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  1. I found "Creative Homeschooling-A Resource Guide for Smart Families" by Lisa Rivera helpful.
  2. I try to have my 8 yr olds in their bedroom by 9pm, and if they aren't tired they can read. I used to say 'lights out' at 9:30 but lately it's been more like 10pm.
  3. I am at a loss how to guide my ds, 8, with writing. Does anyone have any suggestions for strategies to try, etc? We've tried journal writing (like pulling teeth to get him to write one page), Writing Strands (no one in our house really liked this), reading Ralph Fletcher books (enjoyed his books but the enthusiasm didn't carry over to writing), and writing reports on his favorite topics (did lots of reading but ended up w/less than half a page typed). Also, he constantly makes capitalization errors and I'm not sure why. He is highly gifted and excels in math, art, building things, coming up
  4. I'm Jen- we've been homeschooling less than 6 months. I have 3 gifted boys and I'm still trying to figure everything out!
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