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  1. I'm so very sorry for your loss. :grouphug:
  2. I'm using BF with my oldest two next year for high school, so I'll follow along. :)
  3. A friend of mine sponsored a Together We Rise - Sweet Cases event. She started with an online Fund Raiser and once the monetary goal was met, everyone was invited to come to a packing event. The children drew pictures on some of the cases at two of the stations and the drawing materials were provided by TWR along with all the contents to go in each duffel. We set up stations with all the different items and everyone took a case to each station and packed girl bags and boy bags. Here is a link.
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    American Lit Mid-Late 19th Century Student guide and TG (New) $23 American Lit Early-Mid 19th Century Student guide and TG (New) $23 British Lit Early-Mid 19th Century Student guide and TG (New) $23 All books are new and unused. Price includes packaging and media shipping.


  5. We've really liked The Learn Math Fast System. We've used several of JK Mergens algebra books so far. She makes difficult math concepts easy to understand. Volume IV sums up all geometry needed prior to high school in less than 30 lessons. You can see samples here: If you're interested, I can find a 10% off coupon for you. I think that volume is a little more than others because of the geometry packet that comes with it. Volume VII is high school geometry in 30 lessons. The books are non-consumable because you can print off all the worksheets from her website, so you can reuse the books with other students or redo the worksheets for more practice.
  6. Yes, I just finished watching the first episode. My husband always said we have "disease care", not "health care", but on the other hand, I've heard physicians say that many of their clients would rather a fix (medicine), so they can carry on as usual than make lifestyle changes. It's nice to hear someone else in the medical field express these thoughts. 60%+ of your immune system is tied to your intestines. I'm interested in hearing an action plan in #7 & #8 to see if there is anything new to glean. :)
  7. I would be so happy, too. That's awesome! :party:
  8. Mona


    I applaud your son for his initiative. He has obviously done some research if he knows to put it in an offline wallet. I've used Coinbase. It was fine. I was freaked out about all the personal information required, too. If you use a credit card, you will need to check your online statement to see Coinbase charges for $1.XX. The last two charges will be entered into CB to verify that it's your card. The charges will disappear off your statement after a few days and never actually be charged. Good luck!
  9. My son just started the course and I just wanted to warn you that if your child is sensitive to please be aware that if you're given a warning for viewer discretion, it is really horrific visuals of real people. They get their point across regarding the seriousness.
  10. I made one once. I bought a tri-fold display board used for science fairs and cut it in half so it wasn't as tall. I had one for each child. They could tape things up on it for school or personalize it.
  11. Same...My older simple model cooks quickly, the new Zo takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour, but it also has a "quick" setting for when you need rice in a hurry. It takes half the time, but the manual states that the rice may be a little different texture-slightly harder. I haven't tried the quick setting yet, but the new pot also has a delay timer function so if I plan ahead, I can set that for when I need it to be ready. I like the consistency of the rice in the new Zo and all the other functions, so it doesn't bother me that it takes about an hour. I just put the rice in first then prepare the rest of our meal. I'd keep both cookers since it good for more than just rice. ;) BTW, the manual I have says that brown rice takes 1H 25M to 1H 50M for brown rice.
  12. Yeah, I think it was the cooker. Get a different one. You'll see the difference.
  13. I've owned many, many rice cookers over the years. My latest is a zojirushi that I love, but it is on the expensive side. My advice is to find one with the features and capacity that you would like, but stay away from Black and Decker. That was the worst I've ever tried. It had nice appearance and a steamer basket, but the lid must not have fit well enough. It sputtered all over the counter making a big mess to wipe up and sometimes it didn't turn on or turned off early. An inexpensive but very good brand has been Aroma. Never had a problem with these ones and I've had a few. Some rice cookers have a brown rice setting or porridge setting which is also great for oatmeal and is especially nice if you have a delayed cook setting so you can set it at night and breakfast will be ready when you wake up. :) You could even bake a cake in some. I make soup in my cookers, too.
  14. I use Homeschool Planet from Homeschool Buyers Co-op and it is very easy to make changes to all or just one student.
  15. My favorite resource for quilting lately has been Missouri Star Quilt Shop. Jenny Doan has a huge YouTube online following for making quilting fast and easy. Here is a link to her tutorials. She also has is set up so you can search by pre-cut since many people buy their fabric that way. Just keep in mind that pre-cuts are usually a little bit bigger than what they say they are, and you may need to trim a little if you want to be precise. The tutorials will have a list for the supplies needed. I also thought this was a neat idea where she gives you all the tools and supplies to complete a baby quilt including video tutorials and the quilting. They quilt it and send it back to you. I taught myself using quilt books and watching Alex Anderson when she use to have her own show on HGTV. That was more than 10 years ago. You do want to use quality fabric and cotton thread. You spend as much time pressing seams as you do sewing, so having your supplies stand up to heat and washing is important. You don't want to spend a lot a time on something that will fall apart. Quality supplies are worth the money. Have fun fabric shopping! :)
  16. I tried a couple and I like Skoon the best.
  17. I just bought this book for next year. I'm not sure how we're going to incorporate it yet. I still have to gather up all my resources and plan it. Good luck to you!
  18. We did the My Father's World history cycle and then dd did US/Pennsylvania history for 8th using Keystones 2 while ds went on to ancient history in 9th.
  19. I've been remediating algebra with my two older children using Learn Math Fast. It is really easy to understand and the lessons are short. Fractions start in volume 2, but there is a placement test you can take to start in the right level. There are no grade levels listed on the book covers, so you don't have to worry about how far you need to back up. You could probably work through several books in one school year and get caught up to where she'll be prepared to start high school level math. It's not made specifically for students with LDs, but there are many testimonials posted by parents on her site. There is a sample lesson for book 2 on fractions you can try with your dd to see if it would work for her.
  20. My dd and I both have bruxism. We tried OTC guards but they were too big and uncomfortable. I have a full upper guard that the dentist made and dd has a small guard that was fitted for her that she wears. Hers only covers her two front teeth. It's called NTI appliance and is less expensive.
  21. We've used MFW for seven years from Adventures to AHL and CLE Math from 1st through 5th. We have always skipped around with English though.
  22. I agree that Janome would be a good buy. I bought the hello kitty 3/4 size machine when my dd was little and it was perfect. It can sew at a slower speed which made it a bit safer for a young person. We also have a full size machine that came with a great bundle of accessories bought from QVC during Christmas for a great price. They are great machines and you'll get many years of use out of them.
  23. I tried selling them to our local group and here and another homeschool sale board for a couple weeks and nothing sold. I got the eBay app for my phone and that made it simple to list items. Then it all sold quickly.
  24. I haven't scheduled it out yet either, but I do know we will be starting with Hangeul Master to learn the Korean alphabet so we won't have to rely on romanization. I have several resources for learning Korean and need to sit down and start planning what we will be doing each day.
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