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    I am a mother of seven and a wife to my husband and not exactly in that order :)
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    Spending time with the LORD and with my family,taking nature walks,reading good books to my children
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    too many jobs to list.
  1. THanks! I will look into to both of these suggestions!
  2. Where would I start with Latin with children 1st-6th grade. Need something that doesn't need alot of planning out and would be easy to implement. Never looked into this before so any ideas would welcomed :)
  3. Where can I find green marbled contact paper to use for a timeline. I wanted it to match the MOH cover for a big timeline we are making for this school year. Maybe I am being overly fussy but I really wanted to make it look just right :) Anybody have any suggestions? I tried Walmart, shopko, Menards and such. Even ebay which i did find some but when I got them they were no where near being long enough to cover the board! I need 2 big rolls! Thanks :)
  4. Thank you for sharing that! I will be checking that out :001_smile:
  5. What living books would you recommend to supplement Biology 101 DVDS and any other books that would enhance this course. Thanks :)
  6. Is there a way to make MOH for my highschoolers more independent? Thanks!
  7. Would you recommend additional grammer/spelling for an 8 yo soon to be 4th grader whom I hope to be using WT 1 with this school year? This is a new curriculum to me and it was hard to tell from the samples. He is almost done with FLL 3 and we are currently using WWE as well but hope to replace that with WT. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for sharing! I will be passing this on to my daughter :) She spends much time jewelry making and these could be very helpful to her!
  9. I shouldn't be doing this so late at night lol! I just stumbled on the book Friendly Chemistry and that looked kinda interesting too :)
  10. Has anyone used Chemistry 101 dvds and living books for a non science minded highschooler? I was also thinking of having him use Dr. David Menton's dvds Body of Evidence with it as well. Any thoughts on this?
  11. Thank you! I didn't want to overwhelm him with too much! There is a bit of competition between these two and I wanted to eliminate some or all of that! My older boy goes at a leaisurely pace ( which is fine as long as he is learning) but his younger brother just barges ahead full throttle and you can't hold him back. That's why I thought getting them out of the same curriculum (even though it is at different levels) might be a good thing! What if I switched the younger to Rod and Staff since he enjoys more challenging material?
  12. Would you recommend combining these two curriculums? He is currently using FLL but his younger brother is advanced and has almost caught up to him and now he would like to be in a different curriculum then his brother. Would you combine these two curriculums and just skip the writing in Rod and Staff or would you recommend doing both. He is not fond of writing and WWE has been very good for him this year so I really wanted to continue it with him. Thanks for your thoughts!
  13. Where would I find the Donna Young schedule and how do you link it to the cd? I'm not real computer savvy so sorry I sound so dumb lol! Thanks to both ladies for the input! I appreciate it very much!
  14. My 8 yo just set himself a goal of starting algebra 1 when he is 10. He is flying through TT 5 and will soon be in TT 6. I just ordered LOF for him to use with TT for more challenge. I would be very interested in any responses you may get on this subject.
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