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  1. Yes, I give them a checklist daily this helps me be flexible if needed... Something like this: https://amongstlovelythings.com/scope-4 I don't include work that I do with them on the list. HTH!
  2. For what its worth, I am home a little before 2pm each day and my husband is off Thursdays and Fridays but doesn't really do school with them. My kids are 10(almost 11) and 13 and I leave them a checklist of things to do in any order they please with no time limits. When I return home I check in with them and check their work. Sometimes, they still have things to finish when I get home, which is fine. We do group work together and I work with them individually on most days of the week. We also do some group work and one on one work on the weekends since we tend to do very light work when my h
  3. Thank you for the suggestions so far! My kids are 13 and 10. I mainly have the 10 year old in mind, he is a young 10 and not hard to please when it comes to these types of things. My 13 year old daughter is a tougher cookie!
  4. Hi! I am looking at various types of subscriptions for my children. I took both of my kids out of school in the past 6 months and I am finding that one child in particular needs a more relaxed approach to learning. I am considering everything from websites, magazines to tinker crate type subscriptions. We have had Tinker Crate in the past as a gift and will probably do that one again. Which ones have you enjoyed in your home and would recommend? Thank you!
  5. We are going the, get there when we get there route. Which may put us there at 8th, 8 1/2 or 9th. I am convinced that giving her the time she needs to understand the concepts well (and with out making her hate math in the process) is more important than getting there in 8th. I greatly appreciate all of the feedback!
  6. This is so important for me to remember! I think she would end up with a better understanding and relationship with math if we take our time. I guess the flip side of will doors be closed, is will doors be closed due to NOT taking the time? Looking on these boards it does seem like EVERYONE is taking it early 6th ,7th and at the latest 8th. Thank you all for the reminder that this is not the case.
  7. We just started homeschooling! My kids stopped going to school on the 12th and I am so happy to have them home. Anyway, my 6th grader needs work in math. I think I could get her ready for pre-algebra by January and just work through the summer to get it done. That would put her in algebra in 8th. That being said, it would be nice to have more time and just do algebra in 9th. I don't want to close any doors for her, but I am pretty she sure she isn't headed for a STEM degree. It seems like everyone is doing pre-algebra in 6th in 7th grade. The school she left was doing it in 6th. Is it importa
  8. Thank you for all the replies! I enjoy learning about the different ways families use curriculum. I did not expect to use Miquon, but here we are! My son is enjoying the fact that he can just do the work for the most part, without being 'taught'. It has given us a break from MEP which I love but he did not. He needed some space from me and to figure things out on his own. I don't know if we will complete all the books...We are in transition from school to home. We shall see what he needs. My biggest goal right now is for him to have a more positive experience with math. I do believe Miquon is
  9. From my brief time here it seems that the majority of those who use Miquon use it for younger children and not all the way to 3rd grade? And if they do use it all the way through it is used with another curriculum. I could be completely wrong about this so please set me straight. If you are/were using what did you do next? If you didn't it stick out, why not? The recent threads made me curious... :lurk5:
  10. In general I agree. If the choice is between being very lonely in homeschool in part due to lack of money or a decent school where my child would have friends, yeah I would probably choose school. People need people. How much and often will vary. Unfortunately it is completely possible to be surrounded by people in school and still be lonely. Or the school is not equipped to give the children the education they need to lift themselves out of poverty.
  11. That sounds hard. Do your kids feel like they want to be around other kids but aren't able to due the circumstances you mentioned above? What has your experience been with other homeschoolers? It sounds like you live in a really expensive city. Are there any scouting or 4-h opportunities? I hope you find something that works for you and your kids. :grouphug:
  12. Thank you for your responses! We will be bringing the kids (4th & 6th) home in the middle of next month. My plan is to give them a 2 week break. I then plan to start our homeschooling, which will start out very relaxed. Then we will to do an 8 week block mainly focused on math. I want to improve their skills (they both struggle at school with math) but have a good time. I have been reading through the relaxed math thread. The intention is to have my 6th grader work through a curriculum, but because of my 4th graders perception about himself and math I think we will do lots of games, play
  13. Did you deschool? And if you did, what did that look like for your family? How long did your kids need and how did you know?
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