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  1. This is the same student who has been looking at UTM. While UTM is still one of his top schools, he is still looking....still not completely settled.:glare: Here is the story: Bear's CC College Algebra teacher who is an alum of Memphis has kind of taken him under her wing. I trust her opinion. She is a former homeschool mom herself(who by the way has her doctorate in math!) and has 3 homeschool students who have ALL gotten their undergrad degrees and master degrees from Memphis(one who is now working on his PhD). All three have done VERY well. So, when this teacher speaks, I listen.
  2. Anyone know anything about this school? It is about 45 minutes from our home and Bear's College Algebra teacher at his CC REALLY wants Bear to go check it out. Anyone have experience with this school? Blessings, Brenda
  3. DS, Bear, has found the same to be true in his CC College Algebra class. Actually though, the kids DO show up for class, because their grade is tied to attendance. However, they don't do their homework and make 50's and 60's on their tests. Dear son is upset at the lack of math skills for most students. So, upset his is considering going into teaching. He says, "Somewhere along the way, Mom, they didn't get it. I want to fix that. They should know their math." It has been eye opening for him. Blessings, Brenda
  4. We had a lovely day in Arkadelphia, Ar on Friday. The admissions staff bent over backwards to help us in any way possible. Our admissions counselor was praying for us and for Bear before we arrived. While Ouchita is not an ivy league school, academically it is a solid school. There were no doubts in our minds about the rigor of the courses there. If I had to compare, it is very similar to Union University in Jackson TN, if not a slight bit harder. It is a conservative Christian university. However, Christianity is not "integrated" into all curriculums as we have seen, for instance a
  5. My kids HATED Rod and Staff. Said they felt like they had been beaten by the rod and staff every time we sat down to do grammar. There was MUCH complaining. But we just kept on going with it.... Now we are on the other side.... Getting ready to go to college....Have taken several ACT tests and shot out a 33 on the English portion of the ACT. WOW! My kids complained, but they now know it was for their own good. R&S just works. But if he has trouble with the diagramming, then don't bother with it. Or maybe scale back. Have him do just a FEW sentences instead of all the sent
  6. 8 year old's birthday last night. Will finish school for the day, and post later this afternoon. Brenda:001_smile:
  7. For the tour. I will let you know when I get back how it went. Brenda
  8. We started the spring of DS's Junior year. HOWEVER, if I had it to do all over again, I would have started the fall of his Junior year. Also, going in the summer is o.k., but you get a VERY different feel of the campus when the students are there. It will be very different for each family due to finances, taking time off from work, and transportation to get there. Just my two cents, Brenda
  9. Someone posted these questions on the board. I wrote them down on paper. I hope they help. 1)What is your biggest weakness? 2)Why would you be an asset to "this college" or honors program? 3)Tell about a book/class/or subject that has changed your life. 4)Why is this college a good fit for you? I hope more people will share questions. Blessings, Brenda
  10. DS, Barrett, has been accepted to UT Martin, TN Tech and Ouachita Baptist University. He also has Bryan College on his list but has been dragging his feet on the Essay.....Hmmmm.....Not sure what is going on there.....Filled out the application and sent it in....but not the essay. Bear(nickname) is looking for a smaller school with a good mathematics dept. Wants to teach. Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  11. We are big Dave Ramsey folks here! And we understand that the "borrower is servant to lender". Don't want debt for my kids. Brenda (who made her final mortgage payment just this week!!!!:DAnd who cut up her credit cards about 3 years ago. It can be done.)
