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  1. Even Lands End is saying to shop early as they have some shipping issues.
  2. I like the green dress to specifically NOT have everyone in plaid. I think it balances things out. Older son could be not in plaid too, so the plaid is more of an accent and not the PLAID Christmas card.
  3. Our hot water heater is out and won't be fixed until Thursday, so no good showers here this week! I did a nice gentle yoga this morning so as not to get too sweaty. Woke up at 3:11 to the sound of the cat relentlessly scratching away at his neck. Then started thinking about what I'm teaching today, what I need to get ready for tomorrow, and I just ended up getting up at 4:00 to do some work. I have book club tonight which I really want to go to, so I won't have that evening time when I usually get things done.
  4. 30 min on treadmill this morning. Yes, I survived Friday. In general, our school's younger students who haven't been in school since 7th grade don't really have the school behaviors you expect of a high schooler. And I'm used to freshmen, I'm used to squirrelly. This is above and beyond. Outright defiance and rudeness. Making life hard. Making changes and talking to the infamous 7th period class today.
  5. Something that cleans up easily, will cook enough for just 2-3 people (so not too big). Enameled? Something to take the place of outdoor grilling during our rainy months. This would be a Christmas gift for either myself or dh.
  6. I don't purposely go out to exercise in the rain, but I do live life in the rain and without an umbrella (also PNW here). During dd's soccer years I invested in good rain gear--rain pants, hooded jacket/coat, Muck boots, but for just being out during errands the hooded jacket and decent shoes are enough.
  7. The Oster white single wide slot toaster we got for our wedding 30+ years ago now has a crack in it. I looked to replace it a year or two ago and ended up just keeping a cracked toaster because I could not find anything that matched it in form and function. And I don't want my toaster extended out so far onto the counter--they should be wide, not deep, with controls on the wide front. Like my Oster. Hard to find these days.
  8. Did the most recent Adriene yoga this morning--Yoga for when you feel Scared. It was mostly stretching kind of stuff. Expecting a rainy weekend of housework and schoolwork.
  9. Just 20 min on the treadmill this morning. Goal is to survive the day.
  10. Thinking of you as it's past 10:00am east coast time. Hope it all goes smoothly today. Congratulations!
  11. I've started! Legos are in the house, got the last two small Harry Potter jammies at Costco, and I got enough snowy stamps for the Christmas letter. Hallmark's buy one get one free sale here starts tomorrow and I'll get some Christmas wrapping paper there (I like theirs best).
  12. I'm using the comfort food fix for oh so many things these days... But at least I'm eating a bit less. I stay after school to work and that keeps me from eating that extra meal in the afternoon. But I do go for the sweets to relieve stress. I just shouldn't have cartons of ice cream in the house much. Ice cream sandwiches are ok--portion control. It's that temptation to eat straight out of the carton that gets me. Dance workout this morning. My watch does not like it. It asked me every 5 minutes if it should end workout. Maybe because I told it I was doing yoga. I just try to trick it into counting my half hour of exercise as exercise, no matter what I'm doing. It can handle treadmill walks and weight lifting, but not the workout videos.
  13. So good to hear your update and to just hear your voice again. My coworker had a similar experience; she had been thinking to take a short leave of absence from teaching this year to go see her family, when suddenly in July everything was aligned to just GO and be with her parents and get things set up better for them. It was such the right thing to just GO, for her and for her parents.
  14. bodyweight circuit x2 and a 13 min yoga.
  15. Treadmill this morning but only 23 minutes because I was hoping the tech problems that hit our school district over the weekend would be fixed and I could do a few things, but sadly no. Today is the first day my weight is down to the "normal" range from "overweight". That was an October goal. Now let's see if I can keep it there.
  16. No, supply is too constrained on the west coast and demand greatly exceeds supply.
  17. Full time job here, but not hours of activity! My goal is 30 min early in the morning--sometimes I need to do a slightly shorter workout (25 min is about the shortest in my video workout collection). But I am on my feet teaching and just getting from car to building and around the building during the day, I usually get all my rings closed on my watch even on a shorter exercise day. I'm not aiming for super-fitness though--just a healthy baseline activity level. Yesterday I did my yoga in the morning. We had a gorgeous sunny day with a high near 70, and our phones show lots of 50's and rain over the next 10 days. "It's the last nice day," said dh (and it might be), so we did a little fall color walk with the girls (Molly the lab and our wheelchair kid). Here's a couple of pics of our corner of the world.
  18. Did the shorter but harder dumbbell workout and skipped the floor stuff at the end.
  19. I was able to get my Pfizer booster a couple of weeks ago since I'm a teacher. It was 8 months past second dose. They also did my flu shot at the same time--said it's only live vaccines you can't get close to Covid vax. One in each arm.
  20. Still here, still exercising, still working. Treadmill Monday, bodyweight circuit and yoga Tuesday, walking workout video today. And once again child care provider cancelled today which is messing us up more and more. Bit of stress.
  21. I've missed several days of logging in, but I'm still getting in some exercise every morning. Some days it's been a little on the short side, but I always get enough activity at school to close all the rings on my watch (exercise, movement, standing), so I think it's enough. There's always too much to do for work--not sure when or if that will settle down. I'll be writing goals, grading tests, and planning this weekend, in addition to the usual weekend chores. Did Yoga For When You Feel Dead Inside this morning, not because I feel dead inside, but it seemed to fit an October-spooky kind of vibe and it was the right length at just under half an hour. Still need to work on eating healthier--more fruits and veggies, more fully-conceived dinners instead of whatever I can throw together in 15 minutes.
  22. Had my third Pfizer Saturday morning and it was very like my second. No pain at all at the time of the shot--felt fine all day. Chills at about 8:30pm and gradually worsening arm pain that hurt all night and the next 36 hours maybe. Fever of 99-100 and lots of napping all day Sunday. Tired and a little shaky Monday morning, but was able to go to work.
  23. Our faves: Organic yellow corn tortilla chip rounds (had to look at the bag I'm eating from to see what they're called--I just recognize the bag) pizza dough (and youngest dd likes breadsticks made from their herbed pizza dough--with a garlic cream cheese spread) chicken gyoza hashbrowns for disabled dd applesauce (it just tastes better from a glass jar) sesame oil EV olive oil--the one with a pour spout Special treats: dark chocolate covered pretzel thins, chocolate cat cookies, chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate covered powerberries, peanut butter cups, mini peanut butter cups, chocolate biscotti, the mini ritz bitz like crackers, the ruffled sea salt potato chips--like Costco's Himalayan sea salt chips, but in a more reasonably-sized package for us, plus many other cookies.
  24. The poor family! That is rough for such a little one--and yeah, something I never would have guessed.
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