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  1. My 3rd child took Derek Owens AP Calc class his senior year. He had a great ACT score and was also taking DE classes. We opted to NOT take the AP, and then start with Calc I in college. It was a good move. He has been VERY confident in his Calc 1 class and it has been good for him to review all of those calc 1 topics so that he is SOLID on them. First semester of college, away from home, has enough struggles. For this kid, it was good to be confident and not struggle in his first math class on campus. Now, with the semester almost over, and DS feeling comfortable in college, NOW he is re
  2. We may go with BJU Press. Right now they have their French and Spanish Classes(recorded) for either Online and Books OR DVD and books for $79!! Just it is a dated program, but the language hasn't changed. I have never used this. But just something I thought I would throw out there. Blessings, Brenda
  3. DS is a rising senior and found out a friend is going to Lipscomb University in Nashville. This has peaked his interest in this university. (Not to mention that they have a decent Baja team!) Anyone visited there or had experience with this university? Thanks! Brenda

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    I have this item for sale. It is practically new. We used this only for about 2 lessons this year. There is no writing in the workbook at all. This set is the Combo pack with the 3 DVD's and the Student Text/workbook. The copyright date is 2014. This comes from a smoke-free home. I will sell this for $30 and that includes media mail delivery with confirmation. I can not accept paypal. I only take a check or a money order. THanks for looking! Brenda NOTE: THIS SALE IS PENDING



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    I bought this set last year from BJU press and it is almost new. We have used it very little. This set includes the 2 volume Teacher's edition, the student text, the tests and the answer key to the tests. It is the 2011/2nd edition. This comes from a smoke-free home. I will mail this media mail with delivery confirmation. I will accept checks or a MO, but no paypal. I have REDUCED this set to $45. Thanks for looking! Brenda Pictures can be sent to private e-mail if needed.


  6. Can you tell me the copyright date of all of these? And can you tell me if this comes from a smoke-free home? Also, can you tell me the condition of the set...Excellent, very good, good, fair....etc......? Thanks!
  7. Can you tell me the copyright date for this? Thanks bunches!

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    Looking to buy the Classic version of Tapestry of Grace Year 1. (This is the version with colored pages:Yellow, blue, etc....and usually has a copyright date prior to 2007.) I can pay with check or money order. Please contact me at brendafromtenn@yahoo.com Thanks in advance! Brenda



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    I am looking to buy TOG Year 1 Classic version. (I have year 2 and 3, and have used year 4 also) I need this to be from a smoke free home. Please contact me at brendafromtenn@yahoo.com Blessings, Brenda


  10. We have used MR with two students. One that is VERY mathy, and may major in math education(Wants to be the next Mr. Firebaugh!) And one that is very creative, artsy, and up until this year, could really care less about her math. BOTH of these students have excelled with Mr. Firebaugh's lessons. It is not a flashy program. And Mr. Firebaugh is dry as a crust of bread. But when they are done, they will KNOW Algebra. And sometimes we have had questions, and we were able to contact Mr. Firebaugh and spoken to him by phone. What a treat! #1DS(Mathy child) took the ACT last yea
  11. Any of you have an organic spray that you put on your orchards? The Garden's Alive catalog is coming soon in the mail, but thought I would ask here before I ordered anything. Thanks! Brenda:001_smile:
  12. Our "plan" is to take 2 courses fall of ds's senior year and 2 courses in the spring. We have a CC just 20 minutes up the road, and ds can drive there. Yea! But really struggling about what classes to take. Hmmmm.....still praying about that..... Thanks for all the information! Blessings, Brenda
  13. This will be one of our "to see" schools. We will go in the spring. Thanks for all the wonderful information! Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  14. going off to college? I have been reading the post of the freshmen coming home from the 1st semester and I was wondering how many of them had experience with CC or dual enrollment classes before they went "off" to college. We have ds who is a Jr, and thinking and praying about his senior year.:D Any thoughts or suggestions..... Blessings, Brenda
  15. With oldest DS, I taught him using BJU Pre-Algebra. It is a good solid course. However, with DD who came later, I was in the same boat as you are. We have 4 students, so I completely understand. I needed to find something that she could do herself. So, we went with TT Pre-Algebra. I think it is a little lighter than the BJU, but it got the job done. From TT Pre-Algebra, DD went right into MR Algebra I. She has had no problems. Mr. Firebaugh explains things so clearly, there is really no need for me to get involved. Just relax, pray about this, and talk it over with your stu
  16. I have a 1st cousin that works at the Methodist church in Lexington! So, DS would have a family contact if he was in trouble or needed anything before we could get to him. Brenda:001_smile:
  17. We were leaning toward Asbury, as I am a United Methodist P.K.;) I have heard about Asbury for years in our home, however, most of it had to do with the Seminary, and not the college. However, I was searching the exhibitors of the Cenn.Homeschool Convention for next spring, and I noticed that Asbury was one of the exhibitors! So, I went to search the website and I was PLEASANTLY surprised by what I found. It had all of the majors that DS is interested in(math education or business), has a high academic record, and approaches a literature/history study from a Christian worldview(l
  18. Anyone know about these two colleges, both in KY? Georgetown College and Asbury College? We are starting the "looking phase" for oldest ds. Blessings, Brenda :001_smile:
  19. Congrats Lori on a job well done! And thank you immensely for all the advice you have given me and many others on this board. I will never forget the advice you gave to me about having my son work out his problems on paper and not in his head......(Many moons ago....in a galaxy far, far away....) And now, he is light years ahead of others in his physics class, because he can work out the problems on paper and not in his head. He came back just last week and said, "Thanks mom for making me do all that work on paper....."So and so" can't do that, and they are really struggling in class.
  20. We approached MR two ways..... 1) Pre-Algebra course in 7th followed by MR in 8th(This is with my mathy son. He was ready for Algebra in 8th grade.:001_smile:This is the same son who has said that he will send Mr. Firebaugh an invitation to his high school graduation.) 2)Pre-Aglebra course in 8th followed by MR in 9th.(This was for my artsy-crafty girl who would rather be knitting or sewing than doing her math. But she LOVES Mr. Firebaugh just the same as her big brother. Go figure!) Here is the thing, though. Make sure that your student is SOLID in their basic skills before mo
  21. That was exactly one of the reasons that we liked Firebaugh's Math Relief...The whole lesson, including the video portion, took about an hour, give or take a few minutes. It was just what we had alloted for our math at 8th and 9th grades. So, I was looking for something for geometry that didn't have a 45 minutes lecture AND THEN an hour more of problems. We needed something more of "short sweet and to the point." Thanks Grace, that was just what we needed! Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  22. Thanks Martha! We found the same thing to be true with Firebaugh's Math Relief: Algebra I and II. DS did VERY well on the Algebra portion of the ACT, AND can explain Algebra all day long....in other words, he gets it. But Firebaugh has not completed his Geometry section, and I was looking for a Geometry course, that would be DVD in nature, and cover things as well as Firebaugh did with Algebra. So, that the child will KNOW geometry. That is my goal. Not necessarily looking for the most rigorous course out there. That is not my goal. I want them to understand the subject matter.
  23. Why did your daughter prefer TT to VT, if I may ask? Brenda:001_smile:
  24. Martha, Were you pleased with this curriculum? Did you feel that your son was prepared when he finished it? And did HE like the curriculum? Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  25. For those of you that have used this curriculum, did your student do all the modules or just A-C? Blessings, Brenda
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