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  1. Thanks Kiana! I appreciate your wisdom and expertise in the field. I was thinking we would need to work through the summers in order to finish Alg. 1,2 and Geometry before graduation which is required in the state of Michigan where we live.
  2. Thank you! That was what I was leaning toward. It gives me more confidence to hear it from you.
  3. Thanks! He is pretty solid on fractions, decimals, and percents. The things he struggles with is the longer procedures required in algebra. There is a lot of critical thinking involved in algebra and especially in BJU algebra right now for him and that has been a weakness for him, especially when it comes to translating story problems into equations in algebra. It seems that the problems in the lesson really ramp up quickly in difficulty and some of the more difficult kinds of problems are not taught during the online lesson time or in the book. So unless the student has a really mathematical mind they will struggle at trying to figure out how to tackle some problems.
  4. For my son who is struggling math student, taking Algebra 1 in 10th grade, which would you use? We are plodding through BJU Algebra 1 online, but he does not seem to totally master the concepts. He does okay with the problems in the beginning of the lesson but as the problems get progressively more difficult in a single sitting of a lesson, he gets totally stumped. Math can take upwards to 2 1/2 hours. While I do believe math is an important subject, we have so many other subjects to cover and just can't justify spending that much time on math, especially when Biology takes him a long time as well. He has spina bifida so each day is spent on some self-care procedures that time an hour or so of time. Also, he does desire to entire the science field. I am okay if he has to take some remedial math classes in college to reach his goal though.
  5. Does the Lial BCM have the answers in the back of the book or do I need a teacher's edition? Is there only an answer key or is there a solutions manual? Thanks!
  6. Could a student go from basic college math to algebra without taking Prealgebra in between? Also, I already own Chalkdust Basic Math. Would that pretty much be the same as Lial's?
  7. my son who is having a really difficult time with Tablet class Prealgebra. He is in 9th grade and obviously math is not necessarily his thing. Tablet class was going too fast for him and he bombed his first test. I spent time with him watching the videos and tutoring him through the problems when needed. I cannot waste time right now and try to stick with it, when he is struggling to pass. He needs more practice than what was given and needs something that will move more slowly through the concepts. Any suggestions where to go from here... Time is of the essence for him being that he is in 9th grade. Maybe Saxon 8/7 (3rd ed) or something else????? Thanks so much!
  8. About how many practice problems are given per lesson on average?
  9. I just downloaded their free demo. Where do you access the worksheets to print or are their worksheets? Thanks!
  10. It is very encouraging to hear your success stories with Saxon. With all the many options, it seemed to me that my son would benefit the most from Saxon, but after reading many negative reviews I began to doubt that choice. I really appreciate all of you chiming in with your experiences. It helps to put my mind at ease. I am very thankful we have so many options but sometimes all of the options can make curriculum buying so confusing. Thanks again!
  11. Thank you ladies! After talking to my dd and she saw the actual readers from Sonlight, she told me she preferred higher level books, because it makes her feel like she accomplishing something more difficult. She really surprised me, so I am going to take another look apparently MFW US 1.
  12. Thank you so much! Actually I am not concerned with the lightness of the books as much as how actual reading there is in comparison to MFW. I know that many want to really challenge their kids in 11th grade, but being my daughter is not a big reader and does not enjoy reading, has a difficult time with heavy reading , I would much rather not push her to the point of frustration and have her enjoy the content of her reading. In light of that, would your recommendation be the same, MFW?
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