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    Well, of course. Isn't that how most people access health care? What person doesn't believe that the local physicians follow his/her fb page waiting to jump in and offer medical advice based on a private message? :001_rolleyes:
  2. Then it becomes an inspirational internet story to forward to all of your friends.
  3. You can see some of the cheesy dinosaurs from the interstate. Ft. Knox is about 15 minutes off I-65 if you're interested in going to the Patton Museum (free).
  4. My little guy actually had his plums nipped off today. He has no sparkle in his eyes and he stinks like holy heck.
  5. I am so glad you mentioned this. We had the tiniest little bag of yellow and white fur covered bones show up in our yard last summer (I was pretty sure we were just providing palliative care - a little milk/water and a scrambled egg, it did not look like it would survive long). We named the little thing Daisy. Now we call him "Daisy the Warrior Prince", or "Daisy, Fierce and Mighty Warrior".
  6. I have fallen off my chair and now have a concussion due to the kitten cuteness.
  7. I got a small one on a whim when I was 22 (I'm now 44). I would love to have it removed; it has no meaning to me except my own stupidity at that time of my life. I need to lose 25 lbs and have this one reworked into something that has meaning to me (part of my stupidity was the placement, I was fresh out of basic training and in really great shape - things have a way of changing over the years).
  8. I learned a lot through the use of (free) and Harvey's Elementary Grammar (Amazon has it for $9.89). I think KISS worked really well for me due to the whole visual/kinesthetic aspect to it - I like to go through the passage and mark the different parts in different colors using different symbols. It's like a puzzle.
  9. I pour 2 cups of coffee into my Vitamix, slice off a little bit (maybe a tsp) of unsalted butter and then scoop about a TB of coconut oil in and spin it around until it's frothy (10-15 secs). We drink the Costco brand of Columbian coffee. I think butter in coffee sounds so strange, but it tastes so good.
  10. We like the free He's a little silly, but he makes it completely understandable. He has a couple of TEDD talks where he explains his reason for the silliness - lots of people feel stupid where math is concerned - like other people will laugh at them - so he makes it easy for them to ask questions because he's already broken the ice by allowing everyone to laugh at him.
  11. I think we're going to try the CK-12 today and see how it works. I have 2 at home that have been doing nearly everything together from the get-go, they're pretty close in age. This looks as if it would work with how we like to do nearly everything - sit at the table, read outloud, talk about it, look for youtube videos that explain or demonstrate. So, again, thanks. I'm also somewhat interested in /2/"]!prettyPhoto[gallery]/2/ this one, it seems similar to TRISMS (which we're using this year), has anyone else actually used it?
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