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  1. ...or whatever the official title is. Has anyone seen the promised sample pages yet? I've been hoping to get a look at it and set up a schedule. I haven't seen any news on it yet, though.
  2. I watch my brother and sister's 2 kids while I homeschool mine. It doesn't change my day much because I homeschool her Kindy daughter along with my Kindy boy and the younger boy plays with my younger boys. So I just basically treat them like they are my kids, except they sleep somewhere else.
  3. Ok, upfront info. I am a planner and love to have a plan all worked out even for the year before it starts. So, there you go. Also, I'm afraid that if I don't have it on the schedule, it just won't happen. Either DS will never quite finish the book, or we won't remember to discuss it if it's not penciled in, or I will forget to get the next book on the list. So how do you schedule reading through a book list such as in the WTM? I use Homeschool Tracker + as well. Do you go by X number of pages per day or week? Do you just give them two weeks to a month to finish the book? How you do remember and schedule them out?
  4. There's a feed/farm store called IFA in our area and lots of chicks are sold through there. You can also search for other chicken people on Facebook and sometimes they have hatching eggs or extra chicks. We currently have: 2 Easter Eggers 1 SBEL 1 Rhode Island Red 1 Red sex link 1 Barred Rock 1 Leghorn 2 Buff Orpingtons 1 Black Australorp and two others that I can't for the life of me remember what they are. Oh, yeah. A silver laced Wyandotte and a gold laced Wyandotte.
  5. It definitely is helpful to hear all kinds of different ways to use something. Thanks. I'd like to use it that way sometimes and I would definitely have to make it a priority to have that discussion time.
  6. Science - Sassafras Twins Geology and the Astronomy half of Elemental Science's Earth Science/Astronomy Math - Math Mammoth 5, Xtramath (maybe she will finally focus enough to pass off addition :scared: ), Math on the Menu. We tried the Family Math books this year and never really got into them. Language Arts - AAS 5 and 6, Advanced Language Lessons, Killgallon Grammar for Middle School/Paragraphs for Middle School. I still need to figure out how to use these and a good plan to enter into Homeschool Tracker. I think I also need some more literature studies. Latin - Latina Christiana History - Story of the World 3 adding in Great People pages and maybe trying to start outlining. Spanish - Duolingo, Getting Started with Spanish, Easy Peasy Spanish? Religion - Discover the Book of Mormon 4-7 Logic - An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments and the Adventures in Reason series. Also something I need to figure out a lesson plan for. I don't want her to just skim the books and get nothing out of them. Flashcards? Paragraph summary? Music - Piano Art - Child size Masterpieces, Drawing is Basic?
  7. Science - Sassafras Twins Geology and the Astronomy half of Elemental Science Earth Science/Astronomy. Math - Math Mammoth 3, Xtramath, Math on the Menu for Fridays. Language Arts - AAS 2 and 3, FLL 3, AAR 3, Should I try WWE one more time? Or maybe I will just make sure to do the dictation from FLL and AAS. Science and history can easily have copywork, dictation, summarizing, etc. Latin - Latina Christiana History - Story of the World 3 Spanish - Duolingo, Getting Started with Spanish, Easy Peasy Spanish Religion - Discover the Book of Mormon 1-3. Music - Piano Art - Child size masterpieces? Drawing is Basic 3? Maybe 4 and I will combine with older sis?
  8. I will have 2 first graders next year. They are very similar in abilities although DNiece has better handwriting and DS has better reading skills. Language Arts - AAS 1, FLL 1, AAR 2, Oh, I forgot Joy of Handwriting with copywork to follow. History - Story of the World 3 Spanish - Duolingo, Getting Started with Spanish. I don't really intend for them to necessarily "do it" or catch on completely, but we will all be doing it together. DH and I are lapsed fluent in Spanish. Religion - Discover the Book of Mormon 1-3. We are doing the New Testament this year. I do the writing and they answer the questions. Music - I am debating starting piano with them. Not sure on that yet. Art - I would like to try to use the Child-size Masterpieces and maybe Drawing is Basic for Kindergarten. Science - Sassafras Twins Geology and the Astronomy half of Elemental Science's Earth Science/Astronomy. Math - Math Mammoth 1, Xtramath, Friday math enrichment books from WTM.
  9. Science 1st half of the year - Sassafras Twins Geology. It is probably too young for him, but he likes it and it allows us to all do science together. 2nd half of the year - Logic stage Earth Science/Astronomy from Elemental Science, but only the astronomy part. Math AoPS Intro to Algebra. He loves math so I might get the Life of Fred books too, but I have to find a place to put them. :blushing: Language Arts (sigh) I was really hoping our online course would work out this year, but it has not been as demanding as it needs to be. Writing with Skill 1 Advanced Language Lessons Maybe Vocab from Classical Roots, but we are doing lots of Latin, so maybe not. I need some sort of literature class too. Latin First Form Latin History Story of the World 3 with lots of outlining and more primary source docs. Spanish Duolingo Getting Started with Spanish Easy Peasy Spanish? Logic The Argument Builder Music Piano Religion Discover the Book of Mormon for grades 4-7 Art I'd like to put some art study in there maybe once a week or so? Is that even possible?
  10. I'm planning on using this next year for my 5th-grade DD along with the Logic to the Rescue series. How have you all used it? Do you assign a certain number of pages to read and do some flashcards? Discussion? I won't have much time to do any discussion because of the number of children I'm teaching. Any suggestions?
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