  12. Our first homeschool graduate...DS, Barrett. Brenda:001_smile:
  13. Here are a few things to think about... 1)I used TOG classic, but now use MFW. I might use TOG again some day, but only in a co-op setting with weekly discussion groups. That is what really MAKES TOG, the weekly discussion with a group of high schoolers. We don't have that right now, so MFW is a better fit. 2)There is a progression of difficulty from Year 1 of MFW to Year 4. It gets increasingly more difficult, which is a natural progression as your student gets older. I didn't see much progression of difficulty from year 1 to year 4 of TOG. This is important for some high schoo
  14. Someone told us about Hendrix. We looked into it. And may look again. The president of that college is a Cloyd, Tim I think. Anyway, his father and my father were ministers in the TN Conference(Methodist) together. So, Tim and I were P.K.'s. And I went to Lambuth University with Tim's sister. (Small world huh?)But I never knew Tim personally. Our families just ran in the same circles. However, I looked at the tuition at Hendrix and about fell over....Guess that is why we didn't look into it any further. But thanks for the information. Brenda (More than you wanted to hear t
  15. I think Arkadelphia would be a good fit. We come from a rual area just north of Memphis. Just two years ago, we got a Kroger.( HeeHee) We are used to driving everywhere to do things. In fact, DS didn't even consider U of Memphis, due to its Urban feel. He is looking for Suburban or Rural. So, we are good there!:001_smile:
  16. O.K. y'all....this is the VERY last school I will ask you about...I promise!:D We are scheduled to go see this school on November 12th. It is 3 and 1/2 hours from our home and has all of DS's majors and has opportunities for community service. Anyone know anything about this school that they would like to pass on.... Brenda:001_smile: (Who REALLY promises that this is the very last school I will ask about;) Really!)
  17. We toured TTU this summer. Tech is a great school! If we were closer, it would be in his top 3. Dr. Bell, who is the president, is a family friend of ours. He took the time to talk with the whole family and even talk with DS about using his scouting while in Cookeville. He said he would put him to work! DS loved meeting him and loved the idea of working with Dr. Bell. But there were other things about the school that just didn't "fit" DS. He did apply and was accepted;however, I don't think he will go there. So, no, this is not the state school I was talking about. But i
  18. I don't think I will look at it the same after all these posts today. I won't look at it as our "one last chance". I will look at it as just another possibility. Our last college to visit will be Ouachita Baptist University on November 12th. Thanks again, for all the sweet, sweet posts today. But think I may have things figured out now.;) Maybe.....(Nothing that a little chocolate won't cure!!! Heehee) Brenda:001_smile: (who is just north of Memphis, in search of LOTs of chocolate)
  19. Thank you, Henry.....You put it all in perspective for me this afternoon. Hit the nail on the head. Thank you, to all the ladies who in your own way, have helped me over this little bump today. May God continue to richly bless all of your homeschools! Blessings, Brenda:sad: (Who is also sobbing at the computer....)
  20. Just a little sad here today.... O.K. we have been homeschooling now for over 10 years. And most of that time we have been using the WTM approach. And for our 1st ds, I had always envisioned him going to a small Christian private liberal arts college and discussing the great books. That is how he has been trained. Hmmmmm..... Maybe God has something else in mind. My dream....seems to be going out the window. DS has toured lots of colleges and universities in our area. But he didn't like the small Christian private liberal arts colleges. He liked the state schoo
  21. That is exactly what I thought, but just wanted to make sure that we were moving in the right direction. We have had lots of admission folks calling and saying..."So, when is he coming back to visit again?" So, I was just taken a back when she made this comment. A long time ago in the 80's, my sister was a high school guidance counselor. So, I do listen when she tells me things. However, it has been a long time since she had that position. Thanks, y'all..... Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  22. My sister, who by the way has never understood this whole homeschool thing that we do, was fussing at me on Saturday. (Big sisters, you know....:tongue_smilie:) We have made our "first visits" to many of the colleges that DS is interested in going to. Most of these were made back in the spring or early fall.And most were the "Ra Ra-Preview days". Now, we have narrowed down the choices and would like to go back to the top 3 and just see what a "normal" day on the campus is like. So, more of a private visit, instead of a preview day. Dear sister said, "Noone goes back for that
  23. That a very powerful tornado came through the Union campus about 3 or 4 years ago. The students that are seniors now, were freshmen then. Because of that, all of the trees are very small still. But even DS said some of the same comments about Union. While TN Tech is a much bigger campus than Union, it had a more close knit, home-like feel due to the trees...(of all things...) None of my kids who have visited Union have liked the lay-out of the campus.(Except youngest dd who is 7!!!) We toured UT Martin on Saturday and both DS(senior) and DD(sophomore) LOVED this campus. Loved th
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