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    DS has used the one linked below and liked it. Very convenient but may or may not be enough padding for everyone: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001LF3FQE/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. Food science would be nice too.
  3. There are a number of ways to respond to this. First, maybe we haven’t! There is one school of thought which posits that free-will is an illusion. Second, quantum physics doesn’t hold that physics is strictly deterministic. However, I don’t know that randomness at the sub-atomic level has been shown to scale up. Third, there is a theory that free-will could be some kind of emergent property. For example, water has properties that that neither hydrogen nor oxygen alone have, and a brain has properties (free-will) that its components do not have.
  4. The e-reader and email reminder ideas are good. Also, for books with plastic covers, you can put a sticky or removable painters tape and write down when the book is due. I find that helps me, anyway.
  5. Oh --- I thought maybe his problem with it was that it would't be profitable enough. What is he planning on doing with the business degree?
  6. Well, he could always start out as a mechanic and then eventually run his own business.
  7. I assume he has a LinkedIn account? As a PP said, I believe networking is still very big despite the rise of the Internet. Of course, I would exploit the Internet as much as possible, but he should be contacting everyone he is comfortable with about getting a job even if they don't work in Florida because they may know someone who does.
  8. Yes, repeating back is an "active listening" technique; however, you are supposed to paraphrase what the person said, not just repeat back exactly. If I did that, it would be prefaced with "is this what you mean" or "I heard you say...".
  9. 5of5

    Chess set help

    So, tell me, do you carve the chess pieces out of cheese? :tongue_smilie:
  10. Wine! (Gee -- I hope nobody notices that this is my answer to everything.)
  11. 5of5

    Chess set help

    Yes, I'd lean toward marble or wood. I'm sure you can find some nice-looking wood sets if your budget is tight.
  12. 5of5

    Chess set help

    One issue with some glass sets is that the pieces are hard to see.
  13. 5of5

    Chess set help

    Is this for a fixed location or would you be taking it places? The latter might suggest a magnetic set. Otherwise, I've always been partial to marble, but don't actually have such a set now.
  14. When I first read the puzzle, it reminded me something I worked on as a kid but goes around the internet from time to time: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zebra_Puzzle Be warned! This one is a bit more difficult than this birth date problem.
  15. Well, dark chocolate is practically a heath food! :D
  16. I'm confident that "thinking" had nothing to do with it.
  17. ??? Because of the size of their rods? :confused1:
  18. Yeah, this seems really odd in the age of computers everywhere. But, well, this is the government. :closedeyes:
  19. I’m hoping not to pick on anyone in particular, but for those of you who think this thirty year old could be just clueless and immature: is this common in your experience? I could see clueless (maybe) if we were talking low twenties, but thirty-something? If the average thirty year old is really this clueless then I guess I’m really out of the loop!
  20. Slipper --- let us know if you need any more non-conservative Christians to weigh in.
  21. Actually, if Target did sell "faith", it would probably come in different flavors, sizes, etc., etc. So, you'd still need to decide which "faith" to buy! :001_rolleyes:
  22. Jean -- someone I know also had this problem, and his accountant said to just submit by paper, and didn't suggest doing a fraud report. So, opinions vary on this.
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