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  1. Several doctors I've seen won't proscribe it just for toe fungus; they think it isn't worth the potential risk to the liver.
  2. Any cats new to your neighborhood? :mellow:
  3. Have you ever looked at this question from the perspective of an atheist? If you did, you might think about the following. If God doesn’t exist, neither does any divine inspiration for religious morals. So, in that case, where does the moral teachings in the bible and other texts come from? Again, not from God, by assumption here. Therefore, the moral positions that religions promulgate are actually human inventions or discoveries (depending upon your point of view).
  4. In formal logic, that sounds like the ‘appeal to authority’ fallacy. I also think it may be a ‘scope error’ to conflate what works in objective science with subjective fields, such as morality. Are there clear and obvious experts in ethics such as you have in science?
  5. I don’t think conscience as particularly surprising or hard-to-explain. Just as the body’s pain mechanism guides behaviors to avoid physical damage, the brain’s conscience guides the “right†behavior to function well in the group. Viewed in this light, a conscience is a form of learning; a short-cut method to guide our actions. If I had to reason out the best way to respond to every social situation, it would be very difficult (or I’d need a much faster & calorie-consuming brain!). What I personally find more interesting is why we are self-aware, but I was assuming that you weren’t talking about ‘consciousness’ (sentience).
  6. Actually, with respect to empathy, etc., this has been researched, and there are some decent explanations for it. I don't have a reference handy, nor can I accurately reproduce the full argument. The explanation runs to the way a pack animal survives. In our early history, it was crucial to remain with the group, as humans were not well-adapted to survive on their own. Hence, if I was well-liked, or knew how to get along with the group (empathy, conscience, etc.) then I was more likely to not be kicked out.
  7. As an aside, there's no rational way to prove a negative (in general). That's why the burden of proof must always be on those who are making the positive assertion.
  8. Your perception that there are "so many" is doubtlessly biased; it is a self-selected sample: you naturally don't hear from the atheists that are quiet.
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