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  1. I believe I have TGATB history 1 and language arts sets packed away. The LA is brand new. I bought ahead. The history was used for a short while and looks like new. Are you still searching for these items? If so, I will look for them.
  2. I used to work as an ICU nurse before becoming a sahm. If your daughter doesn't mind bodily fluids and surgery, but struggles with emotional patients then she might consider being an RNFA. Personally, if I were to go back and get more training and re-enter the work-force, I would become a Nurse Anesthetist and work locum tenems so I could travel around. An RN first assistant, or RNFA, works alongside the surgeon in the operating room providing direct patient care. Nurses need extensive surgical experience and additional training to qualify as first assistants, and many nurses get certification in perioperative nursing or obtain credentials as advanced practice nurses.
  3. Mona

    JUUL (vaping)

    I saw this article on Mercola and came back to share since I really didn't know much about vaping although my kids have joking mentioned it a couple times. Aparently, you can get vaping devices that look like juice boxes! 😡 My ds says that the e-cigs burn hotter and he's seen pics on the net of some people who've suffered some really bad burns and someone who had a device that malfunctioned and injured the person's face, so I don't suspect my kids would want to try it, but we are still gonna have that discussion.
  4. DH says to file a police report so you can take action later. You don't want to call police but you have to in this case because the report will be invaluable later when you need to sue for medical fees and such. 😞 Hope all turns out well.
  5. My dd15 loves to draw digitally. This is her response. Software: FireAlpaca and Medibang Paint pro are free and made by the same person. FireAlpaca allows you to animate using frame by frame. The Adobe software is $$$, so dd recommends starting with the free software first. They are similar to PhotoShop, but more user friendly. My dd is currently using Clip Studio EX bought on sale. She's worked on many different tablets, but the Cintiq 13 HD is her favorite. She uses the Samsung Galaxy Tab using Medibang when we're traveling in the car. It's wireless. Tablets: There's Surface Pro, IPad Pro, Cintiq, and Samsung Galaxy Tab allow you see your art on the screen while you draw/paint. If you have anymore questions about the software, interface, and getting started, feel free to ask. She'll be happy to help.
  6. We used CLE Math for many years in elementary. As long as you grade the quizzes and tests, you will be fine. If you are doing a lesson a day then there would be a quiz a week and a test the 3rd week. The quizzes will allow you to see if your son comprehends the information he's been learning before he gets to the LU test. You can take that opportunity to review anything missed. My son loved that he could move along at his own pace. My daughter needed more help with math, and I sat with her for the new material of each lesson to get her started. If he works well independently then yeah, it's that easy. Also, I didn't do any timed drills with my son. He did the drills, but I just didn't time him. Also, we didn't skip problems. If you were to continue with CLE after this year, I would suggest adding some sort of more challenging story problem practice. They only offer 2-4 per lesson, and we could have used more practice.
  7. Here's another source to add to your list to create extra word problem practice.
  8. RS A, Phonics Road level 1, BF Around the World with Picture books, EM Beginning Geography, Artistic Pursuits
  9. I recently rejoined. I had a personal account for a while (about five years ago) and it was easy to cancel, but recently signed back up because I like their vitamins and Renew lotion. I can get different brands of dish soap or laundry detergent, but will probably buy from Melaleuca if I'm making an order anyway. I used their prenatal vitamins with my last child and they didn't make me gag or feel sick. He was born very healthy, too. I've been having some thyroid problems for a couple years and didn't want to do anything drastic and tried to fix it with diet, but without success. I started taking Melaleuca vitamins again and had some blood tests done about 5-6 weeks later and my thyroid is suddenly okay. ???? I don't know if it was the vitamins, but it is the only thing I can think of that I was doing differently, so I signed back up to start getting them regularly. We shall see if this continues well. Also, winter always brings on dry skin, and I like their lotion. I've given it to friends who suffer from chapped hands with good results.
  10. Take a look at Learn Math Fast Vol. 5
  11. I tried the Down for everyone or just me website and it is down for everyone ? I couldn't log in anymore for the longest time because it was not a secure site, and there was no response from an admin after trying to contact them, but now it looks like it is gone.
  12. My daughter has this software: I bought classes from Udemy, but she hasn't started them yet, so I don't have a review. studio Or, if he wants to draw frame by frame then something like this is easy to use: There's a 30 day free trial.
  13. My son used this and I would not use it again for my dd. My son completed many of the practice tests, but most of the questions on the test were not the kind of questions on the driver's test. The practice exams had many legal questions including sentence times for violations, but the actual exam was more practical driving questions which he was able to answer because he completed the practice exams on the DMV website, too. Since my son did complete the course, he is able to qualify for an unrestricted license after he completes the six hours behind the wheel with a driving school instructor. I agree that only practice behind the wheel will help your child become a better driver. The online course very good at emphasizing the danger of driving.
