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  1. on any forum I've ever been on. Seriously, some of you will argue over the word "the." You post your opinions about things that haven't been asked, and then wonder why others take offense or call you out on it, and then, oh boy! watch out for the claws. Best wishes. I will not be back.
  2. I make quinoa tabblouleh. You can use any tabbouleh recipe and just substitute quinoa. It's a very light and refreshing salad. Sometimes I use it in place of barley in soups.
  3. Thank you for the information. I am icing it in the evenings, but I think I should do it more often.
  4. May I ask what treatment you received that you feel better in just a couple of days? The first time I had it it took months to recover, and now I have it again in the other foot. My doctor told me the first time to ice it and get good shoes, which I did and am doing now, and if it didn't get better in a couple of months to get steroid (?) shots that may or may not work. I know I need better shoes, I've been wearing thin sandals or flip flops all summer and now am paying the price, but I just can't stand for my feet to be covered up when the weather's hot. Thanks.
  5. I did not love high school (jr. high was pure torture-new kid, shy, completely different culture moving from New England to San Diego.) I had some good times and some horrible times. I was a very shy, insecure kid and of course became a target for a few. I was in band, so that didn't help. Because of some family issues, because I got sick of dealing with immature kids at school, and because I had more than enough credits because of band, I graduated a semester early and got a full-time job to earn money for college in the fall.
  6. "P.S. We even liked a food truck movie, lol! (You will be hungry after this movie!)" We saw this movie and loved it! I live near Los Angeles, so there are food trucks galore. There are roach-coaches, too, and taco trucks. We love the newer "gourmet" good trucks. When we go to LACMA there are always 6 or 8 trucks across the street so we pick a different one every time. The local cupcake shop, which was the first winner on the cooking network I guess (I don't have satellite) has a their own truck and they announce their locations every day on Facebook. I just go to the shop since it's down the road. Our high school band has had a couple of fund raisers where 15-20 gourmet food trucks get together, a small admission is charged and that and a portion of sales goes to the band. It's pretty fun!
  7. I see you are trying to fix your current oven. I hope it works! When we improved our kitchen (55+ year old house) I bought a Jen-Air dual oven range, with convection oven + small upper oven. The stove top is gas, but the oven uses electricity. It is about 10 years old now and it works like a dream! I love my oven so much. It does have a touch pad for the oven controls, but it is still working like new. I wasn't sure I'd use the smaller upper oven much, but it turns out I use it the majority of the time. We are only 3 living at home now, so that's probably why. Also, before the renovation I had a range hood that exhausted the air right back into the room (useless!) so I had a handyman vent a new range hood to go outside. He had to cut a hole through my brand new roof, and my oven wall is also in the middle of the house like yours so I was a bit nervous, but he did a good job and now the hot air vents to the outside.
  8. We saw this exhibit when it came to Orange County, CA. My daughter was 12 or 13 at the time. For a 6 year old, I probably wouldn't spend a lot of time going through it. Other than seeing the soldiers and some of the other artifacts, they will probably quickly become bored. Unless they already know a bit about it beforehand I wouldn't plan on it holding their interest for very long. For me, I was completely fascinated to see something I'd only heard or read about for years. My daughter thought it was interesting. I think we spent about 2 hours going through it and by that time she was really done. Do you get admission to the rest of the children's museum with your ticket? That would make it worth going and spending the rest of the day there. We loved the Indy Children's Museum, as you probably already know it is fantastic.
  9. I still read out loud to my 14 (15 this Saturday) year old daughter. It's a fun time for us. I think kids should be read aloud to for the longest possible time. We often have the most interesting talks because of something we've read, and we have lots of fun inside jokes because of a story we've read. It's not just about the stories, it's about the relationship building.
