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  1. Well, of course. Isn't that how most people access health care? What person doesn't believe that the local physicians follow his/her fb page waiting to jump in and offer medical advice based on a private message? :001_rolleyes:
  2. Then it becomes an inspirational internet story to forward to all of your friends.
  3. You can see some of the cheesy dinosaurs from the interstate. Ft. Knox is about 15 minutes off I-65 if you're interested in going to the Patton Museum (free).
  4. I'm sitting here coveting this. You make manure sound beautiful.
  5. This family is probably an hour(ish) from there. Maybe that's really it. They're trying to recreate that experience for their kids. (*SMH* I don't really think that's it.)
  6. :smilielol5: This may have become one of my favorite threads ever. (The comments and opportunity for self-education .... not the situation itself.)
  7. With all of this chatter, I'm beginning to think the composting toilet has the makings for the next hot MLM company. Somebody needs to jump on this, become their own boss, and make their millions. I'm nearly convinced I need a composting toilet.
  8. That was my first thought. It's like living in a giant chocolate cupcake.
  9. Please check the Stolen Valor Act of 2013. Depending on the details it could be a crime. And it's despicable.
  10. I have never gotten mad at someone for using food stamps to buy a birthday cake. I'm not sure I've ever noticed someone using food stamps to buy a birthday cake - but it doesn't make me feel angry sitting here thinking about it. And I often give $ to panhandlers. Sometimes a water bottle. Sometimes a granola bar. That doesn't make me mad either.
  11. :grouphug: It's an awesome tool for all the friends/family/people who say "let me know if you need anything" in situations like that.
  12. Virtual panhandling? I wonder how the people with GFM pages feel about people on the street corner?
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