  14. I've been summoned twice and was exempt both times.
  15. Hi Smiles, A lot of people feel they need help with teaching writing. IEW started out with just the TWSS, but many people needed more hand holding and asked that Pudewa just teach their kids, so they came out with the Student Writing Intensive DVDs. He can start in level A. Level A is suggested for grades 3-5. SWI A, B, and C all start at the beginning. Level B covers a couple more topics than A, but if you continue with IEW the following years, he will eventually work his way through all the units. My children enjoy watching Mr. Pudewa and laugh at his jokes. The assignments are broken down into small steps each day until you have a complete assignment.
  16. Yes, you can do it that way. It is a full year program. They can both do a theme-based book the following year and then do the continuation course together the year after that. The SICC-B is more than a year's worth of work. An IEW rep told me that it can take one and a half years to complete it. They didn't always have the Fix-it and I've only used book one, "The Nose Tree". It was okay, and my children liked it, but they will get grammar reinforcement in their writing. They'll learn about strong verbs, quality adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and clausal openers. So, if you did a light grammar program or none at all this coming year, I think they would be fine. You decide depending on how well they know their grammar at this point. I think it is okay to skip a year if you do. I'm struggling adding a K'er in with my two high-schoolers, and I'm still trying to figure out a good schedule for us to stick to get it all done without wearing me out.
  17. The lessons are similar, but there is a little bit more taught in level B, and you can use it for your 4th grader, too. If needed, there are alternate source documents available at the link below. I think it works great for reluctant writers because it helps them with what to write and gives them a plan for how to write it. Eventually, as they work through the units, they learn how to come up with the what to write on their own. The lesson time lengths vary. I think the longer lessons are when you have to watch the video, but we enjoy watching them. On those days, we usually don't need to do any actual writing. The following days they are writing and editing their work and it doesn't take as much time. I bookmarked this link to IEW helps. I think it will answer your questions and then some. At the bottom of the page is a SWI level comparison chart for at a glance, but there is also a link with a detailed comparison chart for SWI and the SICC. There's a link at the top of the page to level A source documents to use for younger students tagging along with an older using a higher level. Lots of good information there.
  18. My ds16 used books 3, 5, and 6 this year. We started the year with another algebra 2 text book, but stopped to do these books. Since there are only about 30 lessons in each book aside from the tests, I went all the way back to book 3 to get a solid review of algebra. Also, the sequence is different from other curriculum. Slopes are introduced in book three. Concepts are broken down and practiced in each lesson. The other text we were using introduced too many steps in a lesson. LMF breaks the steps down and you practice it and then you add to it in the next lesson and practice that. I noticed that some math concepts were broken down into three lessons that showed up in one lesson of the other text we had on hand. The author's way of explaining concepts were so simple and easy to follow. My son went through the books almost all on his own. He had to email the author a couple of times, and she responded right away and offered to even talk with him on the phone. She sincerely wanted him to understand the math concepts. DS did find a mistake in the answer key and she thanked him, told him he earned a gold star, and gave us a discount on future purchases. There is no review. At times, the lesson will say, if you don't remember how to do this part, go back to lesson #_ of volume #_. There was one lesson in volume 6 that I really wish that there were more practice problems for. I think it was on mixtures and percent concentrations. There are some extra practice sheets for other concepts on their website though. The last test in book 6 was really long. I would break it up into two days instead of one. My dd14 did books 3 and 5 this year, too. She did much better with these than other books. Math use to make her cry, but I think she is making friends with math now. ;) We'll continue with the geometry book, volume 7, next year.
  19. Did you know that IEW has a theme book for 1-2 grade?
  20. Is it the Larson Algebra textbook with the free videos with Dana Mosely teaching? Algebra Within Reach Videos are here:
  21. I used HAS with two of my children when they were younger. It was convenient and made it easy to get art time in. Both my kids enjoyed it. Yes, I think It was worth it. I don't know what ages you are looking to teach, but if you are looking for something that will also include art appreciation, take a look at the free lessons on Rainbow Resource. Sharon Jeffus (Visual Manna) covers art elements, appreciation, and covers a couple of projects in each lesson. Most of them also have a book linked to the lesson, too.
  22. :grouphug: Hope you are feeling better again soon. Glad to hear you are all alright.
  23. I'm still trying to adjust to adding my youngest to our home school. LOE Foundations B&C (cursive) Right Start Math A (If we finish early, we'll continue with B) Beautiful Feet Books Around the World with Picture Books Lots of Bob Books (We love reading these together and laugh a lot.) Artistic Pursuits book one and Home Art Studio K Made some changes already (again)
  24. I'll have two in high school and a K/1 next year. DS 11th Math: Jacob's Geometry (LMF) MUS Stewardship/Personal Finance Science: Discovering Design with Chemistry English/History: IEW Advanced American History theme book Continuation Course C and Beautiful Feet Modern US & World History Korean & Fluenz Mandarin Auto DD 10th (future animator) Math: VTI Algebra Science: Discovering Design with Chemistry English/History: IEW Advanced American History theme book IEW Continuation Course C, Beautiful Feet Modern US & World History Japanese from Zero PE ART: She lives and breathes art. If she finishes these classes early, we have other options waiting in the wings. Artistic Pursuits High School Book 1 Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing (Udemy) Character Art School: Complete Coloring & Painting (Udemy)
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