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  1. I also did a short dog walk this morning. But not tennis.
  2. Dumbbell workout this morning. Count me in the "stressed out" club and the "I've gained weight and it's hard to lose it at this age" club. But I've also had bad snacking. I should get back to tracking too. Maybe next week!
  3. I did my back exercises and then a short workout this morning. Being short, it had some interval stuff that I thought would be hard on my back (jumping jack type stuff), so I just did the "moderate" version of things. I enjoyed my first day of school. I'm not prepared at all for Day 2--need to do that tonight!
  4. I skipped my bodyweight circuit this morning and did my back exercises and the Lower Back Love yoga again. I could do more than Saturday--could rock on my back this time. First day of school tomorrow--I'll do some exercise in the morning but won't post until later in the day I'm sure.
  5. Did my back exercises--felt like I had time since I don't have to be anywhere at a particular time. Oh I'll go into school--just not right at 8:00. Molly helped with the exercises--first stretched out right by me, kissing my nose, rolling over, downward dog (her favorite stretch), begging for tummy rubs and ear rubs. We got through it all. Then I did 30 min on the treadmill.
  6. I would want a comfy chair or two (with ottoman?) under the windows where the light is best for reading. I would have a tv area also--either tv on the long wall with sofa (or loveseat or chairs) facing it, or tv on the short wall. I lean toward the first just because that's how it works best in our house. The chairs under the window still feel part of "the group" if you're having say bookclub with people on the sofa, or they can be pulled around to watch a good movie. I think tv on the short wall might cut it up too much. But hard to tell from two pictures!
  7. I finished Stacy Abrams' While Justice Sleeps, often reading it when I should have been doing more important things like sleeping. Very good. Then I picked up Allie Brosch's Solutions and Other Problems knowing nothing about her or this book when a coworker raved about it over the summer. It's a fat book, but I was surprised when I opened it up and each page is mostly cartoon-like pictures. Not really a graphic novel though. It's all true stories of the author's life and at first they feel like they're just disconnected stories. Then you realize they're not. I think they are her way of processing some very difficult things in her life. It was a good model to me of how someone might go about the mental health healing after loss. It's also really funny at times. I put her earlier book on hold, Hyperbole and a Half. Not expecting to have much reading time now, but I'm reading Routines for Reasoning (math teacher stuff) while I'm on the treadmill and I have March Book 2 (John Lewis) if I have any evening reading time. I hope to settle into a routine where after I get disabled dd to bed around 8:30, the rest of the night is for me (not schoolwork). But it might take a couple of weeks before I can get into that pattern. First day of school is Wednesday.
  8. What a service you're providing! Glad it's a good fit with what you want to do.
  9. I was hoping my back pain would disappear completely within a few days. It has gone from acute pain, where it hurt to change positions, to more of a chronic pain--I can do normal stuff, there's just this background pain. So before my yoga this morning (yes, I did Lower Back Love with Adriene), I dug out my Treat Your Own Back book by Robin McKenzie and went through the exercises. Both dh and I have used this book with success for past injuries--it's like PT at home. But I'll need to try to go through the exercises every day if possible. Busy weekend--get home in shape (hopefully this morning, though it will probably spill into afternoon), then lots of stuff to do to get ready for school. First day of school is Wednesday, and Tuesday is a work day for planning. I'll probably also go into school on Monday.
  10. 30 min on the treadmill this morning.
  11. This is just one of many reasons to avoid Texas...rampant disease, no masks, any idiot can open carry...
  12. You all provide a lovely start to the day. Beautiful pic, @Laura Corin. And perhaps my brain isn't processing things like everyone else but I loved @SKL's cliffhanger: ...and I was about to search Netflix for this show I could relate to: Another busy day of training type stuff, plus getting my broken tooth crowned. Dh came back late last night, so on the plus side I've got my partner back and home life is a little easier, but on the minus side I think I have to provide a real dinner! Oh, and I did my Thursday dumbbell workout.
  13. I think my September goal will be to find the new routine. I'm overwhelmed at the moment. I would like to be getting my classes ready but my time keeps getting stolen by others' agendas. Like being on my butt for 12 hours yesterday doing online trainings (minus 1/2 hour lunch and 1/2 hour to go pick up Domino's). More of that today. What teachers really is need is time to meet with teachers who are teaching the same subjects to do high level planning and then time on our own to plan day-to-day. Maybe Friday, only because it's a non-contract day so the district can't steal my time (but not an officially paid day). We have one more kid to get to college mid-September, just to complicate things a bit more. Then I hope after that to be settling into a sustainable rhythm. Dog walk this morning.
