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  1. If looking for a shorter, one month one, check out a new one by Tara Barndt on Amazon working through Philippians. Short but not fluffy.
  2. They all really did pile on you didn't they? One of the reasons I quit posting here but occasionally read things. You sound like an amazing mom. Don't let the pile on discourage you.
  3. Just encouraging you that we did this for our son. He is still using it as he goes to school but it looks like it will work out well. He has two roommates and they are all able to pay around $200/month less in rent than any thing else out there. We think we will sell at a profit but even if we don't the low rent for these years will make it worth it. The only issues have been expecting him to be the grown up and take care of all the bills etc and he's had a few not so grown up moments. Good training for him though!
  4. Our son had this. About every week on schedule from the time he was three. Took several years to diagnose. Giving him ibuprofen as soon as the headache helped. Using ametryptolene (sp?) eventually helped break the cycle and he grew out of the worst of it at puberty. He still has some migraines but more typical. They told is that females tend to be more hormonal related.
  5. We just had to say goodbye to a baby we had for 10 weeks - so hard!
  6. Wow, that is interesting! How often do you see this happen? My daughter is quick to get frustrated with something like this. How do I go about complaining if this keeps coming up?
  7. Thanks for your comments. I'm minimal in Spanish and now can't remember the word! I know it wasn't chica. I'll have to ask her tomorrow. Interesting about how it adapts - I'll try to pass that onto her so she know to expect it and not get frustrated.
  8. My daughter has been using a duolingo Spanish app and really liking it. She quit over the summer and started up this fall. All of a sudden it is putting new words in that she hasn't learned. Yesterday she got a translation wrong because it said it should be 'chick' not woman. Does she have a setting wrong, is this common? She says there have been quite a few more but doesn't remember them.
  9. Greenough Park is an amazing walk - very green with wandering paths a long a beautiful creek. Montana Club or Jakers are both good restaurants without being extreme in price. Lots of ethnic restaurants. Florence Coffee or Liquid Planet are usually considered the best local coffee places.Depending what days you are here there are a number of farmer's markets with really amazing variety.
  10. Not much in the way of reviews on Amazon, have you ever used it?
  11. My daughter has something similar to dyslexia and has struggled with writing all along. We have done a variety of curriculum and she has definitely improved but she will always struggle with a lot of output and smooth flowing writing. She is now a Senior and really wants to learn how to do research papers in case she needs them for the future. She gets less frustrated if it is laid out step-by-step and she can do it on her own for the most part without me in the middle. We want something that takes you from deciding on a topic, to research and organize it, to citation (it would be nice to practice MLA and APA maybe), etc. It looks like IEW's Research Paper may do that - will it or is there something better out there? Thanks so much!
  12. I really, really liked BJU consumer math but with a couple caveats: - they used a lot of formulas such as interest etc and had continuous review of them throughout the book (which was great) but the formulas were never listed in one location and are definitely complicated enough that you would never memorize them all. After getting into the book for a little while we started writing them on a separate sheet and that really helped. - Some of the lessons had a ridiculous amount of problems. 15 problems of the same easy step over and over or towards the end having to do 10 different tax returns in one lesson. You just need to be comfortable saying 3 of those or 2 of those. Loved the overall topics and presentation, the review of lots of basic math, and layout (except for the lack of one spot the formulas are listed). We did the Dave Ramsey (personal finance wisdom) at the same time and plan on doing economics (the laws of economics and the whole government policy) and accounting (business end of things) next year. They all cover different things but for a child who is interested in entrepreneurship I think the combo is important and not too repetitive.
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