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  1. We've done both meds and psych evals, in different orders with very different kids. In you son's case, I think it comes down to whether you truly believe he has ADHD. If so, I would start meds now and pursue evals whenever a comprehensive in-person psychoeducational assessment becomes possible in your area. If you really don't know whether he has ADHD, or if you have other concerns about things like anxiety, social skills, etc. it might be best to reach out to a psychologist in your area. I wouldn't have your son assessed online, but they may be able to interview you, provide more comprehensiv
  2. Where I grew up, members of another minority group were often not treated well by police (to put it mildly) and I was always taught to stay and watch those interactions. In today's context, I think I think you're right to stand outside and watch when the police are speaking with your neighbours. It might be awkward in the moment, but it's the right thing to do. A day or two later, I would drop by to introduce myself. I wouldn't bring up the police visit, but dropping by lets your neighbour know that you mean well and gives them an opportunity to express if they have any feelings about how you
  3. Yep! My oldest was recently hired to work on the retail side of a small bike shop because the owners are so busy repairing bikes! Their reasonably-priced bikes are selling out as quickly as they come in, so they've started refurbishing used bikes to meet the demand.
  4. My oldest will be starting college at least part-time in the fall, but we have no idea yet what that will look like. His original plan had been to attend university part-time in Canada (on campus), while playing hockey there for the same team he was with this season. Depending on which hockey leagues are operating, how classes are being offered, and international travel restrictions, he could end up in Canada or the US, on campus or taking classes online, and as a full-time or part-time student. Thankfully, he's a very, very easy-going kid who recognizes that many other students and athletes a
  5. Unless you have family members in your home who are at especially high risk for COVID complications, I would be fine with it. My sister-in-law's salon has started processing all payments through their website and having customers wait in their cars until the esthetician is ready, so the receptionist no longer has any interaction with customers.
  6. Yes, I'd show those diagrams to my kids at any age if they were interested.
  7. Definitely skip the CV blends! Beginning readers sound out CVC words like "set" as "s-e-t". More skilled readers read "s-et". I have no idea why Phonics Pathways teaches "se-t", but it is not in line with current research on reading development. We began Phonics Pathways when my Ds was reading CVC words but needed more practice, so we started with the CVC section and carried on from there. When it asked him to blend words using the "se-t" method, we just skipped that step.
  8. Yes, I would wear one. If you have an extra, I would bring one for your boss as well.
  9. At our ages, I think it's unlikely Dh and I would both end up in hospital, but Ds18 could handle everything for a few weeks if he had to. If Ds were also sick or having a hard time, one of Dh's siblings would likely come over. His sister's boyfriend has already had the coronavirus, so he might be another candidate.
  10. Yes, I've worn a mask to the grocery store both times I've gone. I don't wear gloves, but do carry disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer. Ds18 didn't wear a mask last night when he went to the McDonald's drive thru, but he said they've installed plexiglass to the window so there is now only a small opening.
  11. Yes. Dh is the only one in our family with an underlying medical condition (although he claims it "doesn't count") and we've chosen not to take extra precautions to prevent him from passing it on to our immediate family.
  12. I would thank him and assume good or neutral intentions. My first thought was that he may have received the wristband as a gift and passed it on to you because he isn't a runner.
  13. Ds18 was playing hockey in Canada this year and had his season cut short a week into the playoffs. Since getting home on the 15th, he's been a good sport and hasn't complained, but he's obviously disappointed. Along with hockey, he's also been pulled away from his teammates, his school, a new relationship, etc. and hasn't even been able to hang out with his hometown friends since he's been back. He has been playing ball hockey with Ds10 for a few hours every day and helping out with errands, but has otherwise spent an unhealthy amount of time in his room watching Tiktok videos and playing Call
  14. I've only realized in the last few months how much my son struggles with orthographic processing (it is in his report from two years ago, but the psych really focused on the phonological side of things), so we haven't directly targeted it yet. We did the first two levels of Barton last year before he spent this year in public school, so we're reviewing those levels now and plan to continue with Barton. It seems that the higher levels do address orthographic processing explicitly enough for most students. Seeing Stars and Glass Analysis are two other programs I've looked into that seem lik
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