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  1. Hi! I am hopeful to do a quick end of summer astronomy and then visit our local telescope. Any resource suggestions?
  2. My 9 year old son has dyslexia. We have been doing a math program that requires reading the directions and jumping from one math concept to another throughout each day’s lesson. ( example: add triple digits, count money, work with fractions, skip count etc.) I believe it would help him progress and master math if we focused on one type of problem at a time. Is there a math program that meets this need? Thank you!
  3. Hi! My oldest child is a social butterfly. My second is the opposite. I believe that she can be taught skills to help her be more communicative with others but I don't know where to start because this comes natural to most children. She is 15. She doesn't speak much even in our home. (just a quiet natured person) When we are around others (even those she knows well) she doesn't give people a warm fuzzy feeling because she is so non-talkative. I want to teach her & help her with this. Any suggestions? She is good to smile because we have talked about that for years.
  4. Hi! I bought MFW K from someone who decided not to use it. I need creation pages 1&2. These are just the illustrated numbers for days 1 &2 of creation. Does anyone have an idea how to get just these. Thank you!
  5. Hi! I have been trying to contact you about your MFW Adventures set. Please email me about how to pay you. Cari smith3140@aol.com

  6. Hi! I need suggestions for American History. I am hoping for a good skeleton with project ideas. I will use it with a K & 5th at the same time...so I want to add more reading for the 5th grader. Any ideas?
  7. Hi! I am wanting a History program that my 15yo dd can teach to my K & 5th grade kids. I am leaning towards American History and think that Winter Promise seems like the best fit but I have never tried it. I would like the program to be fun with good retention/review and projects. Any recommendations?
  8. I am looking for a video that gives an overview of World History. Any ideas?
  9. hi! I am looking for a good overview course. DD is taking a heavy load in the fall but I want to squeeze in Shakespeare and Brit lit. Any recommendations?
  10. Hi! I am interested in this text written for high schoolers but I can't find it anywhere. Any ideas? From what I can tell they have a 3 book set for middle grades and a 1 book covering all of world history for high school. Right?
  11. As part of our home Spanish class we are memorizing Bible verses in Spanish. I don't know how to say the references. In English I would say John chapter three verse sixteen OR it would also be said "John three sixteen" How would I say this in Spanish? Thanks!
  12. When I cleaned ds's (almost 4yo) ear tonight with a Q-tip it was very waxy and he cried. I was being gentle. The alarming part is that the q-tip had a little fresh blood on it and he really cried. This was fallowed by a drop of blood coming out of his ear. He seems OK now. Should I be concerned?
  13. Last year I printed off the nicest form that had little boxes to check off assignments and space to record lab and test grages. Now I can't find it to print out for dd#2. Anyone know about this?
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