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  1. Thanks all! It gives us some ideas to look for.
  2. Thanks, for ideas. Her local community college doesn't have it just the university. She was on the lookout for something online, cheaper, etc that she could work and do in the evenings.
  3. My 20 yr old dd is working full time but is interested in graphic design. She just has a vague knowledge so far and is assuming she would need to do it online. So if you just wanted to get your feet wet and figure out a little more about the degree and pick and choose a few classes, is there any classes, online colleges, etc you would recommend?
  4. If looking for a shorter, one month one, check out a new one by Tara Barndt on Amazon working through Philippians. Short but not fluffy.
  5. They all really did pile on you didn't they? One of the reasons I quit posting here but occasionally read things. You sound like an amazing mom. Don't let the pile on discourage you.
  6. Just encouraging you that we did this for our son. He is still using it as he goes to school but it looks like it will work out well. He has two roommates and they are all able to pay around $200/month less in rent than any thing else out there. We think we will sell at a profit but even if we don't the low rent for these years will make it worth it. The only issues have been expecting him to be the grown up and take care of all the bills etc and he's had a few not so grown up moments. Good training for him though!
  7. Our son had this. About every week on schedule from the time he was three. Took several years to diagnose. Giving him ibuprofen as soon as the headache helped. Using ametryptolene (sp?) eventually helped break the cycle and he grew out of the worst of it at puberty. He still has some migraines but more typical. They told is that females tend to be more hormonal related.
  8. We just had to say goodbye to a baby we had for 10 weeks - so hard!
  9. The silicone ones they use for swimmers. Blocks just about every noise out!

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    SOLD Teaching Textbook Pre-Calculus, Textbook, answer key, all DVD’s; 2007 (Newest edition available), Cover a little worn, pencil markings, very usable, $75 Teaching Textbook Algebra I ,Textbook, answer key, all DVD’s; 2004 First edition (I prefer because answers must be written out not typed into computer), worn cover with pencil marks throughout $50 Teaching Textbook Geometry, Textbook, answer key, all DVD’s 2005 First edition, (I prefer because answer must be written out not typed into computer), worn cover with pencil marks throughout $50 Chalkdust Precalculus complete set - all in great shape $75 Precalculus with Limits, 3rd edtion, Larson, Hostetler, Edwards 2001, ISBN 9780618052912 (0618052917) Precalculus Complete Solutions Guide ISBN 0618074120 Chalk Dust Company Precalculus with Dana Mosely, original Chalk Dust case Calculus set - all in great shape $75 (same teacher as Chalkdust) Calculus by Larson, Hostetler, Edwards, 4th Edition, ISBN 0669164062 DVD Teaching by Dana Mosely, produced by Cengage Learning (original DVD’s, no copies) This teaching series correlated to Calculus 9th edition, Calculus of a Single Variable 9th Edition, Multivariable Calculus 9th Edition Precalculus with Limits, 2nd edition, Larson, Hostetler, Edwards, 1997 ISBN 0669417580, worn but very usable, $15 (this is just the textbook, can correlate to Chalkdust and Dana Mosely's teaching, I just ended up with two) College Algebra, Lial, Hornsby, Schneider, 8th Edition, ISBN 0321056582 Great shape $20 ppd This book is titled College Algebra by Margaret Lial and is nearly indentical to the more current editions including ISBN 0321671791 or ISBN 9780321671790 the 11th edition or 2012 edition or even more recent edition. Mathematical Ideas, Miller, Heeren, Hornsby, 12th edition, hardcover, great shape $20


  11. Economics in a Box looks like it has about 30 different clips from him. I can't find a good list with out typing each one out but I wouldn't be surprised if it is the same videos you are thinking of. It has been several years since we used it and I'm having a little trouble seeing where they are even scheduled in but I'm sure could be used along side if they aren't specifically scheduled. Maybe someone else knows more than I.
  12. I'm not familiar with what you are talking about but we did Economics in a Box that uses Stossels DVD's. It also uses some other books and has questions for every chapter and extra writing assignments etc that were optional. I felt it was at least 1/2 credit. We like it a lot!

