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  1. I just received my books - it took 5 days from the day I ordered... I think the issue is they use media mail which can take anywhere from a few days to over a few weeks depending on the mood of the post office!
  2. It did not work at all for us BUT I still would still recommend them. After six months I was able to return it for a 100% refund! The company absolutely stands behind their guarantee.
  3. My daughter just finished TT Alg 1. She does not want to continue with the TT series and has asked to switch to LOF. From what I read on the website: she should go through the LOF Beginning Algebra (Alg 1) and then move onto LOF Advanced Algebra (alg 2). I bought the books and the beginning algebra covers the same material that TT covers so she is going to work thrugh it this summer as a refresher/review and then move onto the advanced algebra in the fall. (I bought the companion book for the advanced but we won't need it for the beginning alg as it is mostly a review.) It looks like this plan will work well for us. I think if your child did well with TT then they can review the LOF beginning algebra and move right into the advanced algebra, but I would not skip the beginning algebra. If your child did not seem to do well with the TT Alg then I would spend more time on the LOF Beginning algebra. That's our plan of attack anyway...I certainly don't think you need to go back to LOF pre-algebra...
  4. We tried it - also saw it at a conference and bought it. My daughter absolutely hated it. Way too boring and too many different books to flip thorough. It moves very slow and she thought the lectures were way too long and drawn out. I ended up selling it at quite a loss on eBay. She used Teaching Textbooks Alg 1. She liked it better (but not enough to continue with Teaching Textbooks next year). In my opinion Video Text is great for a child that needs a slower pace and extra help. If your childs likes math and gets it the first time he will be bored. I hope it is a better fit for you then it was for us! We are still looking for that "perfect math program". I thought it was teaching texbooks but neither of my children want to use that again next year.
  5. I just sold TT 7 on eBay for $123 (Paid $149 last year) and TT Alg 1 (version 1) for $95.00. It is an expensive program but you can get a good return if you don't write in them...
  6. http://www.hmheducation.com/sciencefusion-homeschool/science-textbooks-grades-6-8.php I saw this at convention last week and think it might be a good for for my 7th grade daughter next year. Just wondering if anyone has tried it... I like that you can pick and choose the modules... I have BJU Life here that I used with my oldest but I don't think that would be a good fit for this one so I have been looking around to see whats out there for middle school.
  7. :bigear: my daughter also wants to do the OM art in the fall and I have been wondering the same thing...
  8. Thanks so much for posting. My daughter is signed up for the one in Pittsburgh in September! We are very excited, especia lly after hearing such a good review!
  9. I actually have the Keys to Algebra here - I will get that out and look at it. We did not love the key to percents and ended up skipping quite a bit. I am going to a convention in May so hopefully I'll be able to look around. I just assumed we'd continue on with Teaching Textbooks next year so I was unprepared to change!
  10. So we have just finished Teaching Textbooks math 7 and Key to Percents and my daughter says she doesn't want to do teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra next year for 7th grade. She doesn't like to listen to the lecture was her reason for wanting to change. Any suggestions for a decent Pre- Algebra? No Saxon (used it in private school and did not like it) Also have already tried VideoText and that was a no go. Anyone use Horizon's Pre-Alg? She seems to like to workbook approach and does not need a lot of repetition. :confused:
  11. Oak Meadow has a Brit Lit course...doesn't look to be too overwhelming...
  12. I'm not sure where you live but it is convention time of the year now. If there is one close to you you should go. They usually offer sessions on how to get started homeschooling, how to homeschool high school, etc and there are a wide variesty of curriculum vendors so you can see what is available...
  13. My daughter just finshed TT Alg 1 and is helping her friend get through Saxon Alg 1 because her friend is struggling with Saxon. My daughter learned it well enough to tutor someone using a different program so I think that shows a fairly good understanding of the concepts of Algebra. We haven't taken any standardized tests yet so I don't know how she'll do there but I have been having her look at other Alg 1 books her friends are using because I was concerned that TT was "lite". There doesn't seem to be anything she doesn't understand in the texts from private school frineds and ones at the library that the public schools use. I would not think that you could use TT for a co-op though...not sure how that would work because it is such a one on one program and not the typical textbook.
  14. Drive Thru History http://www.drivethruhistory.com/series/american-history/ They are fun for the kids to watch, from a Christian perspective, and are broken down into 30 minute segments. I believe they have some sort of lesson plans that you can get too but we watch them just for fun as a supplement.
  15. I think that depends on your writer. My 8th grader breezed right through it (she LOVES to write). We really like the book. It is fun and easy and breaks down the assignments into managable chunks. I will use it for my 7th grader next year. I also have a friend that used it for her boys this year (7th and 8th) and they have enjoyed writing for the first time. I would say it is fine for 8th grade. I have never used writing strands so I cannot compare them.
  16. How much time a day does a fairly motivated student spend? Can you skip some of the bible or is it an integral part of the program? What credits do you assign it for a transcript? History and Lit or History and English, or?
  17. Kolbe, Mother of Divine Grace, St. Thomas Aquinas - all Catholic Keystone, American School, Home Life Academy...
  18. What about an umbrella type school that gives you lots of flexibility but some accountablilty. They will keep records and issue a diploma and transcript and offer teacher assisted learning. Some let you choose your own curriculum...not sure if this would help you. The only ones that I know of off hand are ones my friends are using (and LOVE) and they happen to be Catholic but you do not have to take the religion classes (I have a non Catholic friend using one). They are Kolbe Academy and Mother of Divine Grace. I know there are many others...Cthaolic and not. My daughter is going into 9th grade next year and we are having the same issues here...I am still not sure what we are going to do... I've considered MFW also but I am also considering Mother of Divine Grace (we are not Catholic) because they will let me substitute our own math and science but my daughter will have someone else to give her input other then me...they also do all the record keeping for me (I am not organized). She does not have to take the religion classes.
  19. I'm wondering the same thing. My daughter is going into 9th grade next year and our local co-op is offering A&P for the high school science. Can I combine this with biology or would that be too much? I would like her to do bio next year so she can get through the normal science cycle...
  20. I started my daughter in Alg 1 in 7th grade. She has always been "advanced" (public school labeled her gifted and she skipped a grade) but we ended up putting it aside about half way through. She was scoring A's on all the tests an quizzes but she really just did not "get it". So we picked it up again the beginning of this school year (8th grade) and it has been so much better. She understands all the concepts and life is just so much easier! No more arguing about math! I think you made the right choice to hold off on Alg 1 until 8th grade...she'll still have plenty of time to get to advanced math if she chooses to!
  21. Never heard of Tops before but it looks like it might work - she could pick the topics of interest to her. Thanks!
  22. For my daughter who will be in 7th grade next year. We have the BJU Life Science that I used with my older daughter last year. It worked well for my older daughter but I just don't see it as a good fit for my younger one. I also have The Rainbow - textbook and teacher guide that I picked up used but have never used. So I'm looking for something that is either secular or not but that will cover a little bit of everything. She is not a huge science lover so it needs to have hands on (we really liked the Real Science 4 Kids because of the experiments each week). A whole year of one topic will not work for her... Suggestions? (Not a big Apologia fan...)
  23. Have you tried the Khan Academy? http://www.khanacademy.org/ He can watch lectures of the stuff he doesn't understand or start from the beginning and go through Algebra 1. Also, a tutor might be worth trying - maybe just to get him up to speed and build his confidence a little and show him that yes he can do Algebra!
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