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  1. Exactly and WW2 was the greatest government stimulus program to date.
  2. For me that is easy and was an aha moment lol. We are gong to do history the way the earlier WTM suggested. Outline Kingfisher, choose a biography from the time period that interests the kids, and follow rabbit trails if they come up, but not force them because it is another box to check off. I am also going to spend more of my time learning about periods that previously didn't interest me. I find it easy to discuss and make interesting what I find interesting.
  3. I recently began Screwtape Letters and I am in awe. I first downloaded it on my Kindle, but I wanted to make notes, so I ordered a hard copy. With that said I did have a thought or two about this thread. It is a tremendous conversation. A conversation that was meant to happen. But with that said, I think there might also be a tendency to turn it into a fad, and then be shocked when it isn't what one expected. I know I am guilty of reading about "the latest and greatest" and chucking and buying what is recommended on a book list. The only reason for mentioning this point is that I want to remember what was said many times and many ways. For each of us the implementation will and should look different. There are some common threads, but this isn't a recipe for how to teach truth, how to live with intention. For me that is something I need to live with for awhile. I have just stopped, stopped planning, stopped buying, and stopped rushing. I don't want to repeat my same previous mistake of trying to great your (you are one of my inspirations here) or someone else's experience. That would also be repeating the same idea of the conversation in the Screwtape letters. Patience, prayer, and patience is not my virtue. But I am trying to live in this experience and find my truth for my family.
  4. Everyone should read this book! I would suggest prereading though because it is an intense story. I read it as a preteen, again as a young adult, and then with my oldest child. I will read it at least one more time when my youngest get older.
  5. I don't have the time or ability on my Kindle to make an entire list but other than the obvious history reads that are compiled I wouldn't want my boys to miss: Dr. Doolittle To kill a Mockingbird The Giver My side of the Mountain Where the Red Fern Grows Another middle school /high school book that they must read eventually is Flowers of Algernon. This book probably impacts bullying and empathy more than anything I ever read.
  6. Yes! I agree. I am so grateful that you allow us to start with WWS and can understand the problems with ALL. You are a blessing in my homeschool journey.
  7. I just bit the bullet and ordered TT3. It looks like the resale value holds, since the ones on Ebay are getting sold for ridiculous prices. Might as well buy new. Now of course I will see a bunch on the For sale boards since I bought it new. :D Can't wait to use it. Right before I ordered it I had my son try a sample lesson again and asked him if he wanted to do this math instead of what we are doing, and he loved it, and wanted it, so we will see. But hopefully this will get me off the math switching train of thought.
  8. I am so happy to have found this thread! I haven't like MUS, and bought Saxon since it worked for 1st, but I haven't felt any excitement about teaching it or starting with Saxon 3. I have looked hard at TT after seeing it at convention, but was persuaded away by some reports that it was behind, and even read that it was worse then "a mediocre public school". After reading about your experiences and test scores I am going back to my original gut feeling and getting TT3 for next year. My son is excited about the idea of doing math on the computer, and I think not facing a page full of problems every day all at one time will really help. For those of you that use TT, do you have your kids use the workbooks, only do the problems on the computer, or copy the equations on to paper and then do them? I am trying to decide on which package to purchase. Thanks in advance
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