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  1. What is the simplest, free app or website for help in solving algebra problems. My eldest is in public school, and with no textbook to help, I'm stumped at how to do the problems.
  2. I just ordered the Key to Algebra series for my daughter but have yet to receive it. She's a 9th grader in public school this year and is not doing well at all in algebra and I'm hoping this will help her. They have no text book, only handouts, and that method is not working for her. She has a strong foundation in math and used many years of CLE, but as soon as a problem has a letter in it, she assumes she can't solve it. - How long does it take to get through the series, assuming it's worked on daily (including weekends)? I'd really love for her to get ahead of where they are teachin
  3. When you recieve a birth announcement, do you feel like you have to send a gift? Does it appear that your fishing for presents when sending one? I'm due in a couple of weeks and thought it might be nice to send out announcements. Especially since we moved a couple years ago and friends and family are further away. I don't need any baby presents and I don't want to look greedy by sending them out. I loving receiving birth announcements, but I recently heard that some find them tacky. I've not received many myself, but I've never sent a gift as a result. Mostly because I attended the
  4. Ah, this has been my fervent hope as well! Every time I see a baby sitting in a stroller or car seat looking around, babbling, and happy, I get jealous. Mine never babbled or cooed. I adore my kids, but they were the most contrary infants. I keep hearing about these rock and plays. Maybe I'll start with that and save the crib for later if the baby seems to be transferrable. I did have luck getting my first two transferred to a swing once nursed, shushed, and swaddled.
  5. I need some crib alternative ideas. I'm on my third baby, due in Oct., and I can't decide whether or not to buy a crib. With my first two, I rarely used the crib. I have no clue how people get a baby in the crib without them waking up and crying. After trying hundreds of times with the two of them, I think it's safe to say I lack this skill. What I did for them, was put the crib mattress on the floor next to my queen mattress that was also on the floor. Then I could nurse the baby to sleep and slide away (usually). This time around, however, I don't want to sleep on the floor. Mayb
  6. I too have a sleepwalker that had opened the door in a hotel room and started walking down the hall. He's also opened the front door of house and walked out. The simplest thing we found was to install a simple hook and eye bolt high up on the door. The type that you have to slide a little metal piece over before lifting the hook (sorry I'm not describing it well). It's tricky even for adults and there's no way my son could open it. We have found the sleepwalking to be much less frequent as he has gotten older and going to bed with an empty bladder seems to help a great deal in his cas
  7. Thank you all!! That's just the kind of thing I needed to hear! I'm so glad to hear not everyone has a terrible time adjusting.
  8. I have a 13 year old and a 10 year old and am expecting a new baby. After talking to another mother today at the park with kids a similar age, and hearing how terrible it was to have a new baby, I need to hear some good things about starting back over with another baby at this point. When I was expecting my first two kids, I heard mostly positive comments. Now that I'm old (38) and have much older kids, I hear so much negative! Everyone feels the need to share the horrible things that happened to their friends and relatives when they had kids at my age. You'd think I was nearly in the
  9. Where is the best place to get a safe email account for a 12 year old? I want to make sure she doesn't get the kind of lewd spam I get?
  10. Another option would be get a used college textbook. I don't have a specific one to recommend, but when I went to community college, I had to take the remedial class. I think it covered everything, starting from a pretty basic level. It didn't do much about my lack of elementary concepts, but it did help with later concepts.
  11. I am right there with you! There are things in my son's 2nd and 3rd grade math that have been new to me! I don't know what I was doing during 12 + years of math education, but I obviously wasn't paying attention. I didn't even have my math facts memorized until I had to drill my dd on them. Like you, I'd be embarrassed and try to hide my inability to do simple mental calculations. I always do math lessons with my kids because a lot of it, I'm learning, too. If I sent them off to do it alone, I would get left behind. When my dd started 3rd grade, I used Strayer-Upton for her. I was s
  12. Is it possible to sprain your ankle after a fall, walk on it with little to no pain for several hours, and then have it begin hurting? At noon, I looked out the window and saw chicken feathers strewn across the yard. Knowing a chicken was at risk or dead, I rushed outside in slippers, slipping down the deck stairs. I got right up and began inspecting the yard. Finding no sign of the chicken, I searched the woods, feed the chickens, cleaned the coop, and took the compost out with no problems. One toe on the other foot did hurt and is bruised, but I still walked easily on it. In an attempt
  13. Now that's just confusing! I think our high school may have something similar, though. It's nice that it differentiates between a high A and low A, but the 4.3 thing is a little odd. Back in the old days, we only could get greater than 4.0 on honors or AP classes. It doesn't seem right to be getting 4.3 for PE or typing. It's all becoming clear now how so many kids graduate with such high GPA's. I was thinking maybe there was just an increased focus on academics. But it looks like changes in grading may have more to do with it. On television you often see funny clips where they
  14. Wow, I'm surprised some of you had 10 point scales back when you went to school! I feel cheated!
  15. As of now, I'm switching over to the 10 point scale! My kids just got a whole lot smarter! I may even start actually giving tests. My dd use to think 80 on a CLE math test was pathetic, now I can't wait to tell her she's got herself a B.
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