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    Bennett, William J. The Educated Child: A Parent’s Guide Free Press 1999 Almost new condition/$5 Bluedorn, Nathaniel The Thinking Toolbox Christian Logic 2005 Almost new/$10SOLD Bluedorn, Nathaniel The Fallacy Detective Christian Logic 2002 Almost new/$10SOLD Cheaney, Janie Wordsmith Apprentice DGC Inc. 1995 A couple erased pages, worn corners $8 Ferris, Helen Favorite Poems Old and New Doubleday 1957 Almost new condition, no dust cover/$8 Hodkinson, Kenneth Wordly Wise 3000 Book 6 EPS 2012 New/$8 Mortimer, Susan REMEMBERING GOD'S AWESOME ACTS Student and Teacher Susan Mortimer 1996 Almost new, set/$18 Richards, Lawrence O. International Children's Bible Field Guide Thomas Nelson 2006 Almost new condition/$5 Tiner, John Hudson Exploring Planet Earth (Sense of Wonder Series) Master Books 1997 Almost new condition, slightly bent corners/$6 Knight, Tanis Tap the Deck Stack the Deck 2005 Unused/$4 Reish, Donna Meaningful Composition 4 and 4+, 2 semesters Training for Triumph 2009 Really good except for some minimal writing – easy to work around/ $10 Hobar, Linda The Mystery of History 3, cd companion Bright Ideas Press A little water mark on case, works great/$15 Bauer, Susan Wise The Story of the World 3 and 4 Peace Hill 2004 Really good condition/$16SOLD Boorstin, Daniel The Landmark History Avyx 2000 Almost new/$20 Wheeler, Phylis Computer Science Pure and Simple, book 2 Motherboard Books 2007 Almost new/$10 ppd paypal preferred


  14. mims

    Elementary Greek


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    Gatchell, Christine Elementary Greek Koine for Beginners, 1 Audio and Textbook Open Texture 2005 Sold as set, this cover fairly worn, inside great/$15 Gatchell, Christine Elementary Greek Koine for Beginners, 3 Audio and Textbook Open Texture 2007 Sold as set, very good condition,/$18 Gatchell, Christine Elementary Greek Koine. , level 2 flashcards Open texture $4 ppd paypal preferred


  15. Check out college confidential. It isn't a scam per se but is not usually worth it. You pay $50 and the statistics show that very few get scholarships and it isn't viewed too highly on resumes etc.

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    Egolf, Terrance BJU Earth Science, 4th Ed Bob Jones 2012 Very good condition, some highlighting/$20 Porch, Thomas E. Biology for Christian Schools, Volumes A&B BJU Press 2005 Some writing and highlighting, labs used so will need to buy separate lab book/$8 ppd paypal preferred



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    3 Singapore books/ sold as set/$12 All Singapore books sold Hoerst, Jennifer Primary Mathematics Intensive Practice U.S. Ed 6A Singapore 2004 All level 6 are good condition, some smudges, bent corners, Hoerst, Jennifer Primary Mathematics Intensive Practice U.S. Ed 6B Singapore 2004 Lee, Joseph Primary Mathematics: Challenging Word Problems Gr 6, US Ed EPB 2006 Chalkdust Algebra (Elementary and Intermediate course)on the cheap with Dana Mosely, whole set/$120 obo Larson, Roland E. Elementary Algebra Teaching CD's (teaching by Dana Mosely) Houghton Mifflin 2008 Larson, Ron Elementary and Intermediate Algebra: A Combined Course Cengage Learning 2004 set Larson, Ron Elementary and Intermediate Algebra Solutions 4th Ed Cengage Learning 2004 Set ppd paypal preferred


  18. "What did you Expect" by Tripp. A very, very good marriage book! http://www.amazon.com/What-Did-You-Expect-Redesign/dp/1433530783/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1421173644&sr=8-1&keywords=what+did+you+expect
  19. I haven't used version 2 but like the layout of version 1. The work isn't done on the computer and I think that works much better for proofs etc.
  20. The new LTOW is much clearer in lay out. It is easier to wrap your mind around the implementation. I really like LTOW.
  21. I'm in the process of selling these and just think I realized that mine is probably Alg I and II. Is that right? My son really did not like them and it has been about 3 years since we touched them. The subtitle "A Combined Course" should have clued me in earlier I guess. Thanks!
  22. Montana has had below 0 and we might get over 10 today . . .
  23. We had a different name on a transcript sent to state university and they made us resend it with the words Homeschool on it. I have since heard of several people on this board having that requirement.
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