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  1. Yes, Home Depot is where I finally found ammonia. And plenty of Clorox toilet cleaner. Still haven't seen ammonia in grocery stores. Haven't had to check for toilet cleaner in awhile. But I should make sure I'm fully stocked on cleaning supplies before college students return and are setting up house.
  2. I'm stocking up on July. It's the best month of the year here. I'm sitting on our new patio furniture enjoying warm summer evenings. And I'm remembering to say (to myself, to dh, to coworkers) "July is awesome." I bought some plain black fabric to make a couple of new masks for me--I think we'll be wearing them still at school this fall. And you couldn't get plain fabric last year, so all of mine are prints. I wear a lot of black. I'll keep the shelves filled--I always try to have "the next one" for any product we use. Except toilet paper I have "the next 2 or 3". We have another kid leaving for college this fall, so trying not to go too crazy. I'm stocking up on summer fruits--same as I do every year. Picked up my 40 lbs of blueberries from a local farm today. Will try to get a box of local peaches in another week or two. This all gets frozen. Already did some blackberry jam and made enough frozen strawberry margarita mix for a year. Unless it's a really bad year! Really, this year still doesn't feel as bad as last year because now we have vaccines. Even if there are a bunch of idiots around not getting them, at least I am vaccinated. And the majority of my town and county.
  3. In the midst of our worst air quality last September (>500), we got an air purifier. I don't know how much it helps, but it helps me feel better and I like the white noise (it's by my side of the bed). Also our AC has an air filter--I wouldn't turn it off. Sorry--I know it doesn't help much with the big picture.
  4. A walking workout video this morning. Dh and I also took a walk last night.
  5. Our washer finally broke irreparably in June--like leaving grease on clothes--so not usable at all. We got the first available washer which was two weeks, and the dryer was 3 weeks. Have them both now. Yasso Greek yogurt bars? Nature Valley Oats and Dark Chocolate granola? Just a couple of favorite food items that have not been available this month.
  6. I think CA has the right idea, at least until a couple of months after the vaccine is available for all kids. I was hoping we might get to that point (all students at all schools able to vaccinate) by second semester at least. We're still masked at summer school; teachers can upload a copy of their vax card to be able to take their masks off when no students are around (like working after school). I just bought some black fabric to make myself a new mask or two--no solid fabric was available last year when I made my masks and I do like my homemade masks with ties best. And I'm guessing we'll still be wearing them in the fall, but no official word yet.
  7. Yesterday I did my 30 min on the treadmill but didn't have time to log in here. Today was bodyweight circuit x2 then Yoga for Flexibility. Still summer schoolin'. As soon as the kids finish up whatever units they needed to pass the course from spring semester, they're done. I'm down to only a few kids.
  8. Costco actually left me a voicemail to return it which was cool. They do know what you buy. I'll just take the two cans in on my next trip.
  9. I finished the Eloise Bridgerton book, and now I'm actually taking a break from mindless fluff. I've started a couple that I consider "training" for school: Jo Boaler's Limitless Mind and Zaretta Hammond's Culturally Relevant Teaching and The Brain. The first is being used in a training for math teachers in our district--I wasn't invited to the training as an educational assistant, but I thought I would read the book on my own since I liked Boaler's Mathematical Mindsets. The second book is raved about in our district. Then I also started The Warmth of Other Suns which I expect to take maybe the rest of summer to get through--my third chunkster of the year (for a reader who thinks most books should be <300 pages.) I also received an email that The Sum of Us--What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together is ready for me off my hold list at the library. That will probably be delivered this week. No fluff here! Lots of serious reading and brain growth for a bit.
  10. My dh and I can easily eat 10 lbs in a week just the two of us, and they'll keep that long especially if you put smaller quantities in multiple containers. But we'll freeze 30+ quarts for year-long use. The two big uses here are that I put 2 cups of blueberries in my 8x8 pan of baked oatmeal I make once a week (my breakfast 6 days/week), and also at least once a week I have a yogurt parfait--plain Greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, and granola. Dh will put berries in his regular (not baked) oatmeal too.
  11. Happy time off @wintermom, Happy Anniversary @Soror! Did a balancing flow yoga this morning. Usual weekend chores, then I'm motivated to actually try to do some scrapbooking (ideally would like to finish off youngest's scrapbook by the end of the year--need to finish 2017-2021.)
  12. Or did you mean paying parents to care for their child? I've known of people who can do this, but someone else has to be the legal guardian of the child I believe. I don't remember details, but the mom of a classmate of hers was paid to care for her (and sisters were care providers too), but I think Grandma was the legal guardian.
