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  1. For those of you who have used Latin Alive, what did your weekly schedule look like? (I am getting old and menopausal and needing curriculums that say, Do THIS on Monday, do THIS on Tuesday etc.......After 13 years of homeschooling, the ol' brain starts to go......) Just need some ideas to get us jump started. Thanks, Brenda
  2. Does anyone know where I might could see a Table of Contents for Writing With Skill Book 3? Trying to decide what to use next year for my high schooler and looking at all the options. We used WWS #1 in 8th grade, but this year we used EIW 9th grade. While he really understood how an essay is structured with this curriculum, however, much of his STYLE that he had learned with WWS, went out the window. So, trying to decide what to do for next fall. Looking at several options. Thanks, Brenda

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    Looking to buy the Classic version of Tapestry of Grace Year 1. (This is the version with colored pages:Yellow, blue, etc....and usually has a copyright date prior to 2007.) I can pay with check or money order. Please contact me at brendafromtenn@yahoo.com Thanks in advance! Brenda



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    I am looking to buy TOG Year 1 Classic version. (I have year 2 and 3, and have used year 4 also) I need this to be from a smoke free home. Please contact me at brendafromtenn@yahoo.com Blessings, Brenda


  5. I am going to bump this up. I just saw this too. And wondering if anyone is or has tried the new Non fiction book? Brenda
  6. I would say the big THREE: expository essay, persuasive essay, and compare and contrast essay. But like you said, I could do this in response to his lit reading. Good idea......
  7. How would you describe the differences in book 1 and book 2. We are just about to finish book 1 with an 8th grader. I love, love love this book. However, with having an 8th grader, I am ever mindful that we need to get different types of essays under our belt as he moves into high school. Any thoughts..... Thanks, Brenda
  8. Heh, y'all just wondering about this. Is Apologia going to be putting out a DVD w/Rusty Huges to go along with Biology, like they have done with their other titles. I know right now they have a DVD to go with Physical Science, Chemistry and Physics. But they don't have one to go with Biology. These DVD's are not the same as the Red Wagon Tutorials. The ones I speak of, come straight from Apologia. Does anyone know if a Biology DVD from Apologia is in the works?? Thanks! Brenda
  9. For over 19 years I have been on meds for Hypothyroidism. Thought I would be on this the rest of my life. But now I have hit menopause......And my thyroid levels are too high....What? So, over the course of a year, the doctors have been gradually putting me on lower and lower doses. And I'm feeling MUCH better. At the rate that I am going, I may be on a very low dose or completely off medication soon. I googled this on the internet, but found more about how your thyroid levels got WORSE during menopause, not better. Has this ever happened to anyone? Brenda
  10. Just quickly, I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was around 14. Had seizures on the first day of my monthly period. (Talk about a hormone overload!) There was also a connection with not getting enough sleep. Staying up late was a "no-no" for me. Still is for that matter.... So, hormones/lack of sleep were the cause of my seizures during puberty. Once I hit adulthood, I grew out of them. Looking back, my seizures also happened in the early morning, so there could have been a Low Blood sugar connection to them also. I was on Meds for about 10 years. There is hope.
  11. O.K. just had to post this. I am attending the Memphis(Midsouth) homeschool convention this weekend. I got to meet Dr. Callahan from AskDr.Callahan in person yesterday. WHAT a nice man! And a nice family. No need for anyone to reply. Just had to post this. Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  12. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the new CLE Algebra I continues with the spiral approach of the younger years OR if it takes on more of a unit approach, adding more and more as you go. I hope to see a Beta version of this at the homeschool conference next week. Any help would be appreciated. Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  13. An older version of TWTM had Abeka in it. Abeka was also one of Cathy Duffy's 100 top picks. Now, I don't know if ANY grammar program will be interesting, but this is a workbook style, and will get the job done. Has lots of review built in, though, not as much as Analytical Grammar. But much easier on mom or student to grade, than AG. We have ONLY used the grammar portion of this workbook. Not expensive either. Sometimes we want something that is "new", when the old standbys are still working just as well or maybe even better......Hmmmmm.... Brenda
  14. We checked out the DIVE, Saxon Teacher, AND Art Reed. DS really liked the Art Reed DVD's. Not that the Saxon teacher didn't explain things well, but he preferred seeing a person over a white board. Got it!
  15. Very interesting comments from all of you. Yes, I'll make sure that the Art Reed matches up with the Saxon edition. I think his DVD's go with the 3rd edition of the Saxon. Thanks! Brenda
  16. Just want your opinions on what CD's/DVD's have helped you to teach Saxon Algebra I. What is your preference: Saxon Teacher, DIVE, or Art Reed? From the reviews that I have found online, Saxon Teacher seems to be the most well liked. But, I would like to hear from you. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Still thinking and praying, Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  17. I have four kids. I understand the "wanting to shorten your day". I really do. So, I too was drawn to CLE, especially for my younger students. (They are now going into 7th and 3rd.) During DS's 5th grade year, we decided to try a few light units. Just to see if it was a good fit. WAS IT EVER! My time is minimum. About 5 to 10 minutes to teach the lesson. (And I agree with Faithe, WE should be teaching math.) But then the student can be responsible for the review. And if you are comfortable, they can check the lesson. Test scores have come up. WAY UP 4th grade(With BJU):
  18. I have several TOG classic sets. Been sitting on my shelves. They need to go. But would anyone buy them, or are people buying mostly Redesign these days? Blessings, Brenda:001_smile:
  19. Our family is praying for this situation. We were north of Memphis as the storms came through. Blessings, Brenda
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