  10. I am so sorry for your family's loss. When my dad was killed almost 2 years ago in a hit and run accident, I was SO thankful that we homeschooled because I took a month off with my daughter to travel cross-country to stay with my mom after the funeral, to help her with all the insurance and other complicated paperwork she just couldn't manage on her own. Take as much time as you and the kids need, it really does help. {hugs and prayers.}
  11. My husband works very strange hours. Some nights he gets home from his regular M-F job at 7, 7:30 or 8, some nights he has a rehearsal or performance with his band and he can get home anywhere between 10pm and 3am the next morning. On nights he gets home at 7, we wait and eat with him when he gets here. Any later than that then we eat without him. I will either keep things warm in the oven for himm, or put together a casserole dish or pie pan covered with foil in the fridge for him to warm in the oven (or the microwave-depends on what it is, and obviously not the metal containers.) I almost always have salad available, too, because we all eat that and he loves it. If he gets home in the wee hours, he might just have a can of pineapple with a yogurt, or cereal and call it a night. He doesn't expect me to get everything out all over again for him when he gets home late, but I often will because I love him and want him to have a decent meal and feel that he is cared for after a long day. It is a hassle dirtying up the kitchen if I've cleaned it up already, I get that. I've been doing it for almost 20 years, but I have come to feel that it shows love and honor to make sure my husband feels cared for, even if it's just reheating some leftovers and dirtying up the kitchen again. (Some, or most actually, nights I don't bother with more than rinsing and stacking until after he's eaten.)
  12. I buy cheese at Sprouts market here in so.California. They shred all their cheese on site and sell it containers. I just looked at my latest container and it is labeled "shredded" Parmesan and it looks like the top photo posted above. If I buy the one they label "grated" it looks like much larger peels of parmesan, as if someone used a veggie peeler to peel a block of cheese. Maybe that's just their way of labeling?
  13. We saw them about three years ago, when daughter was 11 or 12. Blue Man Group is fantastic and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like it!
  14. I've homeschooled only one since we started. My youngest came out of public school in second grade and by that time my oldest was a college junior. We have a great time together (most of the time!) Enjoy this special time!
  15. I homeschool only one. I have two daughters, but my older daughter is 14 years older and was never homeschooled. My youngest daughter and I have become very close, she is hilariously funny, talented and smart and we have wonderful discussions. We like to take off on spur of the moment field trips and do geometry together. She has a great set of friends, too, and their moms are my good friends. The downside is that she doesn't have a close sibling at home, and when she was younger that was more of a problem because she expected, needed maybe, me to be her playmate all the time. I felt like I never got a break from all that energy she had and it was exhausting sometimes. Now that she's older and has more of her own interests (like fencing) it's not a problem. I hope you really enjoy this special time.
  16. Ok, l never said she (or I) don't look at the other side. I am not an idiot, I know there are two sides. As far as the OP, she asked for conservative sources. She doesn't say she doesn't watch other sources, but it seems everyone assumed she doesn't and jumped right in to share their favorite liberal sources. She ASKED for conservative, it seems simple to realize that 1. she probably already knows the other sides sources. and/or 2. she doesn't want liberal resources. Yet you all felt free to share information that wasn't asked for. It just seems pointless and stirs the pot, which I assume you are happy about since it worked with me anyway. I should know better. As far as conservative opinions and news programs not being good enough or whatever your opinion is of them, I've learned more about how the world works and what's going on in the rest of the world since I became a conservative Christian than all the years I was a liberal democrat and relied on network new channels and newspapers for their (un?)biased reporting. To the original poster, I apologize for the argument on your thread. I got riled up and I'm sorry.
  17. She asked specifically for conservative resources. Why would you presume she wants the liberal ones you offered, when she clearly knows her own mind? Did you not read the question, or are you assuming you know best for someone else?
  18. Townhall.com has videos on current events. adding: Also, this might have something you can use: http://www.ijreview.com/
  19. Same here. If you came here and asked for liberal sources, how would you feel if someone chimed in and tried to convince you your request was foolish and you should only look at conservative resources? The poster didn't ask for your opinion, she asked for conservative resources. If you don't have any you shouldn't have responded.
  20. She asked specifically for conservative views. Why would you think that she doesn't know her own mind and think she should look at other material? I think this is presumptuous.
  21. A good friend of mine lives in Napa. No one in her family was hurt, but their house is a MESS. From her pictures, everything in the kitchen is on the floor, same with the garage, anything on shelves is on the floor. She has a huge mess to clean up. My daughter's mother and father-in-law live just outside of Napa and they have almost no mess.
  22. My dad used to salt cantaloupe and grapefruit. I never understood why. He was from Indiana.
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