  13. We're happy with the services our 24 yo dd receives. She needs assistance with all activities of daily living--feeding, diapers, she's nonverbal and in a wheelchair, seizures and seizure meds, wears orthotics. I can have up to 400 hours per month for her care I think, based on assessment of how much help she needs. I was able to return to work a few years ago because this care is available. We have a contract with a company that provides the care providers and does their training and background checks. And they have to have a steady supply of people as this is a high turnover industry. The invoices go directly to (someone else--county health department developmental disabilities I think?? Her case manager is there). Let's just say the hourly rate is way more than I earn--I couldn't work without this support. We only use this to provide care while my dh and I work. We do her care the rest of the time. But we're also only using maybe half our hours. She has SSI and medicaid (which pays for her diapers); there is really so much more support for disabled adults than there is for disabled kids. I think Oregon is a pretty good place for her to live, but I don't know how it compares to CA directly. https://www.oregon.gov/dhs/seniors-disabilities/DD/Pages/index.aspx
  14. 30 min on the treadmill this morning. Put me on the "jealous of hiking in CO and canoeing with friends" team.
  15. Yeah--we got that bright yellow Neutrogena can at Costco this spring--the two pack. But Costco will probably take it back--I'll try that. And we haven't used much yet.
  16. Planned to do the longer, easier dumbbell workout but wasted too much time and ended up doing the shorter, harder dumbbell workout. I was able to increase weight for one set of exercises. And then there's the bench-press while bicycling the legs for which I don't use any weights at all--it hurts my lower back. I just bicycled while pushing nothing, but maybe next time I'll bench press without bicycling.
  17. Did a walking workout video this morning. And I have a few moments to sit before I head off to school. I have been really enjoying that since shutdown began--15 minutes sitting before I start my day. I believe start of day will return to 8:00am for fall (it was 9:00 this past Zoom year), and I may have to give it up.
  18. I did exercise this morning--bodyweight circuit x2 and a 10 min yoga. But ran out of time to post before school again.
  19. I feel no guilt over anything I did because I was consistent with all 3 girls and they were all wildly different anyway. The one I thought started a bit early had buds before 9th birthday and was only 4'6". I was concerned she would be incredibly short, but she did not get her period until 12.5 and is now 5'2" fully grown. Her athletic sister was much later to puberty, got her period at 14.5, and is full grown at 5'7". My disabled dd was always tracked by an endocrinologist as her birth defect can cause issues with puberty (either early or never going into it on your own). She got her period at 17 and is just 4'9".
  20. 30 min on the treadmill this morning. Another Brooks fan here. I don't try running anymore, but I do need a good shoe that will not cause or exacerbate either plantar fasciitis or extensor tendonitis. I ended up with my first pair of Brooks Adrenalines after Christmas and they've been great.
  21. Summer school is credit recovery only--no taking a math course you haven't taken to try to move ahead. Most of the students are ones I worked with during the year who earned a half credit but didn't complete enough to pass the whole year. Once they complete their work, they're done--out of there. I had a rising senior in there this week who I've worked with every year--has an IEP, works hard, but struggles with math. She did not pass first semester of Alg 1 during the 2019-2020 school year, but she got the automatic pass for second semester (Covid rules), so she just needed to pass the first semester quizzes and tests. She was done in 3 days! I was so proud of her (she had obviously improved her algebra skills a lot as we did work on that a bit in her geometry class this year). Summer school is scheduled for July 6-Aug 6 (5 weeks). I'm supposed to be there at 8:30 but the am session runs from 9:00-12:00 and the afternoon session runs from 12:45-3:45. There have only been 8 kids in the am and 3 in the pm session, and the afternoon is just 3 kids completing an online algebra 2 course--we tell them to leave when their brain is done, so now we're ending more like 2:45.
  22. We don't have a railing or a step; we do have a kid in a wheelchair. This may be prohibitively expensive, but if I had to redo a step anyway and was worried about ease of use for those with physical limitations, I would think about putting in a ramp. And when I say ramp, I mean just a cement path that goes from sidewalk level to front entry level. Our builder replaced the planned steps for our house with a nice sloping walkway for us--nice and wide, no steps at all, no need for a rail (and no extra charge at all for us).
  23. I was AWOL here for a couple of days. I have to be at school (for summer school) earlier than I'm used to and I'm missing my 15 minutes for sitting, having breakfast, and checking in here. I'm keeping up with my exercise plan just fine, but my experimental meatless week had to end early. I decided that it's not the healthiest eating plan for me, even if in theory a plant-based diet might be great for my cholesterol level. But I don't eat a wide-enough variety of veggies and I didn't have enough meatless options when plans got derailed by this or that. My weight is actually back up a bit--probably ate too many carbs to fill up. So, back to my regular July plan of just tracking, limiting calories, and trying to hit my numbers for protein, fiber, and sat fat.
  24. 30 min on treadmill this morning. Will finish off my week of meatless eating, but I think I eat better with a little meat in there. Too many eggs, too many carbs to fill up. Still meeting my eating goals mostly--though I went off plan for dinner yesterday and didn't bother to enter what I ate to see how I did. And haven't entered today yet either.
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