  14. Dog walk this morning. Her tail is up and happy again! Mine is healing slowly. I'm sitting all day for virtual trainings. Maybe I'll get up for another walk or some yoga later.
  15. I'm thrilled to be at the same school working with the great people I've been working with the past three years--just a new role for me. Glad you're feeling better.
  16. I skipped all the extra additional yoga I thought I would do over the weekend. My hip feels a bit better each day. Today I did 30 min walking on the treadmill but at a slower pace than usual. Apparently slower than my watch thinks is an acceptable workout, but the exercise ring did close later in the day. Today was my first workday of the new year, but we don't have kids until the Wednesday after Labor Day. An EA friend helped clean out my classroom a bit which was a nice stress reliever. I really think I could spend a week just trying to get the classroom ready, but I need to focus on getting the class materials planned and ready. It was good to be around people again (and in Oregon most everyone is vaccinated--school staff has to be by 10/18). Tomorrow is all online training so I'll work from home.
  17. In Oregon, voters approved starting down the path to make psilocybin a possible treatment for mental health disorders. Here's a snippet from an OPB interview, just explaining what we approved: Last November, Oregon voters approved a ballot measure that brought psilocybin therapy above ground. The compound found in hallucinogenic mushrooms is believed to help people suffering from a range of afflictions, from depression to addiction. Measure 109 directed the state to come up with a framework for legal, controlled psilocybin therapy in the state by the year 2023. We wanted to see how that’s going. Angie Allbee was appointed manager for the Psilocybin Services Section at the Oregon Health Authority just this month; that agency will oversee the new program. André Ourso represents OHA on the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board.
  18. Back from vacation, and need a vacation to recover! I broke a tooth on the drive to the coast--that will be crowned next week (thankfully doesn't hurt--just affects eating). I got almost no sleep sharing a room with a dog and 4 other people (dh snores and disabled dd snuggles into me until she pretty much pushes me off the bed). Molly and I both hurt our tails. Hers is hanging straight down--Dr. Google says "limber tail" caused by too much activity. I pulled a muscle behind my left hip, probably pushing a wheelchair up a steep hill too fast. So Molly and I both need some rest days to recover. Last night and this morning I did a 15 min yoga for lower back pain. I think I'll repeat that tonight and tomorrow also. I can walk okay, I just have painful spasms when I try to change positions, like lying down to sitting, sitting to standing, bending over for anything. Trying some ibuprofen today which I really never use. And the occasional microwave-heated pad. As promised, a couple of photos. The first is a selfie of me and Molly on our 6am walk to Haystack Rock (we were fine then!). Dh is the real photographer in the family--the second is his photo of Haystack rock at sunset after a rainy day.
  19. 40 feels young to me, as I didn't hit this point until 50. I think I had a bit of depression as our homeschool days were waning (we put our kids into public school for high school). And I always thought that I would have to be home with our disabled dd--turns out there is great support available for disabled adults that isn't there for disabled minors, so I have a lot more options now. Anyway, starting at 50, it took me 1 year to take classes to renew my long-expired teaching credential, one year of subbing as an early step back into working, 3 years of being an Educational Assistant which I loved but it pays half what a teaching job pays, and finally I just got a job as a math teacher at an age where I was starting to think no one would ever hire me. Even if that had never happened, I am much happier working out of the house and even just being an EA until the end of my working years would have made the effort worth it. I can't help with your specific questions on direction, but I just want to encourage you to go for it, whatever "it" turns out to be.
  20. I just needed to take 14 units to renew my teaching credential. I did not even think to try to do it until my youngest was in 8th grade--by then she was fine on her own if I needed to take a day class (I did one class per quarter for 3 quarters--2 day classes one night class, all in person). I also was taking mostly math classes which are fun and easy for me (I was renewing my credential to teach math), so except for the one speech class, the workload wasn't bad. It all felt expensive at the time--about $500 per class and me with no job--but even just subbing my first year back in the workforce earned that back quickly. If I had it to do over again, I would have done it sooner.
  21. We'll sneak in a couple of days at the coast this week before the craziness begins with getting both girls to their respective schools and both dh and I starting new jobs. I did my dumbbell workout a day early this morning; I'll get plenty of walking in the rest of the week. I'll probably be offline, but I promise a pretty picture or two when I return. Hope you all have a good rest of the week.
  22. Bodyweight circuit x2 and then 15 min of yoga this morning.
  23. Just a quick check-in: 30 min on treadmill this morning.
  24. We live in the path of totality of the 2017 eclipse, and that experience can never be topped. We went to our neighborhood park with much of our neighborhood and set up camp. Dh had 3 or 4 cameras set up. It was amazing. Seeing the next one would require significant travel, so unless one of our kids is living near or in the path of totality, we probably won't see it in person.
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