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  1. I remember reading somewhere that Almanzo was only 5'4". I wonder if genetics affected his height.
  2. Thank you for the info. I hate having to wait 6 months. I'll check into the disorders/syndromes you listed. The doctor mentioned Marfan Syndrome but before we left he said he felt confident it wasn't that. We live near a pretty good Children's hospital.
  3. We took my son to see a pediatric cardiologist because he occasionally has chest pains. We found out he has a small hole in his heart which is benign. I'm not freaked about that because his older sister has the same thing. He also said his aorta is mildly enlarged, though. I wasn't expecting to hear that so I wasn't thinking clearly enough to ask many questions. He said neither problem has anything to do with his chest pains. He believes those are muscular in nature. We're to bring him back in 6 months to see if it's getting larger. So...I'm thinking 'mildly' enlarged is not
  4. Ha! :lol: I think I'm going to adopt these rules for my family.
  5. I just see so many young girls pouring their hearts out on FB over a break-up. I know, at times, teens can be dramatic but they seem to be so devastated only to be 'in a relationship' and totally in love with someone new the next week. There's very little maturity to it. It all seems so pointless to me.
  6. My kids use Easy Grammar. They seem to like it which really aids in adding to its effectiveness.
  7. This isn't a book but I thought this site might help. http://youtubeguitarlessons.net/
  8. I've heard so many parents say that their children aren't allowed to date until they're 16. What's so freaking special about 16? I personally think it depends on the maturity level of each individual kid.
  9. This! Could you elaborate more on the creepy men in the stands?
  10. I felt horrible our second week of co-op. It's a nut-free campus due to a couple of children having life threatening allergies. That particular morning we were in a hurry so I told my youngest dd to pack her lunch. She packed, among other things, a peanut butter sandwich and a no-bake cookie. She told me but it didn't register until talking to one of the moms about her daughter's allergy during 1st hour. I was apologetic and she was understanding. I felt like a jack-ass, though. I don't understand how someone can knowingly be uncooperative when it comes to this stuff.
  11. These are cute and my kids like these type of projects but what exactly are they used for? ETA: Okay...I'm dumb. The things are called criss-cross coasters. That should have been my first clue.
  12. I'm getting conflicting answers from the internet. It's boneless if that makes a difference.
  13. Okay...that's what I thought. I had skimmed through her response quickly so I wasn't sure.
  14. Is that what she was saying? I thought she meant a child that had been molested might turn out gay. I need to reread it.
  15. A-freakin'-men. I'm tired of the hassle. I also hate that if you don't start a sport while in the womb, you don't stand a chance of making a team.
  16. You can get a lot of useful info from the people on the Chalk Bucket forums. I'd go there: http://www.chalkbucket.com/forums/parent-forum/
  17. That's great, MaggieAnnie! I'm glad you all had such a positive experience with the officer.
  18. She said she'd go off the deep end. That's why she'd ask her husband. I think some of you are being a little hard on wintermom. Most of us offer advice based on what we know and what works for us. I believe this is what she did. IMO, I think disagreements could be voiced a little less harshly.
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