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  1. We have had both...propane was far more expensive and smelled horrible even with "no leaks" according to the furnace people that came out multiple times. I have a pretty sensitive nose. We heat w/ wood only now - much better.
  2. I like the digital pet idea the best. All animals take work, some far less than others...
  3. Just turned off the TV because they couldn't agree on a show...now they are out checking Bees w/ my husband.
  4. I like anything by Judith Lasater (she is very safe and her teaching is really great) ,also Yoga for the Young at Heart, and Yoga for inflexible people. It would have more to do with your fitness level than your age..there are a lot of videos. Yoga Journal's website is a great resource for info...
  5. My Akita is a senior dog when she is really bad I have a prescription for her pain its inexpensive 7.00 for 30...I wonder if they could just prescribe something on Monday just to have on hand. I don't know about movement either, but my gut would say to let him up and move around, our dog gets worse the more she sits not better. We have used "towel" carries for our dog, loop the towel under the back end of the abdomen near the groin on either side of the belly (not through the legs)like a sling pulling upward gently as he tries to walk? He does seem really young for back pain...I don't k
  6. While I personally would be more concerned about the cleaning chemicals than the germs I HAVE felt the reverse. If its particularly, gross put you can always start having your husband start toting a pocket sized can of Lysol (yes they have them), or have the kiddos go just before they leave and again when they get home...
  7. I always kept two double fleece blankets in the car and had a fleece Columbia all in one that my DD2 wore. We live pretty far north, so sometimes it just went on as clothing and then I packed a cooler outfit to change her into once we were inside. I toted coats, but when my girls were really little we didn't put them on until we arrived at our destination.
  8. I took private classes hosted in my home with a midwife who taught Bradly she definitely used the word led (lead). This was a poor dynamic for us immediately, what I like about Birthing from Within was the strong roll the woman played in her own birth. I am not anti-Bradley, but I had a very hard time with a lot of outside stimulus in labor. I did best closing my eyes and blocking out everyone and everything. I definitely think it would work and work well for some couples, it didn't for us. There have to be some midwives in the area, is it possible that you could work as a birth educator/
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