember me, but I have a 14 1/2 year old ds with ASD. We actually just recently had an appointment with a psychologist regarding ds’s anxiety. Ds’s anxiety is and has generally been manageable with the tools we have taught him to date. The psychologist, who specializes in counselling ASD individuals, told us she doesn’t necessarily find this age to be the best for therapy and has had better outcomes in meeting with parents to provide additional strategies to implement. Perhaps that would be a better fit right now for you
  6. I have been thinking about getting the self advocacy books for ds. It is also a goal for him this year. I have Talk With Me. I got it when it first came out. I quite like it, but it has proved to be tricky for ds. I should pull it off the shelf and try it again with ds. So many good resources but only so much time! Sigh, it gets harder and harder to fit everything in these days.
  7. That is awesome! I am so excited about the curriculum she is coming out with. I first heard about it a couple of months back when I joined her Facebook group, and keep checking to see if it has come out yet. I would love to go to her training. I found her book fascinating!
  8. We love Prime Climb here! OP, we did the Big Life Journal with ds this past year and found it awesome for ds. He has always struggled with making mistakes and we have tried several ways over the years to help him with that with varying degrees of success. The journal really seemed to finally help him turn the corner with that. https://biglifejournal.com/
  9. I haven’t used any, but was thinking the working memory/attention games looked great. Ds would find them tricky but be very motivated - he is all about a good game. I liked how she has them keeping track of their progress as the go along with some of the working memory samples I saw. I also thought the ThinkBuildLive Success series looked great for high school. School has been great for ds, but that is largely because his school is awesome. It is very much a team effort between the school, myself and dh. In many ways we do nearly as much as we did when he was homeschooled. Main dif
  10. Just sharing this site I found a while back. I thought it had some engaging executive functioning materials for my ds. I don’t believe I have seen it mentioned here before. I haven’t used anything from there but thought others may be interested in it as well.? https://goodsensorylearning.com/
  11. I love Nuturing Narratives it was a big help for my son. It was what got him started in using personal narratives. I hope you have the same success with it!
  12. The talk of inner speech and problem solving made me think of this new book I have been waiting to be released. https://www.jkp.com/can/building-reasoning-and-problem-solving-skills-while-reducing-emotional-dysregulation-2.html
  13. Just posting quickly from my phone so can't post a link but have you looked at the narrative & discourse builder tool at northern speech? I thought it was really good.
  14. I found these both while browsing on the northern speech services website. I thought about how great it would have been to use this with ds when he was younger for comprehension and for writing: https://www.northernspeech.com/language-communication-disorders/narrative-discourse-builder-tool/ They also have this product that looks interesting: https://www.northernspeech.com/autism-asperger-syndrome/color-my-conversation-cmc-2nd-edition/
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